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Lefty Chain Letters

Page history last edited by Capri 5 years, 6 months ago


Liberal Memes AKA viral AKA Chain Letters!


Yes, they do exist.

"Yes We Can!" "Yes We Can!" "Yes We Can!" "Yes We Can!"

Liberals really don't want this getting out and staying out there, because they'd rather everyone believe racism, lies, hate, violence, hoaxes and all manner of astroturfing viral AKA chain letter activity and intolerance is exclusively a conservative/libertarian/non-left crop of sins.

Not true.

NSA's malware mission

That's not all. Sources Say The NSA Knew About The Heartbleed Bug And Used It To Mine Data

Here's an article about a bad joke from the crummy Colbert Report that went viral.

The left have their own propaganda, hoaxes, tricks and lies, misinterpretations and deliberate omissions in their own media and internet community, and yes, those also come in chain letter form. They just take a little more care their own chain letters aren't seen, or seen as such by the non-left. They use any opportunity they can get to scream "(Insert any well-known republican here) gets their info from CHAIN EMAILS!"

As if the left doesn't…

The Yes Men are a group of progressives specializing in pulling off hoaxes, and teaching others how to do it as well.

Speaking of which, Facebook is not banning posts about marijuana.

They also use viral FB apps. and viral repost/sharing forms of chain letters.

A few sites where liberal/progressive chain letters are started and reposted:

Daily Currant Free Wood Post addictinginfo.com www.donotlink.com/inagist.com nationalreport.net

Buzzfeed, Elite Daily, and upworthy.com are huge liberal-biased chain letter mills. Upworthy makes stuff go viral, on purpose. no kidding, and it is a liberal site. Founded by the Moveon.org people. Here's another post.

This post tells it like it is with the Buzzfeed and Upworthy's chain letter production mills, but unfortunately and erroneously laments that there is nothing like those on the right.

Yes, there is! Every conservative blog and site out there, spreads chain letters, and those are always getting debunked or ranted and "lulz"ed over.

The very last thing needed is a center/right version of Buzzfeed or unworthy, but what we do need is a heck of a lot more people calling those chain letter sites for the annoying and biased crap they are.

In November 2014, a chain letter production leftist Facebook lulz-addicted group with the suckish name that contains the word 'teaba**ers" made up another stupid anti-Sarah Palin *cough* joke, claiming she had called "eskimoes" 'foreigners" on the Hanity show on November 19.

Palin wasn't on that show then, and she never said Alaska was full of "Eskimos and other foreigners."

That same chain letter mil FB group makes up quotes about other republicans too, anything to indulge their typical liberal wish-fulfillment fantasies about republicans being stupid bigots.

Sarah Palin never said anyone should "invade Ebola" or said anything about the nonexistent "Mexican Ocean" either.

In September 2013, the fake news site Newslow.com started a hoax claiming the Texas board of education was changing the word 'slave' to 'unpaid intern' and yes it went viral and was debunked.

In November 2013, Michelle Obama started a US Thanksgiving chain letter.

The left have a pathological fear and loathing of Sarah Palin because she is something they don't think should exist - a republican and a woman.

On February 8, 2014, the Daily Currant struck again with another hoax claiming the man responsible for the Olympic ring problem in Sochi had died.

Liberal satire site Diversity Chronicle posted a false story about Pope Francis and at least two other publications fell for it.

In March 2014, an anti-Palin chain letter spread, while carrying on about her ripping off some Green Eggs And Ham parody chain letter. It is most unfortunate that Palin has a nasty chain-addiction, but so do those who hate her with a pathological zeal.

This Palin anti-chain has been seen on:

opposingviews.com alan.com philly.com jrn.com 1st thread on forums.azbilliards.com forums.2nd thread on azbilliards.com

Palinaphobes also spread wild crazy stupid chain letters containing false rumours about her too.

Here's one example.

And, no, Sarah Palin did not say "Thanksgiving is for real americans, not Indians" that left-wing chain email originated at the fake news site FreeWoodPost a site similar to Weekly World News and FakeAWish but with a decidedly liberal bent.

Other wild pants-on-fire crazy uncle liberal chain letter rumours spawned from there and bought, hook, line, and sinker:

Michele Bachmann: "We Have to Ban Halloween to Save the Children" NRA President: "Only a Matter of Time Before We Can Own Colored People Again" Ann Romney: "Why Should Women Be Paid Equal to Men?" Mitt Romney: "I Was Too Important to Go to Vietnam" Mitt Romney: "Of Course I'll Win, I'm the White Guy"

No, Sarah Palin did not say the casualties on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went to Heaven because the plane was flying so high. This ultimate Palinaphobic fantasy was concocted by that illustrious site known as - yes, Daily Currant - again! And anyone who would actually believe this dumb dreck story is an idiot. Anyone who thinks it's funny is a moron.

Palin also never said:

"We need to return Easter back to the way it was when Jesus was alive"

"God made dinosaurs 4,000 years ago as ultimately flawed creatures, lizards of Satan"

Hats off to David emery and his urban legend site for going the extra mile and debunking all this bogus Palin and other such garbage.

This liberal lulz-at-republicans joke chain letter was reposted on Yakkr with the usual excuse of "I normally loath chain letters but…"

In September 2014, Kanye West shot off his big mouth, again, demanding all of his fans, including those in wheelchairs to stand up for him. Naturally the story went viral.

Then the inevitable happened. This incident inspired yet another chain letter hoax story, this time from the liberal satire site Daily Currant, about Kanye West and wheelchairs.

Oh, brother! *Rolling eyes in exasperation*

At the end of 2013, like every other year-end on the net, those stinking bogus Darwin Award chain letters blighted the internet again, and yes, someone on Democratic Underground fell for it.

This viral FB status from Being Liberal consists of a short rant about republicans calling the progressive hero Obama a dictator, then goes on to promote a viral video showing a supposed republican dictator, 'King Eric Cantor'. all over the stupid zombie apocalypse - er - government shut down thing again. Supposedly late one night just before Government Doomsday, there was some little house rule that changed and suddenly Eric Canter was absolute monarch just before the zombies came.

The rant:

"(M) This video needs to go viral. With how often the GOP accuses President Obama of being a dictator I can't believe they had the audacity to do something like this and think they could get away with it.

"Eric Cantor Given Total Control Of House In Late Night Rule Change By GOP (VIDEO) www.addictinginfo.org A rule change pushed through just before the government shutdown turns Eric Cantor into the first Dictator of the United States. All Hail King Eric Cantor."

Yes, Addictinginfo, liberal chain letter site.

washingtonpost.com localozarks.com politix.topix.com wvtf.org

Democrat Chris Van Hollen added his own viral goading and flip-out. Democrat Jim Dabakis added his whine about all the money being spent and how it was so bad for America,

funny how they all sound the same eventually, no matter which party they belong to. When it comes down to it, everybody's an expert on where the people's money should go, and what's best for America.

Yes, this is still over the Eric Cantor thing.

ksl.com taylormarsh.com articles.baltimoresun.com features.rr.com mymcmedia.org wtop.com

And did anyone really not expect Moveon.org, far-left site supreme not to chime in with their own chain letter petition? Not only that, within it were included two more virals from some big name liberal chain email sites, theeverlastinggopstoppers.com (did you ever see such a stupidly corny name for a site? A take off on Willie Wonka's "Everlasting gobstopper" and these guys are anything but a fond childhood storybook.) and huffingtonpost.com of course, Huffington!

This chain letter petition from Moveon.org is an outcry of "Arrest and Try House GOP Leadership for Sedition".

Mediate has that story.

The Mediaite journalist was brave and kind enough to slog through and find some fine upstanding examples of liberal "compassion" and rationality among some of the dupes signing the thing.

Keep in mind that if you go to that Moveon petition site and sign it or any other petition there, you will be giving them your personal info, name, address, etc..

Other publications picking up this story were:

opposingviews.com, onenewspage.us, usnationpost.com, 912communique.com

and many others.

Yes, it's on liberal site Dailykos too.

This whole thing had gone so viral because the democrats had a thousand cows over it, going absolutely nuts!

This crazy left-wing viral status is also from "Being Liberal" who specifically wants it going viral, and claims that wanting the stupid "government shutdown" is not Christian. what a hoot. Everybody went completely nuts over that meme. There are lots of things people do that aren't Christian when it comes down to it, so who are these people to judge?

The stupid shutdown thing is over now and everyone survived.

Genesis Hernandez, transgender, former VP of some university anti-bias group, (making it biased,) was behind a big hate-speech hoax.

Liberal activist Meg Lanker Simons committed a sick malicious hoax in which she threatened herself with rape on Facebook and tried to frame conservative students.

Real rapes have been committed by a radical leftist.

Danish social democrat Fuat Yalan's utter hatred for the Chinese went viral. He wants Chinese people burned to death! *Glower* What an evil, sick, inhuman - he definitely has the makings of a terrorist! He tried to make a very heavily qualified apology later, claiming his rage was directed at only a few Chinese because of a beating video.

Well, that makes no sense. You get upset over a beating and you go off wanting people burned to death? Hypocrite!

At least one Chinese person responded just as badly, saying "let's burn him."

Lesbian Dayna Morales pulled off a 'homophobic' hate hoax. She was rightfully suspended from her job and then sacked as a result.

This hate crime hoax is not the first she pulled - she has a history of lies and irratic behaviour.

Morales did not show up for drills when with the marines, and had lied to her co-workers at another previous job, claiming to have had brain cancer, going as far as to shave her head, and then abruptly quit.

Kudos to NBC's investigation and posting here.

Morales kept up the lie as NBC New York initially fell for the hoax:

A very disgustingly glurgy gay rights chain letter was reposted on Fanpop

And this one on the creepy site Quotev.

No, the Salvation Army does not believe in putting gays to death, or anyone for that matter. The LGBT chain letter got that all wrong. The scripture referred to isn't even talking about physical death, but spiritual death, something humans can't inflict on one another even if they wanted to. Nopes should have labeled that chain letter as false, and by way of agenda-promoting wishful thinking on the part of the anti-Salvation Army mindset.

Contrary to this chain letter, no bill is being proposed to ban gays from the NFL and the guy behind this campaign is facing all kinds of derision. Disagree with the gay lifestyle, and hooh, boy, watch the lynch mob mentality kick into high gear!

This story is also false and it originated with the folks at Nationalreport.net and Infowars.com.

Just like conservatives, liberals replicate viral jokes - which are also chain letters.

Idiot Sightings chain on DemocraticUnderground

This anti-Red Lobster biscuits chain written by Greg Henderson on faux news site rockcitytimes.com, has got to be one of the stupidest food-cop agenda hoaxes. to think that anyone could be dumb enough to believe someone actually ate 413 biscuits in one sitting. But various publications actually fell for this one!

Rock City Times followed that up with another fake news article claiming British Daily Mirror now outsourcing to Arkansas, fusing with RCT.

Animal welfarist hoax about dog-napping for fights.

John Stuart loves Becky Martinson. Well, at least the kind of trash she spews forth, especially when he can use it to call stupid names to people who he opposes.

Rebecca Martinson is a foul-mouthed, former sorority girl.

Pathetic attention-seeker Joshua saunders from austin, pulled off a G. W. Bush paintings promo hoax. those paintings don't exist. But Josh admitted he started the hoax to see how far it would go, wondering what Bush would feel when he found out about the meme.

Honestly, Josh, get a real hobby.

Who else but an anti-Christian would make up a malicious hoax impersonating Joel Osteen, claiming to have turned his back on God and the Bible?

More on that hoax and the culprits here.

No, Donny and Marie never did or would join the Klan! That malicious hoax wasn't even based off a real book, the picture of the book cover is faked.

This Huff Post article went viral. I saw it posted on FB by a couple of contacts within a very short time in one day.

digby's social security chain email

The 'Snake' Under The Lawmaker's Desk

Why Don't Liberals Fall For Glurge?

Oh really?

Actually, they do, despite this blogger's attempt to butter him/herself up and liberals in general with the belief that they don't pass on chain letters because they're supposedly somehow smarter.

This "Disney Should glurge was found on the Quotev site.

A really sickly glurge chain status was posted by a lesbian on Empty Closets Even the title of the site tells all.

Another case of fakery, combined with glurge, and life imitating urban legend is a story about fake deafness and bad treatment by mall staff except for one very important apple employee, the author, that went viral. But that's not all. The writer of this story is a liberal.

Big surprise, since the story was one of those that turned out to be a crock with a fatalistic message that if you are different, you'll get treated badly.

The students weren't deaf, they were faking it in order to put store employees to the test.

Another nauseating glurge about Thanksgiving turkeys with souls or some such rubbish. It provoked too violent an urge to hurl for me to actually read the entire thing, and had splatted across my screen on a day when I had other stuff offline to attend to, and needed to be at my best.

It is very pro-animal rights and makes a mockery of God.

One vegetarian poster on the board said it was not glurge because poster had been in contact with the author, so that meant it wasn't anonymous.

Nonsense. Even if it has a verified author, it is still glurge.

But that's how far in denial someone on the left gets about their own glurgerific chain letters while being knee-jerk quick to jump on anything appearing to be pro-Christian or pro-conservative/libertarian as chain letters and glurge.

a truly horrific gushy gender and beauty-obsessed glurge post called I've started telling my daughters I'm beautiful was made on this liberal site and unfortunately due to the propensity for so many women to gobble up such female-praising stuff, it became a chain letter that was bragged about as having no negative reaction at all.

Democrat Connie Schultz did write the viral our debt to the community organizers known as suffragists, and it was reposted on suffragewagon.org with an encouragement to spread it.

Thank you, no.

I have received glurge and many cute animal picture chain letters from liberals, as well as more than my share of right-wing glurge about angels and how religion saved this person or helped that one out of difficulty. The glurges are just different thematically, but they're no less glurge by being touching animal stories than they are when they are about babies talking to angels.

Here is a world-wide global warming fighting chain letter!

This wrong-headed "Top ten list " liberal chain letter that throws idiots, terrorists and Christians into the same kettle, was posted on:

democraticunderground.com salon.com alternet.org

On September 20, 2012, Weekly World News came out with a bogus as ever story claiming that Obama redesigned the US flag.

On November 12, 2012, the Daily Currant, a liberal/progressive spoof news site similar to Weekly World News, followed suit with basically the same story.

On December 24, 2012, The Daily Currant published a false Bill o'Reilly story that became a chain letter.

On January 29, 2013, they did it again, this time, with a racist fantasy that fooled a lot of people. and ended up debunked on a hoax-busting site!

On February 2, and 5, 2013, The Daily currant struck again, fooling Suzi Parker, Washington Post writer, twice, and many others with two stupid hoaxes, one about Sarah Palin and Al Jazeera, another about glenn Beck and pizza.

The offending chain letters originate here and here.

Here are some chumps' reactions.

seriously??? dailycurrant.com/2013/02/05/glenn-beck-calls-911-accidentally-eating-halal-pizza . cant believe ppl like them r actually still brain washed by their stupid ignorant media!!

— Lami EDM Rabah (@LamiRabah) February 10, 2013 Glenn beck is a full moron and needs professional help dailycurrant.com/2013/02/05/glenn-beck-calls-911-accidentally-eating-halal-pizza

— I’m THAT Guy (@MrGorgani) February 11, 2013

Molecular Media Mind Control~ this is scary folks. Please #getfacts before you do something stupid and embarrassing. dailycurrant.com/2013/02/05/glenn-beck-calls-911-accidentally-eating-halal-pizza

— ladycooks (@ladycooks) February 9, 2013 Glen Beck is a racist American tool here’s why: dailycurrant.com/2013/02/05/glenn-beck-calls-911-accidentally-eating-halal-pizza

— Inam (@inam251) February 11, 2013

The Beck hoax even trended on Twitter.

Not the first Twitter disaster involving left-wing hoaxers.

While on the subject of liberals and Muslims, this Muslim blog reposted an animal rights chain letter and one of those ugly malicious racist rumours about Tommy Hilfiger. All of which are false!

On February 3, 2013, a Twitter hack hoax was perpetrated by The DM Reporter, Daily Mail-hating liberals

You can read how the whole thing went down at each of their Twitter statuses.


Tweet2: Who wants to hear some lies about immigrants and the poor? Want to read all about teenagers tits? No longer. We run this motherfucker now.

Tweet3: Shall we delete the Daily Mail? Run them from the Internet? Destroy them? No more lies and Tory propaganda.

Tweet4: Daily Mail poisons your minds with false worship of celebrity. Money money money. Cancer cancer cancer. You will pay for slagging Anonymous.

Tweet5: Guess you shouldn’t have made your password hitlerwasright. LOLZ. Prepare to have your followers blocked and your tweets deleted.

Tweet6: You will never find us. You can never trace us. We are everywhere and your mainstream media lies must be punished. Hack the planet!

Tweet7: Twitter hack. We have all your passwords. Right wing media meet your makers.

Tweet8: LIES. Die propaganda / RT @PaulDacreDM: To whoever hacked @DMReporter. That’s our account. It’s a joke. Can’t you tell it’s not real?”

Tweet9: By reading this account you sanction lies, hypocrisy, hate and racism. The Daily Mail must feel the wrath of the people. You are gone.

Tweet10: Got your attention now haven’t we??? End mass media propaganda NOW or we pull the plug on all. Death to the oppression of freedom of speech.

Tweet11 Seriously @DMReporter - you’ve hacked the wrong account. It’s ours. We want it back. 250,000 accounts hacked and you choose ours???

Tweet12: I never knew so many lefties loved right-wing propaganda. Call us a parody all you want, we’re still going to destroy the mouthpiece!!!

Tweet13: BOTHERED: RT: @PaulDacreDM: Seriously @DMReporter this isn’t funny - we’ve spent a lot of time on this account. Police have been called.

Tweet14: Destroy the media. Bring down oppression. War is bad. Silence the governments. Freedom of speech only for the righteous.

Tweet15: We’re ending you all. No-one is safe. The Onion, Daily Mash, that inexplicably popular Queen account. You will feel our truth bombs.

Tweet16: END: We love you all but when have we *ever* told you the truth? Twitter gets hacked and the next day we’re taken over by Anonymous? C’mon.

Tweet17: Thank you all for your replies and making us feel important. We love you all. XXX DMReporter (on deck, and in charge).

Tweet18: A Note on being Hacked... http://bit.ly/11DRViA A Note on Being Hacked No, we weren't hacked. It was a joke, what with Twitter being in news over being hacked and all. Thanks to everyone who joined in, willingly or unwillingly. It was a lot of fun. The roots of this i... WordPress.com @wordpressdotcom

Tweet19: So, would now be a good time to ask you to vote for us as best #FakeAccount at the Shorty Awards? http://shortyawards.com?category=fakeaccount&screen_name=dmreportershortyawards.com/?category=fake … l


The Daily Currant ran another stupid hoax, this time claiming liberal NY Times columnist Paul Krugman filed for bankruptcy.

This resulted in a giant chain letter of ridicule against Breightbart.com coming from the left.

rawstory.com Mediamatters.org

Krugman was anything but upset over it.

Of course, the only publication to get ridiculed was Breightbart.com. Big surprise there...

On June 17, 2013, the Daily Currant struck again with another claiming Pat Robertson said husbands should spank their disobedient wives. This trash became an anti-Christian chain letter that was debunked on Snopes. But of course, Snopes also made sure to point out what an absolute ice cold if not all out misogynistic jerk Robertson is in real life.

On November 30, 2013, the Daily Currant struck yet again with another fake news story hoax this time claiming that a woman killed three people for an X-box at a Black Friday sale. The chain letter was debunked and archived on Urbanlegends.about.com on December 3, 2013.

No, Kanye West did not say he was the next Mandela. This is a stupid hoax story from the Daily Currant, a fake news site.

Only a couple days following the death of Nelson Mandela, the Daily Currant struck again with another tasteless, idiotic hoax, claiming that Kanye West said he was the Next Mandela. Here is the Urben Legends About article debunking it.

On January 2, 2014, the Daily Currant struck again with a tale claiming 37 people overdosed and died because Marajuana was made legal in Colorado.

On May 5, 2014, the Daily Currant struck again with a hoax story about some boy who had a near-death experience and saw Allah instead of Jesus.

Back on December 10, 2012, a semi-anonymous dude, P Nichols, started a hoax called Fake study Says Fox Viewers Have Lower IQs that ended up being an embarrassment to both the left who fell for it and still insist that people who watch Fox are bigger fools, counting themselves out of course - and the non-left. It is an embarrassment to the non-left because this P Nichols has done nothing with this hoax except to give moderate republicans a black eye. What in the world was he thinking? Although he fooled the left, he ultimately just reaffirmed their wishful opinions of the non-left as being hoaxers and liars.

Also in mid December 2012, yet another careless effort at fighting Muslim influence in school took the form of a stupid chain email and caused a furor and retaliation via anti-chain letter that yells back basically "No, the system isn't Muslim-biased, it's Christian biased!"


The offending anti-chain has been reposted on:

Huffington Post thinkprogress.org irvingblog.dallasnews.com i4u.com opposingviews.com goddiscussion.com frrole.com activism site care2.com

Not wanting to let it go, another chain letter was spawned. It was posted on:

secularnewsdaily.com rightwingwatch.org (a site similar to Patriotupdate)

and many others.

This progressive site has had many posts go viral.

He is careful not to use the word 'chain letter' but that's exactly what Media Matters devotee FLSwampBoy wants to start. a petition chain letter to get Fox off the air.

This forum thread is about what seems to be a left-slanted viral against trying to improve things in Afghanistan.

This conservative blogger receives liberal chain letters all the time.

This collection of video clips certainly didn't all come from the right side of the aisle.

Here's an article about a democrat superpac that runs many viral celeb pro-Obama ads.

The democrats sometimes try to play up to Jews in the same way republicans play up to Christians. IMO it's dishonest either way.

Political internet tool Lazy Truth has become a chain letter and it is being spread by the left, and probably some centrists and right-leaning as well.

Steve Sheffey, not the "Department of Public Diplomacy" at Israel's embassy, wrote this pro-Obama chain email on January 12, 2012. It continued making the rounds right up to US election time and if I'd known about it any earlier, it would've been included earlier on this page.

Obama's victory tweets went viral when he was re-elected again in late 2012.

Another pro-Obama chain letter. A photo of Obama and McKayla Maroney went viral, probably due to the gymnast's facial expression, and then articles about it also went viral.

deadspin.com www.donotlink.com/inagist.com puahate.com frrole.com macleans.ca abclocal.go.com seattletimes.com lagunaniguel-danapoint.patch.com natmonitor.com sanjuancapistrano.patch.com enstarz.com eurweb.com 1a20.com

But despite that facial moment, she really is impressed with Obama, going so far as to call him "the coolest." And Obama is totally cool with it, really getting into goofing off with her for the camera, too. Of course…

Several media outlets including those with a left slant, fell for an Elizabeth Warren Twitter rumor that had to be retracted later.

If you go by these gloating articles, you might be given the impression that liberal chain letters and women who allowed liberals to make their gender an issue, won Obama a second term in 2012/13. These articles say as much and totally praise women for giving into leftwing memes, find memes absolutely hilarious, even if they are rather pointless. As long as they can use them to make up dumb conclusions about conservatives, they're totally cool with that. And let's not forget memes that re-affirm in their minds the opinion that it is perfectly okay to label anyone as 'extremist' simply for disagreeing with gay 'marriage'...

Here's another pro-gay chain letter, reposted on Upworthy.

Progressive London Breed's f-bomb-filled blog entry went viral.

Romney was only kidding when he made that comment about airplane windows not opening, but it went viral because liberals actually thought he was serious, or at least, wished he was. Take Rachel Maddow for instance.

Nevertheless, the Obama campaign wanted everyone to think Romney was a dunce, and they proclaimed this by posting a photoshopped picture of Romney in a dunce cap to their Tumblr page.

They also wanted people to believe Romney was totally in favour of sweatshops because of a viral Youtube that was edited in the same way that other one was that caused the far-right to go nuts over the "not a Christian nation" thing.

Dragonfly Jonez started a politically incorrect list chain letter on Twitter, anti-Romney, pro-Obama.

Liberal comedian Mark Agee got drunk, had a hangover, and in that state, tweeted an anti-Romney tweet that went viral much to the cheering on of his buddies back at his station.

Gay activist uber self-pitying, Romney/Ryan-villifying rantwent viral.

This was followed by another pro-gay rights viral rant. from another activist.

Then another hoax by Kyle wood claiming he was attacked by gay liberals for being a gay conservative, fooled a bunch of conservative media outlets and Isthmus had a huge lulz-fest over it.

Then came another viral video promoting gay rights.

Kim Stafford pretended to be a tea-partier, and in doing so, she discovered they are not all a bunch of nuts. She also found out that intolerance and hate comes from both sides of the aisle.

I whole-heartedly condemn any and all the hateful comments wishing death, violation or other forms of harm against her! Same goes for any and all such comments directed at anyone! It's one thing to let loos with the odd "What an idiot" when someone has ticked you off. It's a whole other and infinitely evil thing to wish rape or any other torture on someone. Sadism is never okay!

This article showcases various US election memes, including some pro-Obama.

Romney never said he would win because he was the white guy. This was another left-wing hoax.

Sarah Palin never said Christina Aguilera should be shipped out of America for botching the Star Spangled Banner. This hoax was from yet another satire site supertuesdaynews.com and US Weekly fell for it.

Contrary to what a liberal chain email rumour says, Koch Industries didn't pay for George Zimmerman's defence.

Another left-wing chain email with a false picture tries to vilify George Zimmerman as a racist of course, and make Travon Martin out to look like the most innocent victim, debunked here.

The Martins attorney admits she's a social engineer!

There was a left wing racist at some pro-Zimmerman rally, her name is Renee Vaughan, and she was an environmentalist who was there to pretend to be both pro-Zimmerman and pro-white racist in order to smear the non-left and perpetuate the left wing hoax that claims you must be racist if you don't love Travon Martin. The liberal media ran with it until Vaughan was eventually busted.

Liberals back-pedalled like mad, trying to get this erased from public memory, funny how if a similar thing happens involving a republican, they'd be yelling "Hoax! Plant! Racist!" for the next decade. But when one of their own does it, it's "just mocking the racists" or "should be excused as 'satire' because righties have no sense of irony" and all such hypocritical crap.

No, Zimmerman is not suing Travon Martin's parents for failing to control their son. This hoax was started on the fake news site nationalreport.net.

No, Zimmerman did not win a 37 million dollar jackpot in a Florida state lottery. This hoax came from the illustrious site known as The Onion!

In April 2014, National report struck again with another chain letter, this one unfortunately duping as many if not more republicans than democrats. The hoax claimed a Fox science show faced cancelation.

A lie has been going around, claiming Fox News women are just eye-candy.

Unfortunately, conservative women have reacted to that lie in the worst way possible, by replicating another freaking chain letter in defence of Fox News women.

The liberals typically weren't happy with their lie getting debunked, so they retaliated with a chain letter of their own that does, what else? Play the race card of course, whining that no or too few women named on the pro-Fox woman chain were black.

The offensive race-card mongering chain letter is seen on:

bizjournals.com observer.com, stjepanr.wordpress.com, scoop.it usnewstweets.com

And more.

What's "wrong" with the email this chain is ranting about is not that there aren't enough black women named in it, but that it is a chain letter... What's wrong with the chain letter rant against the Fox women thing is that it's all about playing the freaking' race card. Much as I dislike the fact the Fox women thing became a viral at all in the first place, I'm going to give whoever started it the benefit of any doubt and assume she was not even looking at skin color or thinking about it at all when dropping names in that email.

The fault lies with whoever first griped about Fox women as "eye candy" as if liberal TV doesn't make that a requirement, yeah, right…

So, the pro-fox camp responded in the usual careless way, with a chain letter.

The liberals responded in the typical way, with an anti-chain that also played the stupid race card.

The take-away from that?

The liberals who participated in this stupidity are typically far too hung up on appearance.

Unfortunately, once again, conservatives failed to learn from the last viral blunder with the Fox women thing, and started another one as a hissy over the whole God thing concerning the democratic convention.

The democrats pounced on it of course, but their effort went viral too.

The article is seen on:

wcnc.com charlotteobserver.com i4u.com

Then David Siegel, some CEO idiot who messed up so badly with chain emails that he ended up targeted in a left-wing anti-chain letter on the gossip site, Gawker.

Both sides are truly idiotic over this. The guy who believes in chain emails tried to convince voters not to vote for Obama, naturally. *Rolling eyes* But he did it by saying voting Obama could cost them their jobs. The left, of course, totally saw this as an incredibly juicy bone to run with and twisted it into a lie, claiming: "Right winger will sack everybody who votes for Obama!" when the truth is, the CEO said nothing of the sort. he just stupidly used chain letters to tell his employees that voting Obama makes employment go down down down. Not that he, personally would fire them, but that jobs would *hack* be cut just like that by the left-wing government, so the chain emails say.

Gah! Stupid!

The left has been hammering away at this, beating their chests and howling that all their ranting and reposting has become a giant chain letter.

The offending chain letter has been posted, and probably started on Gawker. From there, it rampaged on to:

allgov.com inquisitr.com dominiquediprima.com and many others.

and more.

Here's an article about such gossip in the work place.

No, Mormons are not excommunicating people from their church for opposing Romney. This was just another false anti-Romney viral.

Another conservative bungle with a viral spawned this anti-chain which has been seen on:

brokencontrollers.com thestudentreview.org fox13now.com midutahradio.com

No, Romney's slogan was not the KKK's "Keep America American" but "Believe In America" as was John Kerry's.

No, social security numbers and their digits have nothing at all to do with race. That chain letter is a ridiculous, wild conspiracy theory, there isn't an ounce of truth in it.

Mediaite hit a new low on August 20th, 2012, with Jon Bershad's post titled: It’s True. We Doctors Have Been Giving Republican Congressmen False Information As A Joke. It was a fake piece from the good doctor's point of view, made up completely by Bershad himself.

If this fictitious doctor had been a republican playing a joke on the liberal media, you can be sure the tone of Bershad's article would be completely different. Instead of being cheered on as a jolly good hoax, the stunt would be condemned, possibly as treasonous.

This attempted piece of satire is a pile of tasteless trash. There is nothing funny about rape.

Fake news site The Daily Currant's absolutely tasteless piece claiming Akin believes became a chain letter, fooling a bunch of Twitter twits.

The one and only good thing to come out of this is that it should now be clear, liberals do start and perpetuate hoaxes.

They can sound just as nutty as the birthers in their own chain letters.

Example: an anti-Walker chain email inquired about on Yahoo answers.

This article is about a racist left-wing viral video and those behind it.

Liberals war on words leads to victim labeling

Another meme that rants about religious exploitive chain letters circulated in video form and as an article.

It was seen on:

open.salon.com redux.com telly.com

Michele Bachmann made the mistake of spouting something that was apparently seen in some far-right chain email, on TV. The liberal community erupted in a huge hissy and the result was an anti-Bachmann smear going bat crap crazy viral.

The rant smears Bachmann as a pathological liar, perhaps not in those exact words, but the implication is glaring, and not unintentionally.

the rant itself has been reposted on

politicususa.com inagist.com more than once liberalroundup.com slickstahsblog.blogspot.com

and more.

So left-wing netizens use chain letters to slag Bachmann.

They're all over Romney too.

This chain letter claiming Fox News made a series of hilarious errors is a real fake-up job.

The fail known as the 1% tip and "Get a real job" hoax. Even the Huffington bought into it along with CNN, and an embarrassed Mediaite writer tried to disagree with the Hotair blog about it being part of that Occupy movement.

Read about the hoax and comments on the article here.

On This Yahoo Answer page, a liberal with the typically self-righteous but ludicrous handle "Truthfull Warrior" wants liberal chain letters to fire back at conservatives for sending theirs. Of course, the first answerer got on there and said "liberals don't really do the rumor mill thing" or something to that effect, and don't do chain letters.


This article about ugly politics in Australia accuses talks about both liberals and conservatives engaging in ugly politics, and specifically a viral email smear committed by liberals.

The far-right stupidly insists on believing in any and every birther chain email to come along, and the left goes wild with it, making sure to blast it far and wide across the internet.

One of those crazes resulted in two chain letters. The bortherism chain itself, and the anti-chain article lulzing over it, which became a chain letter. It has been posted on:

fearandvoting.com topix.com and more.

According to this, Gloria Steinem, Robin Morgan and Jane Fonda perpetuated an anti-Limbaugh chain letter.

Not long after that, democrat Hilary Rosen stepped in it by saying Ann Romney "never did a day of work in her life" and she's not the only democrat to hurl insults at republican women. This caused such a furor that she canceled her appearance on "Meet The Press".

In May 2012, a chain letter to save the planet was originated on Facebook as a note by Eric Schechter, who then made a Facebook page out of it.

The chain letter was posted on this lefty blog.

In June 2012, there came another environmentalist chain letter, claiming not to be one, but many chain letters make that claim - this one from the animal rights branch of the green movement, a fund-raising effort for

I Buy Strays is a hoax.

In early April 2012 Adam Strange made a left-wing anti-conservative video called ‘How Conservatives Think.’ which Justin Rosario promotes in his little entry called How Conservatives Think, This Video Needs To Go Viral.

That whole site Addicting Info is nothing but a left-wing propaganda and smear chain letter factory, and the video is a ludicrous, huge case of projection, where the liberal applies its own failings onto its opposition.

Just a few among the masses of left-wing chain letters on Addicting Info are The Republican Alphabet, 10 Tactics To Get A Republican To Agree With You, 100 Things You Can Say To Irritate A Republican Vol. 1 and 2. The Image used is from this article at skyscanner.net.

, and this image is used in Vol. 2.

Tacky… *Rolling eyes*

On MON MAR 26, 2012 AT 02:50 PM PDT Keith (keef) knight down at Daily Kos started a liberal chain letter called A tale of two viral emails. He even begs for money on the page where the chain was originated.

It was replicated throughout that left-wing site in several of their little clubs, communities and blogs, such as:


STREET PROPHETS /blog/Street%20Prophets/

BLACK KOS COMMUNITY /blog/Black%20Kos%20community

DKOMA /blog/Dkos%20Music%20and%20Arts.

From there, the viral spread beyond Dailykos and to other sites, such as this one with a typically vulgar domain name, and of course, Democratic Underground.

It spread to:

hotspyer.com freeinstinct.com regator.com buzzle.com (where "sharing" is most encouraged,)

ladysisyphus's tumblr.com blog.

Tumblr has a huge chain letter problem, being all about reblogging AKA paying it forward.

In late April of 2012, Mannie down at Daily Kos started a Chain Letter to send to republicans.

Daily Kos also has their own chain letter dispensing system, they just don't call it 'chain letters' but 'action alerts' These are the mass-emailings about some cause or other, usually telling you to do something about them and of course, spread the word.

Liberals have a long history of hoaxing and they along with republicans, depending on the hoaxes, have a long history of falling for them.

Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America by Laird Wilcox - 1995

The Liebster Blog Award meme Chain was posted on this non-Christian's blog.

One of their favourite nominated blogs was a "free thinkers" thing, personally I find that term to be offensive along with "truther" Buy calling themselves "free thinkers" or "truthers" they are putting others down by default for not subscribing to their version of truth.

The blogger excuses his/her chain letter activity by saying it doesn't ask you to donate money or help a kid with cancer.

That doesn't matter, it's still a chain letter.

Green Blog Meme posted on Do The Green Thing blog.

This Yahoo question wants to counter the anti-labor, pro-liberal chain letters being sent by a relative. The request was for write-ups, and unfortunately chain emails.

A.J. Mendoza, a gay student at George Fox University, started a chain letter to advance his cause.

In September 2011, Obama started another spying chain letter racket in the form of a tattle-tale/snitch web site called Attackwatch.com.

Yeah, sure, when it's liberals saying it, it's "truth." when it's conservatives saying it, it's "attacks."

The liberals absolutely love it believing it really is all about "Get the facts, fight the smears" and that one is way into irritating non-Obama supporters with deluges of emails. Real mature…

Sensible people can see and call it out for what it is.

A McCarthyist type spy operation soliciting donations for his re-election campaign and mass email AKA viral AKA chain letter scheme and desperate pathetic joke.

In December 2011, Julianna Smoot, a campaign manager for that same outfit, Obama For America, came out with another liberal chain letter campaign soliciting donations for Obama. This one tells people to donate to the Obama campaign in honour of your favourite republican. In her own words, it would drive them nuts. I don't know who she thinks she's kidding, conservatives are already on to this game, calling it for what it is. A campaign fuelled by spite.

Barack Obama told some whoppers about billionaires and taxes and got checked by Politifact. I would love to see this show up on Truthorfiction, Hoax-slayer, Snopes, Urbanlegends.about.com etc. The whole lot of hoax-debunking sites.

The so-called "anti-bullying" campaign has been taken over and corrupted by the democrats to perpetuate their own agendas.

The Obama campaign used it in the spring of 2012 to launch a smear against opponent Romney, by labelling him a 'homophobic bully" because their oppo research gang either dug up or made up some story about Romney being a high school bully.

The anti-bullying campaign is a farce. It has become exactly what it claims to be against, just as anti-chain letters are actually chain letters. This is because it really isn't abut anti-bullying, but promoting "gay rights" along with tromping anyone down who is not on board with the progressive agendas as bullies…

I'm not completely in agreement with Noah in where he says bullying isn't a crime, that is, if someone commits suicide because they were bullied, then the bullies should be held responsible for that person's death. Responsible not for manslaughter, attempted murder, but murder… In the first degree… Bullies love making people suffer, even to the point of death. They can carry on sobbing with so-called remorse after the fact, but that won't bring their victim back and erase what was done.

But Noah has it right about how politics has corrupted the whole thing and is fostering a victimhood state of mind and adding to the problem. The anti-bullying campaign, in the hands of the liberals, is used as a weapon to bully the opposition and create false victims, and exploit long past stories of people who are now deceased not as a means to end real bullying.

The Washington Post should be ashamed of joining the Obama anti-Romney campaign that drudged up something Romney has apologized for, and John's memory is being so shabbily treated just to pull off some political coup. Besides, the prank, mean-spirited as it was, had nothing to do with homosexuality, much as the liberals would like everyone to believe.

Early January 2012, NBC's Rachel Maddow fell for another hoax about Gary Johnson and Ron Paul.

The left committed a huge chain letter smear, far-right-wing style, against Romney in mid January 2012.

Romney was not getting a shoe shine on a corporate jet. His shoes were being wanded for explosives. But the ultra-left site Salon.com ran with the hoax story and liberals continued spreading the false chain letter after it was confirmed to be utter malicious nonsense. Like the far-right who want to convince everyone that Obama is the anti-Christ who wants to swallow up America and the world and does not salute the flag etc. the left tries hard to convince everybody that romney has no sense of equality and is accustomed to having servants shine his shoes.

I'm not a Romney fan because he believes in global warming. I'm not a huge Canada Free Press fan either because I have seen articles there touting belief in Michele Obama chain letters which have been debunked. I'm not a fan of NPR because they tend to lean left.

But I congratulate and applaud Canada Free Press for an excellent post debunking this left-wing chain letter hoax, and NPR as well.

Now, get on board all other hoax-debunking sites.

In late January 2012, republican allen West made a speech in which he said democrats should get the hell out of america.

This enraged some democrats so much that one of them, Lois Frankel, started an anti-West chain letter, full of the usual "Look at us great democrats, saving america and we're being demonized by the intolerant republicans!"

This Australian liberal viral ad came out in late February 2012.

Elizabeth Warren's Video Liberal Chain Mail

Liberal JPMassar helped a LiveSmartVideos video of Elizabeth Warren go viral, and so did the leftwing site with the ludicrous name of DownWithTyranny.com, Moveon.org and others. and yes, apparently obama quoted her too.

Liberals love to ridicule and rant that conservatives get all their information and ideas from false chain emails, but this article called Liberals And Unions In Ohio Now Making Up Their Own John Kasich Quotes proves the liberals are guilty of this very same thing!

Union-supporting blog Plunderbund and the the AFL-CIO ran a headline, ”Kasich on public employees: ‘we are at war with these people’.”

But John Kasich never said that.

The most reliable and informed source for this pants-on-fire story?

A liberal chain email written by superintendent Mike Shreffler!

When asked about it, Shrefller backpeddled.

“This is my personal opinion of what I heard.“

This article also cites a Hitler sign at a pro-union protest.

In the very same way some far-right chain emails yell "Obama = Hitler!" these liberals are yelling Kasich is Hitler! They put up posters faked up with Kasich in a Hitler mustachio.

But wait, what!?

Eyes go wide*

Erm, this is *twitch* seriously not cool, one of those nutters has a name in common with me. Gah! *Frown*

No, I am not Capri Cafaro… If you want to see just what I think about people who use Hitler/nazi references when talking about anyone who so far has not committed child abuse, rape, murder and all manner of torture, just go here.

*Ahem - (regaining composure)*

Speaking of false accusations and malicious rumors of violent crime, Glenn Beck did not rape and murder a young girl. This tasteless and vicious excuse of a 'satire' was the spawn of some obsessively hateful, vengeful Beckaphobes who put up a slander site called:



The "We are the 99%" meme chant is from the leftist Occupy movement that went viral the world over in late 2011. "Yes we can!" is another meme chant popular with the left.

This Washington Post story about the so-called conservative rumor-mill is in and of itself, a chain letter. A friend-of-a-friend, pass-along item, and as full of cherry-picked items as any other.

It has been reposted on:

lucianne.com theatlanticwire.com redsfan.newsvine.com fwd4.me/0hkL newmediablog.com voxverax.blogspot.com ohforgoodnesssake.com justplainpolitics.com gratewire.com democracyforums.com alan.com youthink.com concordmonitor.com mlive.com oregonlive.com freak-search.com kjonline.com sodahead.com topics.cleveland.com journalgazette.net m.post-gazette.com post-gazette.com post-gazette.com topix.com and many more.

This is a giant left-wing chain letter, even if the writer is actually a moderate, (I do not know where the writer is on the political spectrum,) because it has gone viral and is beautiful music to the ears of the left. You can expect to see much more repetitions of the words "conservative rumour mill" with impunity because Washington Post made it officially okay for them…

Right on the heels of the Washington Post chain, just in time for the US Thanksgiving 2011 came another chain post - this one from Politifact and NPR. Titled "For Thanksgiving Debunk Your Family's Chain-emails", it became a chain letter.

The article did have one gem that was listed dead last among the frustrating examples of conservative chain lies and liberal chain half-truths cited.

a "Pants on fire" liberal Facebook chain note claiming gop has sponsored zero job creation.

This gets even better.

The one behind the pants on fire chain post?

"unrepentant liberal" Myles Spicer, Minnesotan blogger on Daily Kos post on Oct. 21, 2011

of course, PEta joined the american TG political morass with yet another anti-turkey ad. Planned Parenthood also talked turkey, Colorlines uses TG to push the race card thing again and of course we must be thankful for and defend Occupy Walstreet and all other Occupies that spawned out of it to make a giant global chain letter of liberal solidarity!

Some people are frankly quite sick of it and just want to be allowed to have their holidays free from political agendas.

This liberal's article praises the Joey Quits viral video and thinks we all should too. After all, it's cool to be pro-union, tell your boss to take this job and shove it, and move on to the second job you already lined up two weeks before. Oh, and it doesn't really suck all that much to be so poor and disabled that you don't have to pay taxes, at least, I think that's what it rambled there… But this writer thinks if you call Joey's move a bad one, you should clap your hands and declare you believe in fairies, because no one should be this jaded.

Oh, really? We should admire this guy for stomping out of his job and putting it up on Youtube? Sure he claims terrible working conditions, being treated like crap, the whole nine yards, but he's from the union, remember… And everybody's supposed to give him accolades for this and believe his terrible conditions claims without even a hint of questioning it...


This liberal Joey-lover laments that Joey didn't damage his reputation by posting his obnoxious walking out to a band on Youtube, but that he's a Union person, and my gosh, what a dirty shame to not like unions!

Well, Cry me a river over it… Only a nitwit would hire this guy, union-ee or not.

In 2009, an NDP supporter faked a nose bleed during an astroturfing, flash mob left-wing protest.

In 2011, 40-year-old Tom MacMaster started the Amina Arraf blog hoax.

Tom MacMaster and some other administrator of that site, both males, perpetuated a left-wing hoax about a lesbian in named Amina Abdallah Arraf in Syria. The hoax caused panic and those responsible tried desperately to make excuses and backpedal their way out of what flak and ridicule they deservedly got for it.

He got people worried for no reason, and made human rights organizations waste valuable time.

He has quite a history of lying his head off and playing games with people on the net for ages just because you could.

The first article, and at least one comment on the second article, point out, however, that he is definitely not the only, the first or last liberal to start such hoaxes. These links list several more examples, and the first article muses on why the public is fascinated with the hoaxters once they've been found out and the initial fury subsides. A pretty interesting read.

Yes. Another big left-wing hoax!

And those responsible can keep their stupid excuses and concerned posturing. Promoting awareness, my foot. They created a kidnapping hoax. They lied. This hoax wasted so much time of concerned people who could otherwise have been spending on real people who need help, gay or not. These hoaxers committed a betrayal, and have lost all credibility and respect.

If you're going to try to raise awareness about something, you better make sure it's 100% real.

Panicked Democrats Run False Ad In NYC yes, a democrat chain letter ad, fact-checked! Of course, the problem with Fact-check.org is that even when debunking the odd democrat ad it says is false, they still feel the need to mention that some republican ran a false campaign a year ago, and also mention that the same democrat is also running a more honest campaign, so, like, oops, this attack ad is just one little mistake, democrats usually don't do that, and republicans do it all the time... Yeah right.

Socialist Bernie Sanders wrote up an inaccurate "who spends your money more wisely" an anti-corporate blog meme. even Politifact says it's false, but IMO needs to go further and apply the "Pants On Fire" lable. This

blog entry gives it a really good debunk-and-smash.

Bernie Sanders has written much worse.

This liberal praises Matt Damon virals, believing Sarah Palin and non-left-wing reporters "truly deserve" his obnoxious, mouthy "smackdowns". Oh, and his virals "save the world" too.

Damon's tantrum went viral, because liberals totally loved it.

Here's one video and here's another with better sound.

You heard him, Matt Damon thinks teachers get "shitty "salaries, well, yeah, I guess, compared with the huge fortune he makes as an actor, no kidding.

Matt Damon thinks the camera man is a "shitty" camera man, just for speaking his mind, wow, talk about a seriously hot temper! Yeah,

Mat Damon thinks all teachers have no real incentive, that job security plays no part in why teachers teach. Mat Damon seems to believe all teachers just love and want to teach, even if they get a poor salary next to that of actors.

Matt Damon must have gone off the deep end because he took what the reporter said about teachers and job security, and applied it to himself. He got defensive, claiming he loves to act and it's what he wants to do regardless of job security.

Whatever, Damon, but not all teachers are in it for the good of the students, and not all teachers are good. There are some whose personalities would make them better suited as drill sergeants or lawyers. I was a student, too. I'm speaking from experience.

For that matter, not all actors are good. Just saying...

Mat Damon threw around words like 'paternalistic and 'intrinsic' but keep in mind, being an actor, he's probably used to memorizing long, complicated scripts, and had some words ready to shoot out of his big mouth for any non-left leaning reporter who might say something to bring on a tantrum.

Put him in a room with Donald Trump, have them duke it out with words, and, wow! I'm not sure which one would win.

The promotion of the movie Contagion has gone seriously viral. Yes, it definitely has an environmentalist bent.

James Hoffa JR. is so foaming-at-the-mouth raving mad at all republicans, and the tea party in particular that he calls his battle the War Of The Workers (definitely union-speak, bees have workers too,) and he says his workers like a good fight and will take out the "sons of bitches" (referring to republicans,) at the ballot box.

A little Criticism from conservatives must've given him a bit of a high and bolstered his ego, for little Jimmy has absolutely no regrets and would say it again without any second thoughts.

Expect more Jimmy Hoffa JR.-originated chain letters.

More liberal virals mentioned in this article are:

Sean Devlin's Truthfool Communications' ShitHarperDid.com WeBacktheJuiceMan.com WeDontBacktheJuiceMan.Tumblr.com

Cameron Reed claims not to be on board with any party, but that claim is dubious considering he helps Sean Devlin with an anti-conservative site.

The left is always howling and lulzing whenever some far-right bad joke chain is loosed in cyberspace.

But democrat bad joke chains exist too.

Their fantasies of achieving the great American Dream by putting Fox News in a state of decay, and shooting Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and other conservative and far-right politicians while making believe they are all racist, can be lived out vicariously in the liberal chain letter game called Tea Party Zombies Must Die.

Atheist Ophelia Benson promoted an anti-theist Washington post chain letter written by Gregory Paul promoted it on her site, along with more whinging about how she believes the media is not stepping in to stop what she believes to be persecution of atheists by 'neoconservatives' blah, blah, blah.

There's crap and abuse on both sides, and it's seriously frustrating! The difference between one side and the other is that one side is real atheists, the other side is largely fake Christians, (beware anyone who tells you you will go to hell, no real Christian condemns a fellow man that way - and yes there's a difference between saying "Be careful not to say/do something that may get you damned" and "You're an atheist, therefore you will burn in hell forever and deserve it") plus too many real Christians who have let themselves get duped into spreading that atheist professor chain letter.

This anti-chain counters the hoax about the atheist college/uni professor.

The Donald Trump and Michele Bachman Dream Ticket chain is one of many left-wing chain emails you'll find along with conservative chain emails as well, of course, on E-forwards.com.

The Wisdom Of Chain Email (Yes, you read that right,) on the Liberal Values blog.

Here's a debunk of a left-wing chain letter full of bogus Palin quotes.

Someone's friend passes away, so this person turns to another "friend" for comfort, and gets sent a food-cop propaganda chain letter about eating too many hamburgers!

This anti anti-Obama chain letter article and the Politifact article it talks about are chain letters trying to debunk yet another anti-Obama chain letter. Wow, great going. No kidding, this thing is astroturfed all over cyberspace.

The Huffing Huffington Post and Facebook revive old hoax about the value of Pi.

Radio active rain environmentalist chain email hoax debunked.

Spirit Tree is a chain post that promotes the idea that when you die, you become a tree and do your part for the environment and the planet in the afterlife.

Hiropro999 claims he hacked Fox News and went on this huge wackadoo right-wing-phobic rant that's on about the same plain of rationality as Jim Jones. He also claims he's not part of Anonymous/4chan and that bunch of losers. Yeah right…

It's a hoax and wishful thinking on his part.

Ian Murphy, a green partier, impersonated David Koch in a prank call to Scott Walker. He's now replacing Craigslist Chris Lee, running as green party candidatesomewhere in New York.

A chain letter in support of Michael Ignatieff,former leader of Canada's liberal party, was posted on this Open Salon blog, and the nearly the same word per word chain petition for australia's prime minister Julia Gillard was posted on this forum.

Michael Ignatieff couldn't get out of Canada fast enough when he lost the election in 2011, proving his opposition right when they said "He didn't come back for you."

As for Julia Gillard, well - she went viral in October 2012, in a ridiculous rant that was praised all to heck by the green lefties, whose only problem with it was that she didn't go far enough. Just more pandering to gender-obsessed extremists again.

The EWG Environmental Workers Group started a cancerous water hoax just as Erin Brockovich did, and unlike what the movie probably tries to get people thinking, Brockovich is anything but a humanitarian hero. She tells people big lies about being poisoned and doomed to suffer for life, and she gets paid big bucks for it. This is because most people wouldn't even think to question a story like that, just as when the Amy Bruce and other variants of the sick kid hoax started cropping up, no decent person new to the net and to hoaxes would ever dream anyone could make up something so sick.

This Muslim and self-admitted tree-hugger wrote an article about end-of-the-world panic and chain letters within the Muslim community.

Someone on FreeRepublic.com received this perverted chain letter from a liberal and offered it for smashing.

The Happy Birthday Obama chain letter! Yes, democrats do start and perpetuate chain letters! And solicit donations while they're at it!

Someone posted a fictional congressional reform act of 2011 chain email she got from her liberal aunt on this forum.

There is no such act, and origin of this chain letter is not known. Nor is there even a specific address to forward it to, real or not. Only the instruction to forward it on.

Some union and reporter started an email hoax that was half-heartedly apologized for.

Professor Dan Sinker yes, a professor, if you can imagine, was behind the Mayor Emanuel twitter impersonation hoax where he cussed out Michelle Malkin all to give the left-wingers a huge lulz-boost at her expense, and at the real Mr. Emanuel's as well. They got their jollies off speculating whether or not Michelle Malkin was stupid, concluding that she must have been to play along with Danny's cute little twitter hoax for as long as she did.

This liberal chain letter story is called Old Fox News Chain Email Strike Back A stupid left-wing lulz meme developed because some anti-Christian drones thought it would be a huge hoot to ridicule Bill O'Reilly's not so sharp attempts at being profound in some debate about science VS faith with an atheist, of course, and it's so incredibly the in thing to bash people who believe in God. So much for "tolerance" eh? The faith quotes may be from O'Reilly, but it is the pro-atheist, anti-God lulz-addicts who actually turned it into a stupid chain letter for the purpose of mocking.

So, to any Bill O'Reilly fan, to all believers in God, don't give these louts the satisfaction and opportunity to mock further. Don't pass on this chain.

Media fell for climate change hoax left-wing chain email. Obviously they so wanted the US chamber of Commerce to stop opposition against the human-caused climate change hoax.

NBC, Time, the tabloid US Weekly, and Rachel Maddow fell for fake Sarah Palin stories from satire sites! Not just one fake story, a couple in as many weeks!

US Weekly and a San Francisco NBC affiliate fell for a stupid Sarah Palin satire spoof article, (note, that means she didn't actually say this stuff, people!) and in doing so, these stations started a chain letter hoax. Bravo, NBC and tabloid US Weekly, bravo! Nice going!

Oh, and that's not all.

Liberal Rachel Maddow fell for this plus another Palin hoax. and NBC couldn't get the embarrassing gaffs off their site fast enough. I wish there were more sites covering this type of story.

The Palin and general conservative-haters absolutely gobbled it up, because they're so consumed by Palinophobia that they'll believe anything negative about her. However, when they learned they had been hoaxed, the they only retaliated rather than admitted they were fools, guilty of exactly the same things they constantly accuse conservatives of. They only continued bashing Palin as if the lies about her were somehow justified, just because liberals have such a poisonous burning hatred for her, exactly the same way the far-right birther contingent has for Obama. And, of course, the liberals only kept up their usual chorus of false and wishful accusations "Fox News falls for hoaxes hourly!" If you see that statement anywhere, you know you have just seen a thoroughly brain-washed liberal, just as "Obama was born in Kenya!" is the sign of birtherism.

Someone committed a Palin impersonation hoax some conservatives fell for it, as I'm sure some liberals did too, though they're not admitting that. Democratic Underground and very likely Daily Kos and other left-wing hangouts, have made a chain letter of it.

Sarah Palin Leaker Outs Himself, and Turns Out to Be a Hoaxer.

Rachel Maddow fell for another left-wing hoax. Some left-wing, green party supporter made up a fake school shooting hoax and got someone smeared and forced into resigning. At least one commenter on this thread made some great points about left-wing hoaxes and quick cover-ups, but unfortunately displayed racist idiocy in the same comment. Man, I hate everybody pitching the damn race card all the time, no matter which side! This story had absolutely nothing to do with race. It would be a much different story if they were talking about the animal rights campaigns designed to get the pet-loving North Americans in an uproar over supposed animal abuse in Korea/China/africa etc. because that is racist.

Jason Bauer, a democrat, was behind a fake tea-party hoax.

Top 12 democrat UFO hoaxes ironically enough the links that go with each summary are from Fox News, which the democrats are always chanting with the zeal of deranged robots "Fox News broadcasts hoaxes hourly!!!" Sure, if debunks of these UFO hoaxes qualify.

The Sokal Affair and other similar hoaxes.

Huffington Post Creates Fake Video To Accuse Fox News Of Racism and at the same time, tout the typical anti-exotic pet ownership crap into the bargain. Oh, and yes, there is a sex organ TMI or rather TMM (Too much misinformation) element to this as well. (Hardly surprising.) These hoaxers really hanker for their opponents to call blacks monkeys, and when it doesn't happen, they fake up videos to make it look like it has. The way that croud just falls all over itself trying to manufacture racism is sickening.

Kevin is not the father of Bristol Palin's kid, Levi Johnston is.

Kevin made up this hoax and excused it in one of the lamest self-righteous excuses of an apology video I've seen. The whole point was to teach the public a lesson about not taking gossip seriously, and to tell republicans not to talk about family values until all their families could live up to those standards. All that pontificating started the video off. It was then followed by Kevin's excuses for perpetrating this hoax, and last on the list was his apology to Bristol Palin for the hoax, and he expended considerably less effort on the latter.

No, Sarah Palin did not ban any books from the Wasilla public library or anywhere else.

No, Piper Palin did not give a little boy the middle finger. This picture was stolen and edited into a hoax. She was actually holding up two fingers.

Sarah Palin did pose in a bikini with a rifle.This was another doctored up picture, nor did she pose or get caught on camera in all the other fakes trying to make as if she's some kind of porn star. Every one of those are frauds, with heads and faces superimposed on different bodies to make composites. Even actresses who are named in these hoaxes are being lied about.

Another spoof went viral, claiming Sarah Palin said a bunch of stuff she didn't.

The culprit behind this chain email?

unbearablebobness's Typepad blog.

Sarah Palin didn't barely squeak through high school and get a not so great report card.

The image was ripped off Dawn Eden's site and her real test scores were replaced with lower scores, Sarah Palin's name was put with the phoney version to make it appear she wasn't all that smart.

In fact, Palin was a member of the Wasilla High School Honor Society.

The culprit behind this hoax?

Whoever stole Dawn Eden's web page contents and the folks over at clapboard.org though they have since taken the offending page down.

Another hoaxing bad satire consists of made-up Palin interviews.

It developed out of a spoof skit on Saturday Night Live, with Amy Poehler as Katie Couric and the notorious Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. The same Tina Fey who, while impersonating Sarah Palin as stupidly as she could manage, chirped, "I can see Russia from my house!" Amy Poehler was in that skit as well, this time, playing Hillary Clinton.

Snopes isn't willing or smart enough to rule the supposed Palin quote "So Sambo beat the bitch" a lie and a hoax, but I am.

It is nothing but a bit of gossip US ex-pat thepoliticalcurmudgeon who got it from a waitress calling herself Lucille… She claimed she overheard Palin making this statement.

But that wouldn't be the first time someone saw a look-alike of a famous or prominent person.

This Lucille's political leanings should also be called into question, that is, if she even exists. Is she a democrat? she's more likely to claim it was Palin who made that statement if she was, if someone really did make that statement at all.

And for someone to have gotten high marks in high school, a member of an honour society, to say something as stupid as "Sambo beat the bitch" is utterly ridiculous. The story just doesn't ring true at all.

The blogger follows up with a post full of excuses for his phoney story, and it is received with mixed reviews. The Palin-haters absolutely love it and praise him to the sky, while those with a bit more common sense call it out for what it is.

The left views in these virals are perverted and stupid as the anti-Obama right-wing chains are uninformed and puerile. In these democrat chain letters, the prevailing myths are that George Bush is an idiot who can't read or talk right, that if you don't believe in global warming and evolution, you are an idiot and that you must also automatically be a rabid sexist anti-abortionist. They also imply that if you are a Christian, you're all too willing to send everyone to hell, where you deserve to go yourself...Oh, and George Bush is some kind of anti-Christ, or, excuse me, anti-Gore, Gore being the god of the left. And that he was arrested for possession of cocaine on top of all of that bull.

Bush Cocaine Arrest Hoax originated on EmpireNews.net

George Bush stupidest US president according to the fictitious Lovenstein Institute.

Bush and Olympic Rings.

Bush In Hell.

Art Probs and Bush's Quicky Quiche.

George Bush gone fishing in the streets of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Bush saying 'feces' instead of 'feetuss'.

George Bush Dubbed 'Walking Eagle' by Native Americans.

Nostradamus prediction of Idiot in office for 2000

No, none of those ever happened.

And here was another democrat chain letter going around during Bush's first term.

Left-wing chain letter whinge.

A collection of bush chain letters at this link.

Another bolox left-wingnut chain this one hates Cheney even more than Bush, but rambles on and on with the anti-Bush leftist lies.

The photoshopped picture of Obama holding the phone upside down started as a picture of George Bush holding the phone upside down, and the phone came into play when Hillary Clinton was running for office.

The farting horse hoax.

The "Miss Me Yet? billboard put up by some business that wishes to remain anonymous. David Emery thinks it's an anti-Obama thing, but I disagree and think it's an anti-Bush thing.

The George Bush Nigerian scam letter was originated by Zoltan Grossman, professor of geography at the University of Wisconsin and anti-war activist,

Michael Kinsley's completely fabricated Raegan diary calling George Bush a neer-do-well.

Pascua Lama Environmentalist petition chain.

Neither George Bush nor Karl rove said "After all, it is easier to govern sheep because they don't have to think." at the fictitious National Oil and Power Company Convention, which did not happen in Dallas, TX., 1999.

Karl Rove did give an interview on voting democrat VS. republican over the phone with author Nicholas Lemann. He quoted it in his article, "Bush's Trillions: How to Buy the Republican Majority of Tomorrow," which appeared in the February 19, 2001 issue of The New Yorker.

Obama has not been the only one falsely dubbed the AntiChrist. George Bush was called the same thing before him and so others have and continue to be slagged with this ridiculous accusation.

letter to George Bush that went viral.

Ridiculous pizza chain letter.

And there are more.

This blog entry is an account of someone who is sick of getting spam from some liberal nutter. And yes, it really is nuts. The guy or gal sending out all these mass-emailings is surely off his/her chump.

Atheist MoleUK posted this chain letter to the Sean Hannity forum. That link no longer works last time I checked, but here is a smash of that chain. The atheist thought it was a beautiful story, but I sure as heck did not.

A blog award meme was posted on this pagan blog.

Simon Tay who says he is not a Christian, posted a religious chain letter that touched him.

Buddhist Mary Jane Ryan posted the May Today There Be Peace Within chain on her blog. The same prayer hoax the Catholic version claims to be from ST. Theresa. So this particular chain manipulates non-Christians as well, and in the same way.

Animal Psychic Hippy Posts Chain Letter

Catyakit an animal psychic hippy, posted part of the phoney St. Teresa prayer chain letter to her LiveJournal.

Posters on a multi-page thread at the Cathlic forums smash chain letters right. Specifically this one. Someone there even said it looked like something newage.

They and this excellent blog entry and discussion break the so-called "ST. Theresa's Prayer" chain.

The EPA's "Endangerment findings thing is a revenue-generating democrat hoax that endangers human welfare.

A chain letter about the Gulf Of Mexico was posted at this blog.

Can't Bear False Forwards

The big bear attack story is false and the pictures weren't even taken where the chain claims they were.

Aaraujo at Dailykos started their own left-wing chain letter to counter the right-wing one that goes on and on about republicans VS. democrats. Not only did they start their own chain letter and posted it, but they also reposted that right-wing chain letter as well. They also admitted to forwarding...

The progressive site poster added this to the chain letter.

Chain: Send it to your friends, and I'll let you know how long it takes to eventually get back to me. Until then, I'll just keep reading the ones that tell me how I'm a Communist Nazi baby killer who hates Jesus. And maybe they'll have lots of American Flag animated gifs at the bottom!

It has also been seen here.

No doubt about it...Liberal chain letter. Hahahaha!

Yes, democrat chain letters full of untruth and hate do exist and circulate.

An example of this hateful nonsense is showcased on this site.

Typically full of paranoid, deceitful hate as the birther chain letters, democrat chain letters would have everyone believing that republicanism = the devil's outfit otherwise known as the KKK. This is as wrong-headed and full of malicious lies as any birther chain email that squeals about Obama being a Muslim terrorist from Kenya, out to kill America.

Furious Liberal Posts Chain Letter

Another ranting liberal chain letter that also includes wishful-thinking lies about McCain and Palin.

The chain was copied to this site, and though I checked the comedian's own site to try and find where he had posted it, it appears to have been taken down.

So, are liberals sanitizing their pages and deleting their chain letters while bashing non-liberals for posting chain letters? Could this be one of the reasons the internet appears to be so completely imbalanced on the chain letter forwarding issue?

Email chain letter from sacked liberal

Kristinab started this liberal chain letter and posted it to this site.

The "You Didn't Get Mad" left-wing chain letters

It has been circulating at least since August 2009 and was originated by gutter-minded liberal Walldude (he uses the vulgar "teab-gger' term) on the notorious site Democratic Underground.

It has been posted on many blogs, including those of the left-leaning variety.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Yes, a leftwing chain letter and vulgar title even on Progressivenation.

And many, many more.

Gutter-minded Walldude started another chain letter on Democratic Underground. In it, he also whines about the democrats going too far right in their politics. *Scoffs* The left and the far-right aren't so different after all, it seems.

Think about sex to save the environment!


Well, that chain letter is idiotic enough to get the attention of someone who wrote an article about it on The Internet Patrol site.

Yes, it's a newage and environmentalist chain letter!

This tinyurl has ">gone viral, spamming all over Twitter and the net.

It originates from here, with the blogger being responsible for creating the chain letter.

The left don't want any other viewpoints other than their own to be broadcast in Canada, and they are trying to stop freedom of the press via chain letter! For the record, I don't like the title of this article or one of the words in the url's composition.

So the left want to hike up taxes to keep the CBC going, which is notoriously left-wing biased.

The same CBC who's gotcha reporter Dani Mario harassed and lied to Dustin Lafortune all to get a story and broadcast it anyway, even when she had said she wouldn't. And whether or not her actions might hurt Dustin, didn't matter to her.

And the left screams about Fox...

A couple of left-wing chain letters called George W. Bush and Sarah Palin post-turtles.

Having a turtle over the eggs

Deceptive Environmentalism Chain Letter About Turtle Eggs

Turtle eggs are not being "poached" they are being legally harvested. This is not an attack on nature and a world shame. What is, though, is the human-hating environmentalists who believe and spread tales that demonize their own species.

Animal rights chain ticks off blogger.

Vera Kira Dolphinwriter Psychic Story Chain Letter

Psychic Story Best Seller Chain

Vera has started a chain letter for Psychic Story in an attempt to try getting it on the NY Times best seller list.

Democrat Environmentalist Worried 8000 Marines Would Capsize Guam

Guam Capsizing?

Hank Johnson a democrat and environmentalist, fearing that stationing 8000 marines on Guam would overpopulate it, do damage to the environment, (same old anti-human spin and with an added touch of absurdity,) and actually tip the island over - started a chain letter about it!

No, this was not an April Fools' joke.

Later, Johnson tried to retract this ridiculousness by claiming he was only kidding.

Yeah, right...

The Gold City Coast And The Big Bad United Nations Atmospheric Control Council

An eco movement chain letter claims a nonexistent organization called the United Nations Atmospheric Control Council is about to pollute the Gold Coast area with toxic metals by attempts at modifying the weather or some such bull.

Given the timing of this chain letter, it's possible it was meant as an April Fools' joke.

But it is a stellar example of an environmental alarmist chain letter.

This winner of a chain letter forward refers to pet owners as "captors" and the pets as "inmates" in this all too typical blah dog VS. cat chain, where the dog is of course obnoxiously giddy about every little wink from his owner while the cat is played as typically miserable, ornery, and referring to himself and other pets as "inmates" which is animal rights propaganda.

Thumbs down. But it does prove that chain letters are not always of the religious or republican variety.

Pet owners are pet owners, pets are pets. They are not a prison or slave-keeping arrangement.

Climate Change Chain Letters

Global warming activist chain letters can be found at this section of the DoSomething site.

An anti-wind turbine chain letter from the John Muir Trust was posted on Myron Evans' blog.

The JMT site started that one as well as this environmentalist chain for "protecting the wild lands" which are "under threat as never before" what else isn't new with these people? as part of their wild land campaign.

The food-cops/animal rights people are at it again with attempts to scare people off eating meat, this time they're wangsting out over mechanically separated meats. And they are doing it, get this, via PANTS-ON-FIRE CHAIN LETTER!

But no, whole carcasses including guts and entrails etc. are not going through the process and ending up on any dinner table near you. Neither do these facilities actually soak the meat in ammonia or ammonium nitrate.

So enjoy eating whatever you like, including products with processed meat if you like, don't pass along the ar food-cop alarmist fear-monging propaganda chain letters, smash them instead, and tell the food-police to get a lemon and suck it!

Liberal Viral: Abuse of process Sen. Shelby holds 70 nominees hostage to Alabama pork

Left-wing chain letter meme about Sen. Shelby holding 70 nominees hostage to Alabama pork, abuse of process.

The lackwit who posted this chain used the vulgar "bagger" term which is a very common lable the liberals love to use against conservatives whether they are "tea partiers" or not. The post muses about why the conservatives haven't jumped all over this guy yet in the same chain letter fashion they do to all democrats. What does this person want, more right-wing chain letters, only against another right-winger? That would surely produce another massive wave of "LULZ!" among the liberals if that happened.

In any case, you are sure to find this news going viral on left-wing blogs, and that, my friends, is a chain letter.

Move Your Money, A Leftwing Chain Letter

This article called The Move Your Money Movement is Pointless, Probably a Lever for Controlled Dissent - Credit Report Scrub, exposes a giant leftist chain letter scheme.

The only problem I have with the article is the pitbull analogy. Let's lose the evil pitbull stereotype, okay? How about comparing the credit unions to the loving g/bf who reveals their gold-digging nature once they've managed to hook their spouse?

US. Liberals Create Conservative Cartoon Chain Hoax

US. Liberal-Originated Chain-Letter's Claim of Australian Conservative Cartoons False Cartoon News

Tomdemaine's Political Lulz Chain Letter

Lulz-addict Tomdemaine has started a political bollox far-right-wing anti-Obama chain letter. The piece of crap and the excuse for creating it can be seen in all its utter lameness at this forum under the title: We should write an email chain letter

On these silly article pages are a bunch of typical comments from left-wingers who continually chant about how republicans are a bunch of liars who screwed up the US and how everyone who isn't a left-winger must be an out of touch screwball. They're still trotting out the silly stupid overkilled cliche "MCCARTHYISM!" thing, and my goodness, if you're not a dem, you must be a right-wing "extremist"

But none of that makes the web pages worth a look.

However, comments about how to combat the infernal ignorances and evils of the non-left, according to these left-wing commenters, are laid out in some suggestions and ideas, with various propaganda links to back up their opinions. However, that's not all!

The big thing here, is some of these democrat's suggestions for fighting republicanism.

And that would be:

Start a chain letter!

Yes, a democrat chain letter!


Ellie Lights Obama-praising Astroturfing Chain Letter Spam and the Media That Let It Through

How to find astroturf letters to the editor

Frantic Obama supporter puts new spin on old medium

Ellie Lights Obama Letters

It's a dirty shame that same site also shoots itself in the foot with an article in support of a far-right wing chain letter, bemoaning Snopes determining Annie Jacobson's tale of terrorist dry-run to be false. Annie Jacobson - what seriously? The woman who totally freaked out and went utterly nuts at the sight of some middle eastern musicians and then started a chain letter about it?

Where was I? Oh yeah, Ellie Light and astroturfing.

Astroturfing is the sending of mass emails and form letters. In otherwords, a fancy word for spamming with a type of chain letter. For over a year, the left have been screeching about the right's astroturfing activity.

But now

Ellie Light the one-woman viral pro-Obama campaign, claims to live at many addresses. She spammed a bunch of newspapers with her letter, turning it into a super one-woman chain letter!

To Our Readers from the Green Bay Press-Gazette, an apology for publishing the chain letter.

Sheboygan Press says: We were duped and we apologize.

That story no longer seems to be there, funny how liberal chain letter gaffs are so quickly apologized for and then covered up, including the links to apologies with admissions of ever having been duped at all by a left-wing chain letter.

But my gosh, when Fox falls for a right-wing chain letter, it's up in blazing lights all over the web for an eternity!

List of Ellie Lights: Mark Spivey Ellie's little astroturfing brother is up to the very same chain tricks. More names show up in massive Obama Astroturfing Gloria Elle and Jan Chen write the same anti-republican pro-obama letter. And they are not the only names and chain letters cited.

Holy crow, that can't all be just one person, can it? If it is, obsess much, Ellie? If not, why didn't the other people sign their own names?

Newsbusters think there's more to the story than just one woman managing to dupe a bunch of papers into publishing her letter.

I think Ellie got the ball rolling, but there has to be more people involved to pull this off and then try to cover it up so quickly. It's very easy for liberals to get their point of view published in mainstream media, it has been done before, and one paper admits not all the checking was done to make sure this wasn't some spam campaign.

Well whatever the case, it's left-wing, pro-Obama chain letter astroturf activity, why shouldn't the non-left take some time to laugh a little?

Ellie Light speaks on radio Wow, she sounds a bit like Bea Arthur. Very different from the voice I imagined she'd have.

And if you feel like wasting some time, Ellie Light has even earned a satire article on this site.

* * *

There is a lot worse in the history of left-wing hoaxes than just dumb chain letters.

This article is about an assassination viral account that since been taken down. It was a Murder Glenn Beck thing that said if some huge number of followers accumulated by the end of the month, the account holder would kill Mr. Beck. That isn't funny, it's just sick, and there is no way to be sure that lunatics who come up with these disgusting ideas aren't kidding.

More racial hate crime hoaxes summarized here and I'm glad to report that not all the link sources are necessarily from conservative sites, though too many still are. This info needs to come from a lot more sources claiming to be non-partisan.

Transgendered Anarchist Smashes Windows at CO Dem HQ, Dems Blame Conservatives.

Democrats/Media create hate crime hoax by fabricating fictional account of racial slurs and spitting.

GWU student journalist admits hate crime hoax.

Trinity International University student indicted for hate crime hoax.

More racist hoaxes

1997 - Black students admitted they hung black doll in effigy at Duke,

Noose found on Columbia professor’s door;

2003 - Ole Miss racist graffiti written by black students;

2005 - College of Wooster anti-Semitic graffiti written by leftist student group;

2007 anti-Muslim posters distributed by “Iraq Veterans Against War”;

More racist hoaxes

2006 - racist fliers in Virginia circulated by black woman to “shock young black people in the area”;

2006 - two black firefighters in Florida may have put nooses on their own equipment;

2006 - black family spray paints “white power” on their home;

2004 - University of Louisville: black students spray painted and distributed fliers with racist language;

"ObamaCare" Protesters ‘Racist’ Including Black Gun-Owner.

Obama-As-Hitler Posters

Who Painted the Swastika Outside David Scott’s Office?

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