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Racism From Rush Limbaugh

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Racist Statements Rush Limbaugh Supposedly Said But Didn't

Supposedly racist statements from Rush Limbaugh Not only are the majority not actually racist, but the real racist statements didn't even come from Limbaugh. How did Snopes classify this chain letter? "Mixture" Even with their own breakdown of the false bollox, they still call that a mixture.

Um excuse me?

* * *

1. False. Rush Limbaugh didn't spew this pro-slavery trash. Liberals just wish he did. It came from a screwed up book called 101 People Who Are Really Screwing America (Maybe that count should be moved up to 102) and the author either fabricated the quote or else repeated what was heard. Fabrication nonetheless.

2. False. Rush Limbaugh didn't say that either. He never said James Earl Ray deserved any kind of award… again, it was from the same screwy book.

3. Rush Limbaugh's observations about communists backing various famous political figures and moves is not racist, no matter how mega Fox-hating, pro-extreme left-biased Media Matters For America chooses to spin it. To them, if you point out anybody is to the left, you must be racist. Right… Obama was given the same treatment by people who didn't know how to oppose him intelligently. They took only part of a quote where he said America was not a Christian nation and ran with it. What Obama was really saying was that America was not a theocracy, not a Christian, Jewish, Islamic or any other religion nation, but a nation where everybody is free to choose which religion they observe.

4. Again, Media Matters For America would probably not call it "racist" if someone from "the right skin tone" according to them, said it. And what the heck "bloods" and "crips" are, I don't know, and am not all that interested in finding out. Sounds too Harry Potteresque to me anyway. 'Mudbloods' 'Muggles' why not just use those while you're at it, Rush and Media Matters? And if this was about which tame had the most or the least ethnicity, who - the - heck - cares? I mean c'mon people, it's the blasted 21st century. Get over it already.

5. Rush Limbaugh did not say the NAACP should have riot rehearsals and practice robberies. Again, this was taken from some rag called "Flush Rush" Liberal bias? Nah! Not at all!

6. Once again, no actual source to back up the "They're 12% of the population, who cares?" statement let alone what it was actually referring to. Even if Limbaugh did say that, it doesn't make him racist. You could tell me only a fragment of the population can touch their noses with their tongues, and I could say "Who cares?" and that wouldn't make me a racist.

7. A. The Jesse Jackson resemblance thing B. The bone thing.

Both were from two completely different mediums, and different times, and neither were racist.

8. The whole NFL black quarterback thing. not racist, but pointing out there was perhaps a little bit of affirmative action going on in the NFL. That comment got him basically canned from the show he said it on at the time.

So Snopes should've categorized this chain letter list as "false" since it deliberately tries to paint Limbaugh as a racist by way of tons of innuendo, and includes comments that are blatantly racist that he never even made.

Boo-hiss, Snopes, you should've done better. This item needed a "FALSE" rating.

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