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Suggestive Slactivism Memes

Page history last edited by Capri 5 years, 8 months ago


Suggestive Slactivism

Awareness Overload

As if viral glurges about cancer aren't bad enough, an ongoing, tasteless cancer awareness ploy hit Facebook in the beginning of 2010, and kicked off a series of memes, all of the same stripe.

Imagine this. You're going along, having a good, or even great day, and then suddenly *BOOM!* Along comes yet another cause invite meme or FB status meme telling you to stop what you're doing to take a moment to do something really ridiculous and THEN you'll be aware and promoting awareness of breast cancer, and be sure to tell all your friends to do likewise!

Or else, you're having a down day and the same thing happens. You could even be having a down day because someone you know is actually suffering from cancer, or maybe you've just found out you have it. Or maybe you or a loved one has just recovered from it and it would be nice not to have to be reminded of it over and over again and just try to live life.

The point is, there's never a good time to send/repost or be on the receiving end of this gauche meme.

But no. The chain letter originators really don't want us thinking about any of that, and they know just how to rope people (especially women in this case) into the same old stinking game every time.

The whole thing is really a huge manipulation, and a lot of people got taken in yet again. They'll do anything a chain letter tells them, no matter how stupid, if it claims to help "raise awareness" for something, especially cancer or to stop bullying, or contains any mentions of "Jesus" "Christ" "God" "friendship" "prayer." or does the "We are women, hear us roar and be so much more heroic while we outsmart the men and keep 'em guessing while we look like we're saving the world!" Gah!

This "Just for women, hush hush don't tell the guys, let's do something really cutesy for breast cancer awareness and keep the men guessing nyah nyah" meme has a long history, so let's start from the beginning.

It started back in 2010, with a Facebook email from a friend.

Only it wasn't a real email of honest to goodness communication.

It was that odious bra color hoax, which is actually a double-chain letter. The first part was the message itself telling me to change my status to something particular, all the girls were going to do it as a joke on the guys and it would cause cancer awareness. So the email was viral, and all those color statuses resulting would be the second viral.

And once again, some forward duped and used at least one of my friends, who didn't really think about me after all, but was merely having fun and trying to save lives with chain letters at the same time.

I rolled my eyes and screamed.

Know what this stupid inconsiderate chain letter also does to at least some survivors of breast cancer? If you want to find out, read In The Name Of Awareness, a real eye-opener, and all the reason in the world not to participate in this incredibly insensitive meme in all its mutations.

And now for all you gals who bought into this tawdry thing and actually posted your bra colors,

congratulations on your willingness to be sheeple and on your TMI over-exposure! Any of your 9000 guy friends who happens to click your Facebook status, now knows what your bra color is. You just told your 16 year old hormonal cousin, your 60 year old grandpa, your boss, your teachers or students, and your best friend's husband and kids what color your bra is. Talk about making life an open book. Why not just post it on every billboard you can find where you live or tell some news reporter to broadcast all about you and your prefered bra colors on national TV?

Needless to say, I did not participate...

What's Your Color Absolutely great entry by Tiffany Harper!

* * *

In late 2010, somebody came up with the same degrading stupidity all over again.

This site gives info on it and a very good write-up, except for the one nasty word near the beginning.

This time, the women were supposed to put how they 'like it' in their FB statuses, while the men were supposed to believe they are talking about sex.

Actually, what the statuses refer to is where women like to put their handbags (purses) when they get home.

And this chain is supposed to keep the men guessing and the women tittulating while somehow the magic of forwarding is supposed to increase breast cancer awareness.

You'd think people would learn after a while and stop falling for these ridiculous Facebook memes, but no!

In late August and early September 2011, along came another chain status of the same ilk as the others, again, aimed at women, and claiming they can do it for breast cancer awareness.

It's the pregnant status chain letter.

The idea is to get women posting crazy statuses that are supposed to make it look as if they are pregnant and telling all about it, how far along they are and what they are craving.

Again, the punchline is "It's for breast cancer awareness!" What, the stupid bra color and how you like your handbags chains weren't already too much, somebody came out with this winner...

The numberings and cravings are as follows:

Chain: January-1week Febuary-2weeks March-3weeks

Capri: and so on right through to December. Don't ask me to explain this crazy numbering system, it's anybody's guess what went on in this hoaxer's head.


Chain: Days of the month:



Capri: Um you already put skittles in day 1, why are you doing it again?

Chain: 23-Gummy Bears
24-Gummy Worms

Capri: Oh this is stupid. Aside from the shape, what's the difference between gummy bears and gummy worms? *Snip*

Chain: 31-Chocolate

Capri: Yeah, you could've simplified this whole thing and put "Chocolate for every darn day!" and be done with it...


So out of all these, only two were a main meal item, what bull.

This pregnant cravings thing is ridiculous anyway, it is way overkilled in bad TV plots and comedies. Pregnant women have aversions too, aversions to main course as well as dessert and snack items.

Tanja Cilia's excellent article also points out that, like the bra color mutation, the pregnant status chain is heartless toward women who have suffered and been made unable to bear and breastfeed babies they wanted so much and will never get the chance to have.

Then yet another really disgusting mutation of this chain reared its ugly head.

It stated that women were supposed to put in their FB status their shoe size and then the word "inches" and a frowny face. And yet again "Don't tell the men what it's about, it's a very special secret among us girls and we'll be promoting breast cancer awareness nya nya nya nya!"

Oh, for the love of all things good!

And then some people have the petty nerve to get upset when someone doesn't like this viral scheme.

Charlotte Knight wrote an excellent article on this particular mutation of the chain, and the abuse she suffered from forwarders who got mad because she didn't praise it or them to the sky for actually doing nothing to fight cancer.

When I thought it had died, it reared up yet again in October 2011, yes, same inches thing, but with an added dimention of revolting where women were supposed to put how long it takes to do their hair. The inuendo isn't hard to guess.


Chain: In support of breast cancer awareness!!

Capri: Oh, c'mon, how can anyone not be "aware" of it when breast cancer messages are getting blasted just about everywhere, day in and day out all year long? Was that second exclamation mark really necessary?

Chain: So we all remember last years game of writing bra color as your status?...

Capri: Remember, yes, I was one of the unfortunate recipients of a chain email invite to "play" by a contact. I didn't play...

Chain: ..or the way we like to have our handbag handy?

Capri: I read about that mutation, hated it.

Chain: Well this year, it's slightly different.

Capri: No different, not really. Oh, the instruction of what to specifically put in the status might be, but the stupid scheme is exactly the same. always has been, always will be until women wise up, stop falling for it and it eventually dies. Preferably sooner than later.

Chain: You need to write your shoe size,( just the number) followed by the word "inches"

Capri: Oh, crap, this mutation's still going? This was going back during the summer of 2011, along with the faux preggers status game. Well, no way. I'm not doing that!

Chain: and how long it takes to do your hair...

Capri: As if I even keep track of that, please. But I bet this is suposed to make people think how long it takes you to have sex with your inchman instead. STUPID! DISGUSTING!

Chain: Remember last year so many people took part it made national news

Capri: I don't remember it being on national news, though it definitely made news on the net. also, a lot of people thought it was tasteless and dumb.

Chain: and, the constant updating of status reminded everyone why we're doing this and helped raise awareness!!

Capri: Bullcrap! All it did was confuse some people, annoy the living heck out of others, and make still others laugh.

Chain: Do NOT tell any males what the status' mean, keep them guessing!!

Capri: Blah, blah, blah, same old, same old... The males are going to figure it out anyway, and why you wouldn't want them included in fighting breast cancer is beyond me. But that's just it, you're not... Not really. This whole meme from first mutation to the very last is a big sham.

Chain: And please copy and paste (in a message )this to all your female friends to see if we can make a bigger fuss this year than last year!!!

Capri: Here's my answer to that request: NO! I got royally ticked off when a contact sent me the bra color version back in 2010 and I'm not about to make the same mistake she did and risk annoying anyone while looking like an airhead myself.

Chain: I did my part... now YOUR turn !

Capri: Somehow I have a feeling you might not like what I do with "my turn."

Chain: Go on ladies...

Capri: Ironic that you use the word 'ladies' here since you want women acting anything but 'ladylike'.

Chain: and let's have all the men guessing!!..................

Capri: No, they can get the full story anywhere online anyway, and especially here, spelled out for all to see, so your little secret isn't really so secret now is it?


This article on the October 2011 mutation is excellent and so are the comments.

* * *

In July 2012, perhaps earlier, the ugly meme mutatedand reared its horrendous head again, this time, in the form of a status full of heart images. *Rolling eyes*

Chain: Without replying to this message,

Capri: Right, because you don't want to get told off, well I'll reply anyway, in this smash.

Chain: put a heart (♥) on your wall; no comment, just a heart.

Capri: No. I dislike ascii art and don't see images and it annoys me when people post too much ascii and pictures anyway because I can't see the darn things. So why would I post some graphic thing on my own wall? Oh, right, because some chain letter told me to, well, forget that! I'm not interested in making my wall look like everyone else's who reposts the same thing…

Chain: Next, send this message to your woman friends, only the women.

Capri: *Scowling* Sheesh, another stupid "Let's like totally confuzzle da men and look really hearty and cute because us warrior women are trying to raise breast cancer awareness!" I'm on to your scheme! Why women keep falling for this again and again is beyond me!!

Oh, and I'm not sending that message to any of my friends, regardless of gender! Got that?

Chain: Then post a heart on the wall of the person who sent you this message.

Capri: Yeah right, thank goodness no one actually sent it to me, I found out about this mutation another way. I wouldn't send a thing to anyone who did send it to me, for one thing, they would already have a stupid heart pic on their own wall, and for another, I'd be too angry, screaming inside my head at them to even say anything civil until I had sufficient time to cool off.

Chain: If anyone asks why you have so many hearts on your wall, don’t tell them.

Capri: Guessing games are so juvenile, and this meme has had the same components since 2010, even if the window dressing changes with every darn mutation. I already guessed it before I even got to reading this part of the message. So really, everybody should guess it by now, especially if it's only women trying to make their FB look like a Valentine just experienced a big bang… Oh yeah, another ridiculous supposed b c awareness thing… Seriously what else could it be?

Chain: This is only for women,

Capri: You already said that…

Chain: because this week is breast cancer research week.

Capri: Gah! *Rolling eyes* There is no Breast Cancer Awareness Week. There is no National Friendship Week or Gf Week either. October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month. So honestly, why do we need another b c awareness week besides, and every time this chain mutates and makes the female gender cause FB to render a huge belch of chain letter reposts?

Chain: One small act of solidarity among women.

Capri: Oh, PLEASE! it isn't one small act, much less of solidarity! It's a giant viral that just never seems to die permanently!

A real act of solidarity would be for women to say no to this condescending junk and call it for what it is, and stop letting some anonymous meme originator push them around and playing the gender card to do it!

Chain:Thank you.

Capri: Don't thank me, because you're not welcome!

Chain: Ps to type a heart, first type < and then immediately 3 it will turn into a heart as soon as you post.”

Capri: I may not know much about ascii art, but even I've figured out that much… *Disgusted glare*

* * *

In late September 2012, the shoe-size/inches hair-do/minutes one was back for another run.

* * *

1. I hate chain letters! So much that I've made a site for smashing them as a means of self-therapy because of all the viral junk everybody else seems to prefer over real communication. It's truly sad when the only time some people send you anything, it's something viral.

2. It's no one's business what color any of my underwear is, where I "like it" referring to where I put my purse, what my shoe size is, and my birth month does not dictate any cravings I have, which, you don't have to be pregnant to get. It is not my business what yours is either, and I don't want to know, thank you.

3. I get reminded of breast cancer a gazillion too many times already with people telling me to join the latest greatest newest truest breast cancer cause that's trying to get 1,000,000,000,000,000 members but they're only at 1,657,482,675 and every one of them NEEDS me to (insert dramatic impassioned DO SOMETHING FOR CANCER!" speech here)

Give me a break! I can't cure it by thinking about it all the time. All that'd do is put me in a sad state of perminant funk. It isn't hard for me to go from carefree to depressed in a hurry, especially when I get reminded of things I am really quite futile to do much of anything about other than cry and pray and give what little money or time I can, and I just can't be giving giving giving and crying all the time!

No thanks.

I haven't got scads of money and there are so many people in need and I can't decide who to help with what little I have, spread it all too thin and it doesn't do any good. I have lost a best friend and a few uncles to cancer, (not breast of course, but cancer nonetheless) please, I can't be my best at anything at all when people are always hounding me this way and that to help with this, give to that, and doing nothing but make me feel like I'm not doing enough, what I do is never good enough, and never will be, making me miserable. I'm already aware of it, I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be aware of it unless they are very young, have some serious mental disabilities that make them incapable of understanding what "cancer means, or else they live on another planet...

4. There are so many other conditions that need cures or even treatments for, and they don't seem to get anywhere near the coverage and attention this one cause gets.

5. Chain letters accomplish even less than anything I actually give to charities.

6. I don't give money away on Facebook, not even to causes.

7. I don't see the point in joining causes that remind me every day to do something about the cause, donate, recruit, donate, recruit, lather, rince, repeat... Haven't the money...Despise the idea of spamming friends with invites, which is what "recruiting" is on these Facebook causes/groups/pages, and now status chains.

8. This chain scheme is a step below even the scads of cause invites out there. There's no way it's going to do a single thing for breast cancer, nobody's going to be made more aware or get cured because someone or 6,000,000 girls put colors in their statuses. The only real awareness is Facebook beltching out more useless hot air when hit with another rash of females falling for the same old dirty tricks and posting the latest incarnation of the "Look really coy, sexy and naughty and keep the men guessing with this status and make people aware of breast cancer!"

9. To add to this, the airheaded exploitiveness of it all. The guys won't know you gals' bra colors or what you're talking about handbags, shoe sizes, pregnant cravings etc. for, and will be kept wondering! Hah! This stupid chain scheme is all over the internet news now, and guys read news sites with stories about this chain scheme too. Chain letters simply don't stay secret.

if the goal is to raise awareness of cancer, why try to leave the guys out of the loop? Makes no sense.

10. Here's a kicker to consider: what if these racy "keep 'em guessing and in shock for breast cancer" joke memes weren't even originated by women? What if whoever starts these things is a hormonal zit-faced teenager or some dirty-minded old geezer trying to have a bit of ill-gotten fun at the expense of the whole female gender?

11. Do we really need more particularly lame-brained, sexually exploitive meme telling us to be aware of cancer, as if we're not already aware of it and being reminded every 2 seconds on Facebook or even on TV.

I've said it before, must I say it again?

I think just about everyone who are old enough to know they possess so much as a set of nipples, is already WELL AWARE of the existence of breast cancer. You'd have to be living pretty deep under a pile of rocks and sand not to be blasted day in, week out, month in, year out, decade after decade with messages shouting "BREAST CANCER!"

So these chains are useless on that front.

None of them do a thing to cure the condition.

They degrade women by turning them into sex objects for men to drool over. In the case of the faux pregnancy thing, it makes women tell useless fibs for some kind of "Hah, gotcha!" shock value.

Bra color, Purses, shoe sizes and fake pregnant statuses have nothing to do with actually fighting cancer other than the purses containing enough money and checks to donate to charity, which, BTW, is what people should be doing instead of participating in hair-brained chain status schemes.

I especially love what an article on one of the links above said, cancer is NOT sexy, and such coy and thoughtless chain schemes are making light of, trivializing and insulting.

I'm just so sick of getting slapped around with: "Cancer!" Kicked, "Cancer!" Punched, "Cancer!" pushed and pulled, "Cancer!" yanked, "Cancer!" tugged, "Cancer!" pressed, "Cancer!" suffocated, "Cancer!" jabbed, "Cancer!" smothered, "Cancer!" mauled, "Cancer!" Stabbed, "Cancer!" Gouged, "Cancer!" buffetted and bruised from all sides and up and down with chain letters and the media yelling "Cancer! Cancer!" all the freaking time!

Know what that does? Makes me feel hopeless and like I'm getting told I should always stop whatever I'm doing and sit in gloomy hopelessness thinking about cancer and everybody I can't really help.

Why, oh, why doesn't the world want me to be happy for even a second!?

Is it any wonder I get so blistered at these sad forwards, useless Facebook causes and the people who inflict them on me?

Yes, I know cancer exists. Yes, I am well aware of it. Yes, I've had relatives who died of it. Yes, I lost a best friend to it. Yes, I know, I may eventually die of it, though I hope to God not, anyway, I just don't want to hear it any more, okay!? There ARE other concerns in the world, many many others, which are just as devastating, and it is emotionally taxing enough without being suddenly confronted with bursts of cancer blast messages everywhere, 24/7!

And if you're going to raise money, don't be sleazy about it like the disgusting schmucks at the Simple Pickup Youtube channel! They paid girls to play with their boobs for breast cancer! Yes, the money the girls got for bearing all and letting these boys play with them, went to fight breast cancer.

Honestly! This just gets more and more revolting all the time!

* * *

In March 2014, this dreaded obnoxious stupid meme mutated and invaded Facebook again!

Okay, this meme is going to get what's coming! ARGH!

Chain: Oh dear,dear,dear.

Capri: Yeah, you're about to get smashed, so I suppose an "Oh dear" reaction is appropriate from you.

Chain: You should not have liked or commented!

Capri: I didn't at least not on Facebook where you're concerned. I still don't "like" but have plenty comments which you're sure not to like, because I do not like you!

Chain: Now you have to pick one of the 14 below & post a status.

Capri: No, I do not. I don't take orders from you, and will post or not post statuses as I see fit. That means, no viral statuses from me.

Chain: This is the 2014 breast cancer awareness game.

Capri: *Scowl* 1. Cancer is not a game.

2. This is not a game, it's a chain letter!

3. The net has already been awareness-ed out, we don't need more stupid memes "raising awareness" for breast cancer, we're all well aware of it already, and there ARE other conditions that are just as important and even more life-threatening, and they aren't getting nearly the coverage this one issue is. Why is only breast cancer so important to you? Don't you care about other things like trying to find a cure for Huntington's disease or CF or other serious conditions that are every bit as devastating?

4. We don't need "awareness" we need cures or at least treatments. This stupid chain letter doesn't offer that.

Chain: Don’t be a spoil sport,

Capri: Your chain letter deserves nothing better than that. I'm taking this past being a simple "spoil sport" this thing is going down in a burning smash!

Chain: choose your poison

Capri: Nope. You are right about the description, this thing is mind-poison. Consider it utterly rejected.

Chain: & change your status.

Capri: I don't change statuses I've already posted, and I'm not posting this one on FB.

Chain: 1) Damn diarrhea

Capri: What - the - heck!? What the heck has diarrhea to do with breast cancer other than maybe being a side-affect of treatment? Gah you are tasteless beyond the freaking pale! *Scowl*

Chain: 2)Just used my boobs to get out of a speeding ticket.

Capri: Get away, you sleaze, you and any hormonal brain-dead stink face of a cop whom you might've impressed with this display! Plus, you are REALLY heartless! Know what you've just done? You just mocked anyone who has lost a breast partially or completely due to the same cancer you claim to be trying to "raise awareness" for! Great going, craphead!

Chain: 3)Anyone have a tampon. I’m out.

Capri: Ewww. TMI, get away!

Chain: 4) How do you get rid of foot fungus.

Capri: What's that or the tampon got to do with cancer awareness?

Chain: 5)Why is nobody around when l am horny?

Capri: *Repulsed glare* Figure it out, fungus-brain!

Chain: 6) No toilet paper, goodbye socks.

Capri: *Scowl, face palm, headdesk* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! So that's what that stupid status was all about that one of my contacts posted recently! *Facepalms repeatedly* Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Chain: 7)Someone offered me a job as a prostitute but l’ m hesitant.

Capri: I thought you just said nobody was around when you were - uh… Oh, whatever, shut up! *Glare*

Chain: 8)l think l’m in love with someone what should l do?

Capri: Tell that to Dear Abby. I don't give a flying hot dart about your lovelorn life.

Chain: 9)l’ve decided to stop wearing underwear.

Capri: TMI. And again what the heck's this got to do with cancer awareness? It's nowhere near helping charities out with trying to actually fight the disease.

Chain: 10)l still love my ex.

Capri: Nothing to do with fighting cancer, write Dear Abby about it, I don't care.

Chain: 11) l really don’t know how to tell anyone and l’m sick of hiding it l’m gay.

Capri: You'd be in a lot more trouble these days by saying you're not or that you actually don't agree with that life choice. So go ahead and broadcast. The internet and the media will absolutely love you… I still won't care. You're still doing nothing to fight cancer or any other dire yuman condition.

Chain: 12) Guess it was 2 good 2 be true l’m pregnant.

Capri: But you also said you were out of tampons and that nobody was around when you got hormonal, and if you're gay, your ex-gf can't make you preggers. You need to do it with a guy for that to happen. You also don't need tampons when you're pregnant because you don't get your period then. See how your trash just isn't adding up?

Chain: 13)Just won $7000 on a scratchy.

Capri: There you go, you're loaded. You got enough money to pretty much solve all your problems. But you still can't cure or treat cancer or anything else and are doing a louse-up job trying to "raise awareness" which is unnecessary anyway since we all are aware and over-aware of it now as it is.

Chain: 14)l’ve just found out l’ve been cheated on for the past 5 months. Haha…”

Capri: Well I guess. After all, she's your ex for a reason.

Now scram! Get outa here! Get while the getting's good!

*Takes after meme-originator with a cyber-sword*

* * *

Women Go Naked To Stop Muslim Terrorists

Originated back in 2001, it also barged rudely onto the net in 2012, praying on both fear of Muslims, the desire to fight terrorism, and the fantasy of getting women to take it all off for the sake of a worthy cause. If it had been a real effort, it would've been misguided and plain stupid. As satire, it is not funny, and just plain stupid.

Chain1: The President has asked that we unite for a common cause.

Capri: President of what, the chain letter idiot club?

Chains2&3: WALK NAKED IN
Chain2: America
Chains2&3: DAY

Capri: *Rolling eyes*

Chains2&3: Don't forget to mark your calendars.

Capri: I use a datebook and don't put in entries for stupid and fictional events made up in chain letters!

Chain1: Since the Islamic people cannot stand nudity, they consider it a sin to see a naked woman that is not their wife.
Chains2&3: As you may already know, it is a sin for a Muslim male to see any woman other than his wife naked and if he does, he must commit suicide.

Capri: Bulltosh! I suppose you also believe brown milk comes from brown cows too...Stupid!

Terrorists love nudity and they love sin. That's why they are terrorists. As for Muslims, I don't know exactly what the rules are, but that doesn't matter. The point is, terrorists are frauds and perverts among other things, and if it's a sin for a Muslim male to see a woman other than his wife naked, then a Muslim can't be a terrorist, and a terrorist can't be a real Muslim.

Chain1: Tonight at 7:00,
Chains2&3: So next Saturday at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time,

Capri: So this day is supposed to last from tonight at 7 until saturday at 1 EST? right. That's going to be one heck of a long day.

Chains2&3: all
Chain2: American Chain3: Australian
Chains2&3: women are asked to

Capri: Well, that counts me out right there, I'm not Australian American. Watch for this stupidity hitting inboxes and mutating so that it looks like it originates wherever you live.

Chain1: all women should run
Chains2&3: walk
Chains: out of their house
Chains2&3: completely
chains: naked to help weed out
Chain1: the
Chains2&3: any neighbourhood
Chains: terrorists.

Capri: First this dunce thinks all Muslims are terrorists, then makes up a dumb rule about Muslim men, now this idiot tries to get women to take it all off and expose themselves in the name of stopping terrorists because according to this clued-out git who can't even make a good satire if that's what they're actually trying to do, all Muslims are terrorists and all women are such airheaded egotists that they think they can save the world by degrading themselves! Oh, puhleeze!

Chains2&3: Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this anti-terrorist effort.

Capri: So you want women to break the law and commit indecency in public for a full hour and this passes for anti-terrorism to you? I can't even describe how incredibly stupid this is! Bet if that really happened, you would be out there, trying to patrol every neighborhood, gawking at and maybe even molesting every airhead who fell for your lies. It's obvious where your mind is.

Chains2&3: All patriotic men are to position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their houses to demonstrate their support for the women

Capri: Bullcrap! Support their female relatives by oggling at their naked bodies from lawn chairs as these women go parading down the streets for an hour? Oh yeah, that'd work out well if you're a woman and you want every mail to see you naked, from your neighbor's hormonal, pimply-faced teenaged boy to the old guy who's known you since you were little but you've always been a bit bashful around him for some reason! Suppose someone turned this thing around and told you to strip and walk around the block for an hour to raise awareness of erectile disfunction or something - would you do it? Well, I guess in your case it would depend on your...Ahem, you are getting the idea, right? Yes, I am ridiculing you!

Chains2&3: and to prove that they are not Muslim terrorist sympathizers.

Capri: So now according to your screwed-up ideology, any man with the decency not to sit around and gawk is not only a Muslim, but a terrorist as well? Idiot!

Chains2&3: Since Islam also does not approve of alcohol, a cold 6-pack at your side is further proof of your patriotism.

Capri: WRONG! Right about alcohol being a no-no with Islam, but that's it. The only thing you would prove by sitting around, lounging in a lawn chair, with a six-pack of beer is that you are a lustful, lazy, drooling, drunken slob! You don't show patriotism and you won't cause a Muslim to kill himself at the sight of a case of beer!

Chain1: The United States appreciates your efforts, and applauds you.

Capri: Bull! Don't assume to speak for a whole country. there are a lot of americans who would be particularly unamused and disgusted by your idea.

Chains2&3: The
Chain2: American
Chain3: Australian
Chains2&3: government appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your participation in this anti-terrorist activity.

Capri: No government would applaud this perverted, pinheaded idea! Neither would any government be stupid enough to think of it as anti-terrorism! You haven't even managed to grasp the very basics, because you believe Muslim = terrorist. You probably also believe all Christians think the world is flat because "the four corners of the earth" is a phrase in the bible - and what that really refers to is north, south, east, and west. But nevermind, I'm sure that went right over your head as well! *Sound effects: whizzzzzz - plonk, boing!*

Chains1&2: God bless America.

Capri: *SStern scowl* Don't give me that!

Chains2&3: P.S..
Chain3: Join our Aussie sisters and brothers in this fight against terrorism!

Capri: Anti-terrorism my foot!

Chain3: Make your plans to participate today!

Capri: Uh, no!

Chains2&3: It is your patriotic duty to
Chain3: circulate this and
Chains2&3: inform others.

Capri: I'll decide for myself what's patriotic and what isn't, and this brain-beltch of an idea certainly isn't! Consider your chain letter, smashed!

Chains2&3: If you don't send
Chain2: this
Chains2&3: to at least 1 person,

Capri: It means I'm smarter than you, and if you're considering showing up at my house in the buff, don't.

Chain2: you're a terrorist-sympathizing, lily-livered coward and
Chain3: you
Chains2&3: are possibly aiding and abetting terrorists.

Capri: Wrong! Let's set the record straight here. If your silly rule really did exist, and Muslims, most of whom are not terrorists, saw women strolling around naked and offed themselves, you would be guilty of solicitation of murder, and all the women would be guilty of conspiring. You, being the mastermind of the whole thing, would be the real terrorist.

So there goes your so-called anti-terrorism plot, called out for what it is, a big demeaning of both Muslims and women, farce.

Click here for more on Muslims and women.

* * * This idea went from chain letter to reality when some feministts stripped to protest muslim exploitation of women. right, fight exploitation by exploiting yourselves, wow, I'm just blown away by these women''s sense of moral outrage, decency and smarts! NOT! One could even call this protest islamaphobic.

Having said that, there are problems with islam and the way women are treated within that religion, no matter how much liberals do their best to deny it and fall over themselves trying to defend a religion they supposedly don't even subscribe to, for the most part.

And there are islamic-oriented chain letters out there that reflect a desire to punish, torture and kill women. The Horrible Hadith chain, which, yes, I smashed, is one of these. I do not know if it was originated by an extremist or just a troll who learned just enough about various Islamic terminology to make this thing sound convincingly Muslim.

The section about *cough* "honour killings" at Wikipedia is a sickening, chilling read, to say the least. Those two words do not belong in the same sentence. People who have committed so-called "honour killings" have taken innocent human life, and they kill honour along with it.

There are some comments on the Mediaite discussion about the nude feminist protest that are absolutely sickening. Liberals excusing the abuse as "cultural relativism" one Muslim excusing it all by blaming it on a lack of Muslim schools in Britain, and Western barbarism. I kid you not, that is what s/he said.

* * *

It doesn't matter how noble the cause, please, for the love of all things honest and good, even for the love of solidarity, please please PLEASE - have a HEART! have a real heart, not the ascii kind seen in the July 2012 mutation of the breast cancer women-be-coy meme. Have a real heart, and stop participating in and replicating all of these chain letters!

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