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Harassed By Feminism

Page history last edited by Capri 5 years, 4 months ago


Astroturfed, Propagandized, Hounded, Harassed, Coerced, Bullied By Gender Supremacist Cult Of Feminism

Harassment - postby Robot Hugs on July 24, 2014 at 12:01 am

Somebody posted this in pic form at one link that lead to another post of the same thing in pic plus text form, on some other page, then a friend reposted it on Facebook with some lame instruction that pretty much said "Next time someone tells you women aren't being harassed, show them this" blahblahblahblah!

I screamed!

It's the unmistakable stench of another "Rah rah sistas! Heres us women's roars 'cuz we's so specials and we's always da victims and don'tcha evah foget it! Bow down and kiss our feet and atone for ALL the abuses men have heaped upon us since human history began!"


Well, people, here's one woman who isn't playing that!

This thing had me screaming inside my head for the better part of a week, at the originator and at my former FB friend for reposting it.

* * *

Chain: TRIGGER WARNING: This comic discusses harassment,

Capri: Harassment happens to people of both genders, and it comes from people of both genders, and I'm not about to take up your sorry little victimhood banner and use it as a club to beat men over the head or give women some sort of false ego-boost. If you want to feel special, do something special to earn it. This whole "Women are all victims and should be totally coddled as better than other people for it" sucks. It's sexist bigotry same as true misogyny. And what I mean by that is this - true misogyny is when a man actually thinks he's superior to a woman, and he actually does or says something to prove it. False misogyny is the misogyny that doesn't exist in the real world, but is always being whinged about by feminists. This crummy article is a perfect example of that.

Chain: sexism,

Capri: Guess what? That's exactly what feminism is.

Chain: rape culture,

Capri: *Scowl, facepalm* Unless you are talking about second/third-world countries/nations where arranged marriages and so-called "honour killings" and all manner of vileness against women and children are deliberately ignored and tolerated, there is NO such thing as 'rape culture'! Sheesh, to think one of my FB friends actually bought into this disgusting feminist propaganda! It's enough to make me loose faith in humanity.

In case you still haven't got the bulletin, rape is a sadistic, violent crime, rape is immoral, rape is something normal people don't do, so rape is something boys and men do not need to be "taught not to do" since anyone with a conscience, male or female would NEVER joke about, think aboutcommitting, let alone commit such a heinous act in the first place, rape is something women can commit as well as men, rape is illegal, rape is not acceptable in our society!

There - IS - NO - 'RAPE - CULTURE' in North america!

The gender supremacist movement of feminism nauseates me with its sick dystopian pro-rape fantasies and demonization of another group of people for being the 'wrong' gender, while deifying their own gender just because they are women.

Feminism is just racism, only the hang-up is "men =bad, women=good" replacing "Black=good, white=bad" or visa versa depending on which color the racist wants to champion or demonize. Feminism is a sexist, bullying agenda that is not at all about equality.

University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo on feminism Flipside Debunk of Feminist Revolutionary Barbara Kay on the injustice of feminism, women's/gender studies Muslim woman debunks feminism Feminism's man-hating, lesbian and Marxist roots How feminism is used by big government Feminism a dishonest dirty political game What feminism and Marxism have in common - one group of people blaming another for all the world ills

Obnoxious feminism extremist yelling all the right propaganda from her bigoted cult "Patriarchy" "glass ceiling" "rape culture" and of course plenty of f-bombs and telling anyone who dares say anything to her to shut up in no uncertain terms. shorter clip of same obnoxious chick yelling "Patriarchy" and f---face over and over Extensive coverage of that protest where the group of feminist protesters shouted down everyone else at every turn.

Chain: and toxic attitudes towards women

Capri: Oh, right. Only 'towards women' 'towards women' 'towards women' because we she's are the only ones that count *Rolling eyes* just Forget children and men, they just don't matter. Gah! Just shut it!

I'm so freaking sick of all this "Stop violence against women" and "Stop gun violence" when we should be saying "Stop violence, period!" Men and guns are by far not the only way to get hurt or killed. Nobody ever seems to get up in arms (oops, excuse the pun) over stabbings, deliberate drownings, arsens, even poisoning or bomb deaths don't get anywhere near the outrage. And yes, women can be violent, too. We're not a bunch of shrinking violets, and the feminism movement is full of victimizers who victimize men by way of demonization, and other women by duping them with this screwed up cult of misandry.

They don't want people realizing that violence is committed by women as well, against not only men, but other women and children too. And even when presented with such evidence, they still insist that the responsibility of the violence lies with men because "they had it coming" or "Women have learned to be violent because men taught them to be" I kid you not, I saw that sickening attitude even on a Youtube channel full of videos that should've been ample cause to ditch the sexist cult of feminism.

The same women with that attitude would holler unholy heck if the genders were reversed and someone said the women had it coming.

Mothers who killed their children (Theresa Knorr is especially evil

Teenage girls killing each other (Karen and Laura are especially brutal because they used to be friends with the Missy, but their unhinged jealousy and poisonous sadistic minds turned them into bullies and murderers who ganged up on her. Bernadette and Kelly were mental two-year-olds who couldn't stand not being centre of everybody's world.)

Pleasure From Pain is what these *EVIL* women lived for in this episode.

Susan and Larissa were also violent to the extreme.

Women who beat a child to death scream over their conviction

You want to talk toxic attitudes? You got it in spades!

Chain: and femmefolk.

Beth: Oh, SERIOUSLY?! Sheesh! *scowl* I freakin' hate stuff like this! They think every single man on earth is a knuckle-dragging sex-addict, and they should all be shoveled away so the obviously superior "femmefolk" *gags* can be in charge. What the heck does that even mean--"femmefolk"? That just reeks of political correctness...don't want to offend anyone, so we come up with ridiculous new terms. *shakes head*

Capri: Here, here!

'Femfolk'? Oh, gaggage! that word 'folk' suggests some sort of wiccan solidarity thing as well. I'm a woman. I'm not a 'femfolk' thank you! I'm a Christian, not a "Christfolk" as a very bitter, hateful-toward-supposed Christians wiccan once insisted on calling me, because he hated the word 'Christian' that much.

Count me out as far as your big femfolk movement goes. I'm interested in justice for anyone regardless of gender, race, hair colour etc. I reject this whole gender war business coming from either side, but I can also tell the difference between people who are just out to start fights and bully and troll others, and people who really do have a case for complaint.

Chain: It includes examples of slurs, harassment, and quotes from sexual offenders.

Capri: Who are like so totally normal in our society according to feminism.

I call bull!

Besides, like that other old misguided and false chain letter telling women how things look supposedly from the POV of sex offenders, this piece of garbage might or might not actually have a small percentage of truly and officially documented statements from sex offenders.

Whether it does or not, this is a big problem with feminism besides that it is such a horribly sexist movement that is bigoted against boys, and worshiping girls. It takes "quotes" which might be fabricated, or might be for real, and passes them off as some kind of normal, then says "You people who DARE tell us we are not all victims are total liars! Listen to these quotes! You and all women kind are VICTIMS OF HARASSMENT! Even when you are not actually being harassed! Don't you EVER forget it, and don't EVER let the men forget it! Men are all abusers! Women are all victims! And that's the way it stays until we trample all men underfoot or obliterate them off the face of the earth!"

Scrap that!

Chain: This is the longest comic I’ve ever done and it’s a monster and it took me forever and I never want to draw again.

Capri: You should've saved your time and energy for something that's actually even remotely funny or true.

Chain: Ok, that’s not true.

Capri: I could've told you that.

"The glass ceiling" propaganda Suffrage, the feminists haven't told the whole truth.We are not victims of "the war on women".

Beth: I recently found a Youtube channel where the guy comments on the crappy stuff people put only--which frequently includes this extremist feminist garbage. And he calls it out for what it is, regardless of the crap he gets in the comments. One woman tore into him for being part of the *ahem* problem, and how she and all feminists just wanted equality. He let her have it, telling her that she didn't want equality--she wanted special treatment.

Capri: Exactly! Not that she or those of her ilk would actually listen, stop and think about it and do the rational thing and admit he was right about that. Heck, they wouldn't even listen to another woman who said the same thing. They'd just accuse her of being man-controlled. *Rolling eyes*

Beth: It was honestly refreshing to see someone just talk, no fear of public opinion or backlash.

Capri: Yes, I’m glad to see some people out there with sense and who won’t let bullies dictate what they say.

Beth: I did, unfortunately, learn of another thing that some of these crazies do...I've heard that it might be an anti-feminist prank, and if so, it's certainly in bad taste. To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if they did do it, but...ugh. Free bleeding.

Capri: I just looked it up, and - ugh - am sorry I did. Gah, disgusting!

Guess where I found out about this utterly gross idea from search?

KnowYourMeme has the low-down on it.

Oh - gosh! Those 4chan nuts have NO boundaries and no class whatsoever! *Scowl*

Yes, “free bleeding” is one of their pranks. Along the same lines as “Cut for Bieber” But who do they think they’re impressing? They'll come up with any tasteless thing just to see who they can dupe, offend, or better still, both at once, all "for the lulz".

Chain: I used to take a certain route fairly frequently, a couple of times a week. And there were these two guys who were almost always hanging around on the sidewalk, and they’d always talk at me:

Capri: Why should I care?

Chain: “Hey, red!”

“Good seeing you again”

“Looking good, red!”

(I had red hair back then)

And I thought I didn’t care so much, but then I found myself altering my route, or feeling stressed, knowing I’d likely encounter them again.

Capri: *Rolling eyes* that doesn't prove harassment, especially since girls are often going on about hair anyway, their own, their friends, or how cute that blond guy is.

Chain: I took the same route with a guy once, and they were there, and they said nothing. But next time I was alone, it started again, and that said it all.

Capri: So they were a couple of hormonal gary Stus. Doesn't make you a victim or every other guy on the planet a hormonal drip out to slobber after you because of your hair or because you're a girl. Those two mooks probably thought the guy was your boyfriend and that he'd go all Rambo if they said anything. Typical Gary Stus who weren't interested in making conversation with the dude you brought along for your *cough* protection. *Rolling eyes*

Girls can get the same way. All conversational with some guy, but the moment a girl he actually knows is with him, the Mary Sues just go sulky.

Chain: F— those guys.

Capri: That's your idea, not mine. *Scowl*

Chain: It’s my sidewalk too.

Capri: Nobody said it wasn't, dudette, unfortunately, being hormonal and stupid isn't against the law.


1: Amy Poehler “I don’t f—ing care if you like it”

Capri: Fine, why should I care about whether or not you care? and I don't like it. So shut it.

Chain: 2: Quotes from sexual offenders from… (I read through this sh— and it’s terrible awful terrible stuff)

Capri: That's pretty constant with feminism.

Chain: - Interview in “Rapists’ accounts of their motivations, levels of premeditation and target choices: Some Trinidadian and Tobagonian data”

Capri: How delightful. Do you like "Shades Of Grey" too? A lot of feminists do.

Love to break it to you, but normal people aren't like that.

Chain: - Reddit thread, 2012

Capri: We all know what a trustworthy, non-meme, non-troll site reddit is.

Chain: - “Rapist files” – a book

Capri: again, a reminder, rapists are not normal, they are scum.

Chain: 3: Bystander Intervention

Transcript below:

Capri: Oh, yay. Where's the comedy in this?

Chain: I had a good friend of mine ask me about this the other week: _____ Friend: I’m not doubting that everyday sexual harassment of women happens. I promise, I know it happens. I know it’s a problem. I just never really see it. Why is that, and where is it happening?

Capri: That's a really stilted, scripted line, doesn't sound like conversational speech. Yes harassment happens every day. To people of both genders, and all ages, races, hair colours, skin colours, all religions, and death and disease and hunger also happens every day. and guess which among the human causes, cause it? Men - and women - and children. Including little girls who are infatuated with fictitious psycho killers,and females who kill to get men or get back at men.

Chain: RH: That’s a really good question!


One of the challenging things about talking to men about violence, harassment, and sexism against women and femmetype folk is that it so often seems invisible.

Capri: Bull! Sexism goes both ways. You are sexist against men. Men get bombarded with this whole "Men are guilty of violenceagainstwomenviolenceagainstwomenviolenceagainstwomen all the time, and some are unfortunate enough to be on the end of false accusations of such because the woman knows she can just cry rape and everyone will believe her, even if it isn't true. But what can men do when they are harassed and stalked by women? Yes, it does happen. What can other women or girls do when they are harassed, stalked and bullied by their own gender? Nothing much.

And please, drop this stupid "fem folk" thing already.

Chain: Dude: I certainly never see it! Are you sure you’re not just being sensitive? ———

Capri: *Rolling eyes* That was sure well thought out, you didn't even name the guy. He's just some generic dude. This is deliberate male-hating trash.

Chain: It’s important to remember that, like rape, harassment is not a product of sexual desire, but a product of power and control.

Capri: It's a product of both. Most of all, it's a product of sadism, which covers both. And both genders contain victimizers and victims of it.

Chain: There’s lots of examples of how women’s bodies are considered public property, from legislation

Capri: Oh, for crying out loud. Look, there are some legislations governing what can or can't be done to our bodies, for men and women alike. That's why meth, heroin etc. are illegal. And don't give me any of this abortion crap.

Chain: Doctor: We can absolutely perform your abortion. It is a common, low-risk, simple process. But you are required to wait 24 hours from this point before we can proceed.

Capri: *Facepalm&scowl* I could just smell this stink coming from a mile away!

Look, chick, maybe the doctor wanted to be sure you really didn't want the kid so you couldn't sue him/her down the line later for causing an untimely death to your embryo.

I've had to wait a lot longer for surgery and I know of people from both genders who did likewise. And that's because of waiting lists, which might be the case here as well, but you don't just go marching into some doctor's office, expecting them to drop everything to give you service at the drop of a hat just because you're a woman.

Chain: Patient: It’s my body, can’t I control when and how I get medical treatment?

Capri: Whine whine whine. I've just explained that above. But you're going to probably make this a male doctor and have him say something super crass sounding just to bulk up your holy victim status…

Chain: Doctor: Not till tomorrow you can’t. …. to slut shaming

Capri: This doctor probably realizes this patient has just guzzled a gallon of feminist koolaid and was sent in with this script. Just because the patient got in trouble and can't get out of it that very moment by flushing out an embryo doesn't mean she has no control over her body until she gets the abortion. If she had no control over her body, she'd be in a coma. So cut that whinge.

Chain: Man: Look, all I’m saying is that you can’t dress provocatively and then get all offended when guys treat you in a certain way! … to groping.

Capri: Bull! Look, nobody's innocent with that subject. Why do you dress provocatively in the first place? Just what are you trying to prove? And any man worth anything wouldn't get turned on by girls who dress like skanks. And why is it such a crime for men to drool yet perfectly dandy for girls to do the same whenever they see some "hottie"? Double-standards. But that's what feminism is all about.

I make allowance for neither gender. hormonal drips are hormonal drips, period. I also have enough self-respect not to dress provocatively. I wouldn't do it even if I had what society, at least according to mass media, considers, a drop-dead gorgeous body. And I don't like it when people I know, do it either. Men or women.

Chain: Person on train: Hey! —-

Capri: Hey what? *Irritated scowl*

Chain: Street harassment is part of a larger system in which men feel entitled to comment upon women’s bodies based on their appearance and mannerisms.

Capri: Bull crap! It's not just men. women do as well, in fact, women are every bit as bad for gossiping and cat-calling others over appearance. The reason is so many people are so horribly insecure and appearance-obsessed, and the media is doing nothing to help that.

Chain: Yeah, I like the way you walk….

Capri: Whatever, it's just a walk.

Chain: You look like a slut!

Capri: No one has ever said that to me, but of the people I've heard making that accusation about others, it has been women and fangirls, not men. The reason? Those girls are shallow, appearance-obsessed, jealous twits, and just mean girls out to ruin another girl "for the lulz" or because she made them feel somehow threatened.

Ham Sandwich Brawl Senna

Chain: Yeah, I’d like some of that!

Capri: Some of that? Okay, go ahead and take that mud off my shoe. Any other "that" could be anything at all. I'd like to have some of that singing ability Shawn Colvin, Sarah Mclachlan, Karen Jacobsen, or Enya have, but oh well. They are them, I am me. That's life.

Chain: Hey, what’s your number? ——

Capri: Girls ask that of guys too. But you probably don't think that's wrong, unless you're one of those glurgey fem-folk princess types who wants the guy to always take the initiative…

As for my number, none of your business if you're a complete stranger. Whatever you're selling, I don't want it, and I get more than enough nuisance calls already.

Chain: This kind of harassment is based on the problematic idea that public spaces are actually men’s spaces

Capri: Bull crap!

All it's really based on is the fact that some people, of either gender, are rude, unthinking, tactless, classless jerks.

Chain: – and that women passing through them are subject to the desires, needs, and opinions of the surrounding men.

Capri: again, bull!

You can wallow in your sick, sad little fantasy world of victimhood to imaginary abusive lusting men 24-7, I choose to live in the real world, where jerks as well as nice people really do come in either gender and all ages and ethnicities.

Chain: We see this manifest in other ways

Capri: of course you do. The Slender fangirls saw Slender Man as real too.

Chain: [men's splayed legs on a subway]

Capri: Which is just as disgusting as when a woman does that. But too many men obsessed with their own doomahicky is vulgar and stupid, it doesn't amount to harassment/violence "against women". Do you wish you could pee standing up too?

Chain: “smile, baby”,

Capri: Which, girls swooning over some "hunk" also say without hesitation.

Chain: “It’s not cute when you talk like that. I don’t like it” (cite Tina Fey I don’t f—ing care if you like it)


Capri: Fooey on Tina fey, I don't even think she's cute. She's the one who inspired that false chain letter claiming Sarah Palin said "I can see Russia from my house!" That was Tina fey pretending to be Palin.

So why is it wrong for men to like "cute" and perfectly fine for girls to expect men to be "cute"?

Chain: Sexual harassment is not about desirability – these men also feel very compelled to point out how women in their spaces are not sexy to them, or choose to insult challenging or uncooperative women by dismissing their attractiveness.

Capri: Sexual harassment is not about desirability – these jealous insecure girls/women also feel very compelled to point out how other women in their perceived "spaces" are not sexy to them, or choose to insult other challenging or uncooperative women who don't bow to their groupthink, by dismissing their attractiveness.

Yes, girls are just as guilty of sexual harassment toward their own gender by snied nasty comments on appearance and unwarranted calls of "Slut/skank!" as they are toward men via playing the gender card every time they don't get their way.

Is this simpering whinge anywhere near over?

Chain: Cover the f— up, fatty!

Capri: Look, cry-baby, food-cops and other fat-phobic appearance-obsessed bigots come in both genders, and when it comes to getting bullied for being overweight, boys/men get just as much of that crap as girls/women do! The only difference might be that the percentage of guys on the receiving end of this fat-shaming form of bullying, who seem to care, might be slightly smaller, being more insecure about baldness. So shut the heck up! I don't have or intend to have any f-bombs to give you, and no f-bombs to cover up!

Chain: Are you a dyke? You look like one.

Capri: Cat-call typical of shallow-minded, appearance-obsessed school girls in competition with one another over stupid things… Only back in my school days, the girls didn't use 'dyke' they used 'gay' 'lesbian' 'homo'. Yes, I was called that by mean girls. I heard mean girls say that to and about other girls. We survived. But you couldn't pay me enough to become a younger me, complete with younger, "cuter" looks and go back to school again. Not if it was even possible.

In my world, offline, people just don't act that way or say that kind of stuff unless they are school kids. Online is a bit different since trolls tend to pop up anywhere and spew this stupidity, but it's not allowed on any site I run.

Chain: Tranny!

Capri: Unless you're talking about a Transformers fangirl/boy, don't even go there. The subject of transgender is closed, except for one observation, and one question.

The observation: - It's not just guys who joke about it.

The question: - If being a woman sucks so much, why is it there seem to be more guys trying to become girls through "sex-change" operations than girls trying to become guys?

Now are you anywhere near through?

Chain: Yeah, you know what, keep walking, I wouldn’t f— you anyways. _____

Capri: Only a drunken idiot, girl or guy would spew out this vulgarity. I'm reminded of that horrible time where students rented the property next-door and all they did was party, drink, get high, destroy property, keep me awake, make an embarrassment out of our stretch of street. Guys AND GIRLS alike!

And I don't want your f-bombs, so you just get lost already.

Chain: So, why does this matter?

Capri: Because you think it does and you want to make everybody else think it's as bad as you claim and that only guys are totally at fault for screwing up the universe. I don't buy it, and what really matters is you are determined to keep trying to hold women back in the role of victim to keep your bogus "war on women" going.

Chain: Remembering that the basis for harassment of women in public spaces

Capri: There is also harassment of men in public spaces… Doofus!

Chain: is around the ownership of space by men,

Capri: Bull crap! A public space is owned by the public, which means both genders, not men… Get that through your skull!

Chain: and consequently control of the women in those spaces…

Capri: Bull!

Look, if some idiot acts out in public, they are going to be kicked out of the area, whether they are a man or a woman. Men - do - NOT - own - the - public - spaces! Everyone does.

But feminists want it all, and they will stop at nothing to get it. Their lust for absolute power and control is fuelled by this attitude of false victimhood. They think abuse is spelled 'man'.

Here are the links to prove it.

Just VS. Unjust Proof positive that women are by no means powerless.

Obnoxious feminism extremist yelling all the right propaganda from her bigoted cult "Patriarchy" "glass ceiling" "rape culture" and of course plenty of f-bombs and telling anyone who dares say anything to her to shut up in no uncertain terms.

shorter clip of same obnoxious chick yelling "Patriarchy" and f---face over and over.

Extensive coverage of that protest where the group of feminist protesters shouted down everyone else at every turn.

Chain: If you’re a guy and you’re with a woman, as a partner, lover, friend, coworker, or acquaintance, you are less likely to witness casual harassment towards that woman.

Capri: Oh, really? Harassment comes in more than one flavour for you? Now there's something called 'casual harassment'? That's ridiculous, especially coming from feminism. If you want to call childish insults 'casual harassment' you should be prepared to admit that women are every bit as guilty of it as men are.

Chain: To the person who feels like he needs to control women by harassing them,

Capri: Which is apparently the only kind of man that exists in your sad world… *Rolling eyes*

Chain: that woman with you is already controlled. She is yours.

Capri: Which is not a normal, healthy situation, at all.

And it does go both ways.

Yes, I know of men who are dominated by the women in their lives. They don't dare step out of line, and if they do, oh boy, there is unholy heck to pay! Women can be just as controlling, just as demanding as men, and they are just as capable of making their men turn into doormats for them.

Chain: They generally wouldn’t challenge you as a man by harassing her.

Capri: So what, they'd turn themselves into women and challenge me? and this should go without saying, but, I'm not a man.

Look, this whole stupid challenge thing works the same way with girls too. The difference might be that girls are a little more discerning and able to tell which girl they can safely pick on and which to leave alone, especially when fighting over a guy.

Chain: An unaccompanied woman is an uncontrolled woman, and is as such, a target. ——

Capri: Bull crap!

For that matter, unaccompanied men can certainly be targets if it comes down to it. You've heard of men getting mugged, robbed, even killed when they were out by themselves, right? Or do such accounts go in one ear and out the other?

Even just a group of girls is generally safer than one walking alone at night. Ditto for a group of men VS an unaccompanied one.

So there goes another one of your stupid "We's liven in a man's world owned and controlled totally by men!" shot to heck. Are you ever going to just shut it?

Chain: How can we tell that this is true?

Capri: You can't. Because it isn't true. This is all manipulative, man-hating propaganda from beginning to end.

Chain: There are some symptoms you can sometimes see:

Capri: Gah, symptoms. I've seen a lot of that from you by reading this gag-worthy dreck. You're a raging feminist. You see yourself and only other women as victims while you see abusers as only men. You want it that way. You want everyone else to think that way. You do not even pretend to preach about equality, your rant is all man-hate. Misandry.

Chain: Some men

Capri: And women

Chain: will mock other men

Capri: And women. Some women will mock other women, and occasionally men as well.

Chain: for seeming to be controlled by women,

Capri: And men.

Chain: instead of being the controllers.

Capri: It's all about control with you…

A sexist feminist accused me of being controlled by men just because she was a liberal and I disagreed with her during a usenet debate in which a man also disagreed with her for roughly the same reason. It was one of the lamest, stupidest things she could've said, and it did not work to bully me into changing my point of view to satisfy her. And boy was she mad. It didn't even win her the argument.

Chain: Guy: Have you seen the easy she treats him? He is so whipped. ——

Capri: Girl: Did you hear about the wench-slapping he got from her? Hahahaha Lulz! You go girl! he's such a wussy mama's boy anyway.

Chain: Or had a guy apologize to you for hitting on a woman you were with, even after she was previously trying to shut him down? Why wasn’t he apologizing to her?

Capri: Since when did a girl ever apologize to another girl for hitting on her boyfriend, even after that guy had tried to shut her down? Why in the world would any guy do likewise to another guy? That's bull. Guys do apologize to girls after hitting on them, they don't apologize to the guy they've been trying to steal the girl away from… They are hoping for a second chance and they know they're not likely to ever get it from the girl even if her relationship hits the rocks, not unless they can convince her they are really not so much of a jerk. And for some girls, an apology from a badboy is like a sweet serum for the soul, something they just can't resist, especially if they are hurting from an ended relationship. The idea that this other guy who had once been a jerk would actually beg for her forgiveness would give some girls a uber ego-stroke because, after all, this bad boy still "cares". *Gag*

Chain: Guy: hey! sorry I’m late. Guy2: Whoa, sorry dude. I didn’t realize she was taken. ——

Capri: Girl: Sorry I'm late. Other girl: Oh, I'm the one who should be sorry, I didn't know you were an item.

Chain: along the same line, haven’t you heard a friend or acquaintance stave off an insistent man by saying ‘I have a boyfriend’, even when it was a lie?

Capri: of course, but I've heard guys doing that very same thing, lying that they had a girlfriend in order to try getting rid of a pesty brat.

Chain: Woman: Sometimes the only thing that will make them go away is thinking that I’m already ‘taken’. Even then, some of them seem to consider that some kind of challenge… ——

Capri: Man: I've told these girls I'm already taken, but some of them just seem to take it as a challenge, more appealing. They just refuse to get the hint.

Chain: Have you ever had someone speak about a woman as though she’s an object?

Capri: Heard it - only from trolls online, quoted from notorious criminals being read in documentaries, and bad characters in TV shows. Not in real life.

Chain: “I wouldn’t mind borrowing her for an evening!” ——-

Capri: I've heard that same thing said about a guy by a woman on TV… I've heard people of both genders say similar things about either gender, usually related to employers and employees. This is such a poor example that really has nothing to do with your stupid "war on women in a men-controlled world"…

Chain: These are people whose operating model of women are as things that are controlled

Capri: You've been hammering that idea out over and over - and - over - again and again and again! And it still ads up to a lot of bogus stink.

Look, I wouldn't get offended if I was working a shift in one studio, and another teacher needed me to help out with their class so asked if they could borrow me for a while. They're not selling me, they are not putting a price on me, and not even claiming me as "theirs".

Chain: or that need to be controlled by men.

Capri: There you go again. Say some new words or just shut up already!

Look, I'll set things straight right here and now.

I am not A. out of control - or B. controlled by men. I am in control of myself, and that's probably a very good reason why I have enough of a mind not to get taken in by your poisonous drivel.

Chain: And one thing we know is that men who abuse, assault, or harass women think that all men have the same ideas around ownership of women that they do.

Capri: No kidding, duh!

The trouble is, you appear to strongly believe that all men are alike, abusive and controlling, and that all women are abused and controlled by men.

But you know what? Your not-so-ingenius observation just above applies to anybody with a bad character disorder. That's why scammers don't trust, why gossips are likely to think people are always talking about them especially behind their backs, thieves and liars unwilling to believe or trust anyone else to a pathological degree, even when it comes to the most honest people on earth, and why bullies whine "What did I ever do to you?" when you're upset with them for abusing somebody else.

See, it's not just abusive "men" with this kind of short-coming, women are just as much at fault for their own character disorders.

Chain: “You know what I’m talking about’

Capri: Unfortunately, you've made your stinking point of view abundantly clear, leaving NO doubt about it!

Chain: “They’d flaunt themselves. If I wasn’t in a position to do it, someone else would”

Capri: no, you are not, and I refuse to flaunt myself, so go eat an iceberg…

Chain: “But the reality of the situation is that women have to be careful because guys are one way when they’re hanging out and another way when they’re h—y or worse drunk and h—y.” ——-

Capri: No, the reality of the situation is that your so-called comic/rant stinks of man-hating bigotry and the deplorably wrong-headed idea that women are little helpless flowers that can never function on their own without a controlling man around to save them from the other controlling men and that all the world's space and all the women in it belong entirely to the men of the world.

That's a pile of - *biting tongue*

The fact is, both men and women tend to behave differently around their own gender than around the opposite. And yes, women do also get drunk and obnoxious, and - wanting to sex it up. I will not use that vulgar 'h' word you use in the above.

Chain: So what can you do?

Capri: Start by not buying into this spew.

Chain: Believe us!

Capri: Not! Woe to the world if enough women actually do let themselves get taken in by this insidious hate rant.

Chain: Don’t deny or minimize our experiences

Capri: It's not "experiences" it's propaganda, and thankfully, it is nothing like my real life experience.

I will continue to take things and deal with them on an individual basis. I reject your gender war, and refuse to see "harassment" where it doesn't really exist, especially based on "Female = wonderful beautiful victim who needs saving. Male = abusive, controlling, bad."

Chain: ‘He was just trying to compliment you’ vs. ‘that sounds really creepy. are you ok?’ ——

Capri: Look, I will call it as I see it. Compliments and creepy alike. Guess where you fall?


Chain: Make sure you respect and enforce women’s agency!

Capri: not just women's agency, doofus! You might've missed the bulletin on this one, thanks to feminism again, but women, men, and children of both genders are human beings, with the same rights.

Chain: Ask the women around you how they’d like you to respond if there’s harassment or trouble when you’re together.

Capri: Why? how does one even go about starting that conversation?

Girl1: Hey! How are you doing?

Girl2: Oh, just fine, I aced that exam.

Girl1: Oh, congrats! Oh, by the way, if you ever get harassed and I'm with you at the time, how would you like me to respond?"

Girl2: Huh?

Girl1: What would you want me to say? is there a special way I should act or something?

Girl2: Why? I'm not being harassed.

Girl1: But if you were…?

Girl2:Why would you think I was being harassed?

Girl1: I don't know, but if you were and I was there, how should I talk and act so I don't do something to make it worse?

Girl2: Okay, whoa, hold it. Where did that come from?

Girl1: Oh, it's something a feminism comic told me to talk to my girl friends about. I just want to make sure I do the right thing.

Look, you might prefer to be a shrinking violet, but some of us are big girls and we can take care of ourselves, and in situations where we can't, we will seek help, and not from you…

Chain: Do they want you to speak up?

Capri: Depends on the person and situation, and yes, harassment happens to both, and is committed by both.

Chain: Do they want you to let them handle it?

Capri: Again, it depends on the person&situation gender notwithstanding. Am I going to have to repeat this a zillion times?

Chain: Do they just want to ignore it? ——-

Capri: *Facepalm* See above!

Chain: Most importantly:

Capri: This is crap.

Chain: Recognize what harassment looks like,

Capri: nobody needs hateful, paranoid feminists for that, except to recognize them as the harassers.

Chain: and speak up when this happens.

Capri: DUH! Look, I have already done a good deal of that, and not in the interest of advancing your "war on women" cause… Sometimes it was harassment where I could get involved with the people when it went on, other times it was just screaming at people I had just heard about, even when there was no way of contacting them or whoever they were harassing. But if I can get it out there in cyberspace and somebody reads it and can finally be comforted in the fact they are not alone in feeling the way I do, then at least I've done something.

I see manipulative rants and all sorts of virals AKA chain letters as a form of harassment, and spam at best, so, speak out against all of that, too. Yes, that includes this feminist crud along with a bunch of other stuff. Not only do I dislike being sent/shown this stuff by friends who wanted to "share" something they didn't write, but has already been all over the place. I also do not take kindly to seeing my friends letting themselves get used by these mostly anonymous viral-starters as a means for spreading more copies of their junk. then when that junk is full of propaganda and/or over-the-top deliberate emotional-heart-yanks, and all out lies, that just ticks me off to no end!

Want more proof?


Five Important Lessons How To Treat People - Bogus Mrs. Nat King Cole, Transfusion Kid, Sundae etc.

5 Simple Rules To Be Happy

5 Things Parents Should Stop Saying To Non-Parents

7% Long-handled Spoons

7 Traits Of Real Men

9 Words Women Use

10 Tactics

26 Things A Perfect Guy Would Do

Maddox and Jessica's fight over that chain letter

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Maddox Lies And Non-hatemail

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Bogus MADD Petition

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Chain Candles

Chain Letter For Global Referendum

Chain Letter To Save Creepy Pasta, Fangirl Pride

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Chain Letters About Atheists VS. Theists

Chain Letter To Send To Republicans

Cheap Tomatoes

Children Of A Lesser World

Claire Swire and Bradley Chait

On Connie Schultz's Women's Right To Vote Piece

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Dan Wilt's New Kind Of Man For Valentine's Day

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You Didn't Get Mad

Your Value

I gave Senna big heck for bullying her fellow Mary Sue writer off the internet.

I would've liked to personally scream in the ear of the cowardly woman who sent that heinous anonymous hate letter to the Begley family because her hatred for a young boy is so strong, and completely unwarranted, unjustified, inexcusible. I would also like to extend my support to the family. But as I don't know them personally or how to contact them, and figure they probably got more attention than they cared to receive over this whole thing, I wrote myself out and put it in cyberspace. So if by chance they happen on it one day, they'll find out they had a supporter they didn't know they had all along.

In addition, the many other links should bring the message home, loud and clear, that manipulative virals, bad agendas, and trolls/losers/idiots/jerks/morons/louts/cretins and all that sort, are very uncool in my book.

So you see, it's not as if I just sit quietly and passively by.

Chain: Whenever it’s safe for you, be the guy who shuts these assholes down.

Capri: Gah! Do you honestly think any guy in his right mind would be masochistic enough or have a strong enough stomach to read through this morass of man-hating, feminist dreck?

I'm not a guy, and I will never be a guy. But I will do my best to shut down anyone, guy or girl who I see as a bully, if it is in my power to do so. If I can't, I will still voice my discontent with the situation online.

Chain: Turn ‘not all men’ into a force for good:

Capri: Bingo! That sums it up right there! The last thing you want is for men to be thought of as good, in any way, shape or form! Why? Because they are men. and 'man' spells abuse to you.

Chain: Let harnessers know that not all men share their toxic views,

Capri: Well you've sure done a fine job of that in this crummy article. right. All you've done is paint a grim picture of a Mensrulean dystopia, designed to foster hatred of men on the part of women.

Chain: that most men aren’t like them.

Capri: Funny you should just put that as a quaint little afterthought thing after your giant whinge-fest.

And, you contradicted yourself.

If you now claim that most men aren't like that, then why are the public spaces and any women in them, as you also claim, owned and controlled by men? See how that just doesn't add up?

Chain: This is as important when women are not around than when they are.

Capri: Important to know that most men aren't tyrants, with or without women around. Yeah. But somehow I'm just not convinced you believe that.

Chain: Bystander intervention works! [cite]

Capri: duh, remember, this holds true for not just women VS. men.


Chain: Guy1: She’s a cold b—h, I wouldn’t f— her.

Capri: More stupid stereotypes. Look, I get it, you think guys are motivated by one thing - sex, and that they think girls are nothing but female dogs… I don't agree. Because I know respectable people, and I've also known jerks, and they come in both genders. Are you getting this yet?

Chain: Guy2: Seriously? no one asked if you wanted to f— her.

Capri: I'm really sick of this. I'd thought this dreadful thing might have one or two f-bombs, but then, this is feminism, so I should've realized.

I'll have to do a search and replace all to prevent that word from bursting out on the screen any more.

Chain: Guy 1: Looking good, sexy!

Capri: You've already plowed down that embankment. I get it, really. You think guys only care about sex. I still disagree.

Chain: Guy 2: Come on, man. Don’t be that guy.

Capri: That's wussy. Guy2 is far too easy on guy1. I'd tell Mr. Iwantsexallthetime where to stick his stupid doodad.

Chain: Guy1: You know what I mean…

Capri: Cut the Ernest impersonation, you're supposed to be nothing but a stupid cliche cooked up by a "Rah rah sistas!" feminist, remember?

Chain: Guy 2: No, no I don’t. What could you possibly mean?

Capri: When is this stupid hammy soap opera going to end? Before it's time to get another hair cut, I hope.

Chain: Guy1: You would have done the same.

Capri: gah, that's how any bully tries to excuse their sadistic idiotics. I think that was covered somewhere in the above.So please, just end it already.

Chain: Guy 2: No, I wouldn’t have. Most men wouldn’t have. It’s not cool. ———–

Capri: So after Guy1 pretty much peters out, Guy2 suddenly gets a backbone?

Chain: Will it work?

Capri: So far, this bilge has only worked to tick me off - though not in the way you'd want. It also got me feeling really disappointed in and rather upset with a FB friend who thought it was actually some kind of cool.

Chain: ‘hey, f--- you, man. Mind your own business.’

Capri: Where I am, it is my business, so shut your stupid foul mouth.

Chain: Probably not.

Capri: And your point? Oh, right. Men are abusive foul-mouths with a ton of space and nothing can be done when they "harass" women. *Rolling eyes*

Chain: But if there’s a visible and pervasive culture of harassment and disrespect towards women and femmefolk,

Capri: Look, jerk, there is no such "culture of disrespect towards women" in North America! And you are really making me sick with this 'femfolk' stuff.

Chain: then you can create your own pervasive visible culture of respect and agency.

Capri: You know what? That's already been done!

The trouble is your idea of a "culture of respect and agency" is based on a terrible bigotry and hatred of one gender, and absolute bias toward another. Your idea of respect and agency is women completely dominating everything just because we're women, not because we actually have the right kind of character. Because to you, woman is helpless victim deserving of being put on pedestal and man is bad and spells 'abuse'.

I don't want your double-standard-ridden "culture of respect towards women and femfolk agency". I'd be scared to all heck you might chop off the heads of all my male relatives and friends for breathing in the wrong direction!

Chain: I think that would be pretty awesome! ——–

Capri: Excuse me. *Pukes*

Chain: Men are our greatest allies in ending casual sexism and harassment!

Capri: Bull! Since you are all sexism, and for goodness sake, drop the "casual" stuff. Harassment and sexism are what they are, and they don't get stopped by feminism, they get encouraged and committed by it.

You know, ridiculous as the whole realm of conspiracy theory is, from “Moon landings were a hoax!” “Bush caused 911!” and “Obama was born in Kenya and he’s a Muslim!” I wish feminism would be seen and categorized in with that same bunch of whackery. Because it is every bit as bigoted as racism and as full of paranoid whackadooery as any other conspiracy theory.

Beth: The entire thing is so freakin' frustrating. How about people stop feeling sorry for themselves and thinking they deserve to be treated special, and they just focus on working together to solve the problems that actually exist? Whoa! Total mind-blower! *rolls eyes*

Capri: Hahaha! You hit that one right on the nose!

Chain: We believe in you!

Capri: no you don't. You don't even know me. So don't hand me that crap!

I don't believe in you. In fact I think it must really suck to be you.

I'm going right back to my own real world of warmth and equality, and your world isn't anywhere near a nice place to visit.

I'm so out of here.


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