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Stop Stop Stop

Page history last edited by Capri 5 years, 8 months ago


Stop! Stop! Stop!

This has been coming on for a very long time. I can't take any more. Now, I'm gonna let fly.

This won't be laced with strong language, but that doesn't diminish the strong feelings behind it. I've got a heckload to get off my chest, so this is not going to be a pleasant walk down the beach kind of read.

You have been warned.


Stop it!

Stop playing the victim card.

Stop telling me I am either a victim or a persecutor, or that I should consider myself one based on race, gender, or abilities - excuse me - disabilities.

Stop telling me my life must suck or is likely to suck because I'm part of one or more demographics that "progressive" media keeps claiming half the world hates or should hate while the other half just doesn't give a damn.

Stop telling me my life should suck and that I should feel rotten because I belong to another demographic that the "progressive" media wants everyone believing is the only one responsible for mistreatment toward fellow human beings of some other demographic.

Stop telling me who to love.

Stop telling me you care so freaking much about the disabled, women, the poor while implying that conservatives, libertarians and Christians do not.

Stop telling me that to not embrace your pet lifestyle cause is "hate".

Stop telling me how much you care about and how I should care about some special interest group.

Stop putting me down on your own mental map as some kind of brain-dead baby just because my eyes don't work, and as out of sight out of mind unless I can do something for you, or you feel like giving me something to do out of charity/pity.

Because I'm not buying this deceptive, fatalistic, depressing, skewed, not to mention hateful and often infantalizing sludge being dug up and cherry-picked or even fabricated and distorted to be spewed out on a daily basis by progressive media publications; sludge designed to promote rather than stop hatred and victimhood, an "us VS. them" mentality. Women against men. Non-white (they call it "people of color" now, ugh), against white. The disabled against the able-bodied. LGBTQ etc. against Christians.

I've had it to here with social justice warriors (SJW) and you're going to see that acronym a lot in this article.

Social justice warriors are activists who believe they are making the world a better place when all they are doing is shoving their agendas, most of them liberal, down everyone's throats, and shaming anyone who doesn't fall in line.

In addition, I am sick of exceedingly insulting condescending exclusionary attitudes and treatment over my disability by people who just don't have any excuse to be so ignorant any more, directly at me, or done behind my back!

And yes, if you gossip about me behind my back, it does eventually get back to me, same as it does with anyone else. And yes, I get just as put out as you would if you found out somebody you once respected, actually thought you weren't operating on all cylinders.

Why Many People With Disabilities Do Not Want To Be Considered Inspirational by Carola finch is an excellent read!

Let's first deal with my own brushes with ignorance about my blindness, and implied judgments I see being spewed out on almost a daily basis against Christians who do not tow the social justice warrior line and fall in with the left-wing agendas designed to destroy Christianity altogether.

Then go on to why I am not a victim and why I will not be showing up for the SJW pity party and will not allow them to use me as a float in their "victim" parade.


Overlooked, Under-valued By Pity, Patronization, Self-righteous Social Justice Judgmentalism

Treat Me Right

It's the overall condescending attitude of pity bordering on contempt shown by some clueless people who still can't get over the fact that I've got a fully adult functioning brain, it's only my eyes that don't work.

It is brought on by both their own ignorance and by the progressive cry-baby disability rights activism that says if you are disabled, you're a victim who should be coddled because the able-bodied world doesn't like you.

Combined, those things make a toxic environment that I soundly reject, and so should you. I got where I am today by being proactive as well as having a loving supportive family, and I will not allow people filled with pity and ignorance to belittle or take my accomplishments and my very humanity away from me.

There are blind people with a real chip on their shoulder about it, they are the entitled jerks who have this attitude that they can just go out anywhere and be rude and abusive to everyone, and expect to be given a pass. They can actually cause prejudice as a result. While they are great at making the average non-SJW feel uncomfortable and walk on egg shells around them, they are exactly the sort of disabled people the liberal activists love, because they sing the victim song as well as the feminists, LGBTQ etc. Black Lives Matter activists etc.

I'm not one of those.

I've always been reminded of this, so, gently encouraged to be nice in the face of unwarranted ignorance, even if it is of a particularly condescending or insulting stripe. But that's not easy to do, especially when I had thought so much better of the people I was dealing with and they regressed.

I've met people who just wanted me to go to some certain church to be "healed". While they aren't mean-spirited in their intentions, it's still painfully obvious that they only see me through a sense of pity for the blind and not as a real human being in my own right. If and when God decides I should get 20-20 vision, he will make that decision on his own time, in his own way and anywhere. He is not a slave or kind of genie for any charismatic church, no matter how hard they pray, sing, speak in tongues etc. So please. Leave me alone about it. If you have a problem with my blindness, I have a problem with you.

On the internet, I got caught in the middle of a flame war between a fan fiction writer and her husband, and a gang of attention-seeking, cyber-bullying stalkers. The writer was too torn down to do much about what was happening, and the cyber bullies were disgustingly persistent and sadistic, so I really told them off. The trouble was, the bullies and the writer actually turned out to have some revolting kinky stuff in common, so when I called the bullies out for being disgusting perverts, the writer and her husband got defensive as well. And her husband had the audacity to suggest that the reason I was being so hard on the bullies was because I had an axe to grind - get this - because of my blindness!

What the freaking? I mean just where the heck did *that* come from?

The only time the subject of blindness entered the picture was when I couldn't give feedback on images and had to explain why. It had absolutely nothing to do with my stance on perversion and disgusting cyber-bullying.

He tried to cover up his faux pas by telling me some lame story about how bitter he was over his asthma preventing him from doing everything he wanted as a child blahblahblah.

I didn't buy it. I was nice enough about it and told him that I've always hated sadists whether they were bullying me or anyone else, and I would be that way regardless of sight or lack of it.

But inwardly, I was saying "So long, stupid! You've just lost any respect I ever had for you, and blew any chance of a friendship with me ever again."

The nice approach only works for so long. It's one thing for a little kid or someone who hasn't met a blind person before, to be awkward. It's a whole different ball game to have supposedly known and seen me around any community/circles we're in together for years, but you still apparently think I'm stupid because I don't respond to visual cues and can't drive myself to and from anywhere.

It's time anybody with this opinion got a good hard wake-up slap, and this is it.

Yes, there are many blind people who do have other disabilities, blind-deaf, blind-autistic, and the list goes on.

I am not one of those.

I am not multi-handicapped unless you want to count being hard of hearing - in one ear...

My mental faculties are fine,and so are my emotional ones, or they wouldn't be on fire, causing me to scream inside my head at people and their wrong-headed opinions about me.

I had once thought I *belonged* to a certain community of fellow Christians. But it turned out:

1. They were just humouring me. I was only valued as a piano player, sometimes as a last resort when they couldn't get someone else, and I was supposedly "saving the day". Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind. I never get considered for inclusion to social functions unless I'm asked to play the piano for them.

2. They think I'm stupid and emotionally stunted.

3. Both.

Some of these people have belittled me in the condescending, insulting gossipy opinion examples in the following. If any of them should ever read this, they know who they are...

This is their mentality at work:

when I used to play piano at a hotel diner, some people went out for brunch. These people were supposed to know me. They knew others who did. Anyway, I did some lively tune that got applause. Now, I had just done a slower tune before that, so decided to give the diners one more quick tune since they liked the last one so much.

Well, I heard later on from Person A that Person C made this totally simple-minded comment about my second lively tune, "Oh, she must be happy!"

Gah! Please! Yeah, duh of course I appreciated the applause, but I wasn't playing the second tune out of childlike "happiness" I was being a good musician and playing the crowd. That's what a performer does, especially when they don't play just one style of music. If a prowd particularly loves something you did, you give them another similar item, then move on to something different, you give them a little of this and a little of that.

And yes, Person A thought this opinion of Person C's was absurd and horribly patronizing as well.

I still work as a musician elsewhere, that hotel is no longer in existence.

But no matter what job I have or where, some people who know nothing about my work, still have this horribly patronizing attitude, that I must not possibly have an actual real job, and gosh that ticks me off!

More recently, another person, heart totally gushing over with pity for me told someone that it was "so wonderful that I had a nice safe place to play piano and work in" as if my very real employment was nothing more than some pretend job for the blind out of charity. That person went on gushing about how nice it was that I had my music to keep me occupied or some such patronizing rot. The same ignorance concludes that I probably don't get paid because it's just some sort of charity job, with me as the recipient.


It's not charity. It's a real job, paying real money, and yes, I know how much, and do manage my own money, pay my own bills and for anything I decide to purchase. That's what, and all you need to know. Yes, people, I am employable and do have a real job. But as for the specifics of that or my finances in general, the rest is, frankly, no one else's business. I don't ask you how much you get paid or how many hours you work, so don't ask me. You worry about your own career.

I am not a child or a china doll that needs a safe space and some do-nothing busy work handed to me out of charity just to keep me safe, busy and out of trouble or something! I do what I do because I'm good enough at it to make something of myself. I don't play piano at home to wile away the hours. I practice and review music for my work. No practice? Big job fail. that means no job, and that means no income. Understand?

Another person once mistook my pet sugar glider for what basically amounts to a baby's security blanket "manky". No kidding. She had seen me with little Mia, who was carried in a pouch around my neck, that's how many sugar glider owners do it. Other sugar glider owners just let their palm-sized marsupial pets hang out in their bra - something I just never could do...

So this person was really surprised when I took Mia out, and it could be clearly seen that Mia was actually a live pet. And this person had said to someone else "I didn't know she had a pet, I thought that was her manky."


I had completed my college courses by that point.

One of the worst recent offenders when finding out I had a milestone birthday, had the fatuous gall to ask someone else if I was actually able to catch the drift of what was going on.

What - the - *biting tongue* ruddy - hex!?

What kind of idiot doesn't know about her own damn birthday!?

Seriously? Just how stupid do some people think I have to be!? How stupid do they wish I was so they could look at themselves in the mirror and then at me and go "Oh, poor little blind girl, I'm so glad I got it all together better than she does!"???

*Facepalm* Oh! The ignorance, the thoughtlessness, the tactlessness, the condescending judgmentalism, the insanity!

So apparently to them I'm just a little drudge piano player who is also a little mental midget who should be happy to just let the world slip by while everyone else just goes off and has fun, not inviting me to anything purely social. After all, I'm only good at and having fun when playing the piano or singing. Yeah right... No!

And honestly, I get so tired of trying to be nice in the face of this trashy treatment. there is no excuse for this ignorance from people who are supposed to have known or been around me for years.

Nobody wants to be patronized and condescended to, but that's exactly what you do when you play stupid little guessing games and talk down to or down about me as if you think my brain is on strike just because my eyes can't see and I can't get around on my own.

So if that's your attitude, stay away from me! Stay far away from me! Because I want nothing to do with you if all you're going to do is pity and look down on me as some sort of mental/emotional midget worthy of nothing more than cheap pity!

You got that?

Look, I'm a person first of all, just like you. No more or less special. Certainly not special in a special ed kind of way. I'm not retarded, I'm not stupid! and I do not freaking appreciate being judged as such just because my eyes don't work right...

Far from being mentally and developmentally delayed, I went to a regular school and got good grades. I was consistently on the honour roll in junior high and did well until graduation, and have some college and a degree in music.

And none of that would've happened if my Mom hadn't fought hard to get the public school system to accept blind students. God bless her and the rest of my family for their love and acceptance of me into the family, and their belief in me as a human being who was not going to just sit around and live like a vegetable. It would have broken me to be sent half way across the country to a special blind boarding school. And it would have hurt them too.

In school, my first grade started off as a handful of local blind students in one segregated class, and materials had to be transcribed into braille for us.

By 4th grade, we were starting to integrate into classes with sighted students, who learned cursive writing. We learned typing instead. By the end of grade 5, I was ready to be completely integrated into the regular system. I took braille notes, read curriculum materials in braille or got them in audio format. I typed out my assignments, which needed to be proofread and corrected for typos before I could hand them in.

All during this time, I behaved like any other kid. I got together and did normal things with friends. I learned how to rough-house with my brother, and went out for treats with my sisters. I bulked and procrastinated with homework and piano practice, and doing dishes. I was your typical kid.

And my family and friends treated me like any other family member or friend. When I needed support, they were there. when I needed to be corrected, that was done too. To the same measure as anyone else got. I was in a lot of activities growing up, but my favourites were music and horseback riding. I went as far as I could go in swimming, and am very at home in water as long as it isn't cold. to this day, I could be anyone's wild child nightmare when it comes to carnival rides. How I love a good thrill.

And yes, it is none other than me behind this keyboard, typing this out. The typewriter has long since been replaced by the computer with a screen-reader, and the internet. Yes, it is me behind all my emails and social network posts, and the content on this and all of my web sites, too, including the home videos I've ever made of anything from piano playing to footage of my pet rabbit.

I look after my own pets. I buy and make their food. I clean up after them. I don't just sit around and stroke them while everyone else does the maintenance/dirty work. I decided what type of living arrangements they have. I decide what to feed them, based on sound research I do online. What I buy for them is bought with my own money that I earn at my real job, good money, the same pay as a sighted worker gets in the same job. not charity feel-good pittances.

So there is a heck of a lot more to me than some narrow minds may think. If they opened their eyes, including their mind's eye a bit wider, they would realize that. I am not, and do not look or act developmentally delayed.

When you get caught condescending to me, don't try to placate me with even more half-baked excuses. I'm not easily humoured like some simple little infant. This may come as a surprise to some people, but I am not a mental or emotional baby. such treatment will be met with the same dislike you surely would feel if someone tried to patronize you too. You might get a well-deserved indignant scoff or a remark to set you straight. But even if I don't appear to be all that put out, it doesn't mean I'm not angry at you for this shabby attitude. It could be that I just don't want to make a scene, or that I'm too initially shocked and appalled by your suddenly glaring prejudice and resulting faux pas that I don't know how to react. Especially when it's a prejudice I thought was long dead. You just have no idea what kind of smouldering fire you got in with me.

When I get withdrawn and cold toward you, that's a sign you should be concerned about. It means you have either made me uncomfortable, insulted, or angry. Or I'm pulling away because I'm afraid you might, because you are friends with people who have already.

3. The big trendy progressive social justice warrior causes have invaded this community so much that even my fellow Christians are re-sharing Facebook meme posts from progressive "Christian" sources that scream out accusations of things like "BULLYING!" especially when that so-called "bullying" is in the form of "HOMOPHOBIA!" Biggest liberal buzzword of the decade, with shouts of "RACISM!" and "MISOGYNY!" tying in a close second.

If you have offended, and you've realized it, just admit you screwed up, issue a sincere apology and if you really are interested in me as a person in my own right, and as a possible friend, prove it and save your pity, and start treating me like the normal adult-minded person in her own right that I am. Stop caving in to what the liberal social justice warriors (SJW) tell you, and start showing a lot more real understanding, thoughtfulness, friendship toward individuals who you sometimes actually meet in real life, people who need and would appreciate it more than the SJWs and their special interest groups/agendas.

Oh yeah, maybe I should mention for the benefit of those who believe I am slow in the head - I do know about the birds and the bees, too....................................

So. Sure. Go ahead and proclaim loudly how proudly and "compassionately" you "STAND WITH THE (insert special interest group that doesn't live a Christian life style and whose activists try forcing their agendas on society and against Christianity itself), and how full of this so-called "love" that is supposedly being. By all means. And just continue to cast me aside and think of me as a stupid over-grown baby who isn't capable of catching on what a birthday is and who needs a baby blanket and needs to be given some kind of charitable little pastime in a safe space out of pity. that's sure to really spread the LOVE and make me feel that love like crazy! After all, it's the "compassionate" "caring" "loving" and now apparently "Christian" thing to do!


It's weakness and knuckling under for liberal agenda bullies who are not interested in extending us the same "tolerance" they demand from us.

Real Christians Say 'No' to Bullying and Homosexual Behavior

Or more accurately, real Christians say no to bullying and should say no to deviant sexual behaviour. The latter is a weakness of the flesh, the former (bullying) is a character flaw. Not a Christian flaw. It is every bit as prevalent among liberal SJWs as it is among the worst farcical stereotypes of "fundies" that liberals really want sticking around to stand in as what they consider representative of Christianity as a whole.

The Gay Bullies: Exclusion, Intolerance, Uniformity

Turek: Who are the Real Gay Bigots and Bullies

Children and Christians: Pawns in the “Gay” Bullying Game

Christians expected to bake cake for gay weddings, denied the same right to request a cake for traditional marriage from 13 gay bakeries

Liberals teaching and running a system at a university tried to force a heterosexual girl to have a lesbian experience, and when she refused, they treated her like an offender! She was bullied for not turning gay, in the name of education.

Christian-hating gays put their love and tolerance in all its disgusting ugliness on display, and the police treated the Christians as as potential criminals instead.

Christian woman tells of what she experienced and witnessed happening to her and her friends at the hands of these violent people. And the fifth source: MADELEINE MCAULAY has received all kinds of hate comments, including disgusting insults and death threats from gay marriage proponents. Her age at the time of receiving this intolerant, bullying harassment? 16.

This Youtuber has received death threats from liberals, and falsely impersonated by liberals who made faux accounts using variations of his online handle, so they could spam and troll a bunch of vulgar crap in his name.

This video contains a personal account of violence committed by liberals.

And they really don't like their hypocrisy being caught on camera, proving they are exactly what they accuse the non-liberals of being.

Progressives want tolerance going only one way, theirs. And some of my fellow Christians are blind to this or else just don't care. The trouble with the Christian community I've been part of is that they are all so stuck on "peace" "peace" "peace" "peace" "peace" - to the point of kowtowing to the SJW left and ignoring the well-being of their very own community members or at least getting it badly wrong in my case. What good is putting on a show of "peace" to the world when there is no peace within the community itself?

Just because I believe all lives matter, not just black lives, does not make me a racist. Just because I don't condemn abortion as "murder" does not make me a child-hater. It also doesn't mean I'm "pro-abortion" either. I reject both sides of that issue, for my own reasons neither side understands and I'm not getting into here. Just because I don't subscribe to the environmentalist religion does not make me a wasteful uncaring slob.It just means I am not a misanthropist. Yes, environmentalism and animal rights are very closely related, and they put humans in the role of the worst thing to happen to the universe. Just because I don't agree with sex outside of a good heterosexual marriage does not make me guilty of bigotry let alone bullying gays and deserving of the "homophobe" name-calling. there is a liberal myth that keeps getting hammered via mainstream media into society's heads that says Christians are fanatics that say and wish all gays would burn in hell, and that it is only and always gay/trans people being "bullied" "bullied" "bullied" by "religious fanatics" "the 'Christian' right" and people who are judged as "homo/transphobic". Just because I don't want a man in the same public bathroom with me and I will not call Caitlin Jenner a she, does not make me guilty of hate or bullying or deserving of the name-call "transphobe". You can make yourself up even via surgery to look like the opposite gender, but you can't really change your gender. Jenner still has that y chroma zone.

The moment I hear 'trans/homo/xenophobe' is the moment you lose all credibility and respect from me, because all of that is just bashing, bullying, whiny vocabulary that progressives use because they know they can get away with it to coerce people into backing down and agreeing with them or shutting up.

I've had it with this disgusting crap and I am saying good-bye to that community, to look for another. I don't want to be around people who profess to be Christian but believe I'm some poor little retard who needs to be pitied and mollycoddled, or profess to be Christian, then promote stuff headed by openly anti-Christian forces to the left or the far-right.

I have already dumped a bunch of people off my friends list because some of them keep reposting this Christian-bashing political social justice crap, others are their friends and I'm not sure where they might stand. and all are too busy with that to be bothered with the likes of me.

I have already been unfriended by a leader in that same community because he reposted stuff from "Christians" kowtowing to the progressive narrative, and I expressed opposition.

For example, some "Christian" blogger said something about how we shouldn't say "I am not racist." but we should say "I don't want to be racist". the reasons for this were so self-flagilating and weak that it was a combination of old fashioned religious guilt over self image, and bowing down in supplication to the progressive idea that says You are racist if you are a white Christian and an Uncle Tom if you are a black Christian.

Oh, how I detest false accusations of racism, and the Uncle Tom label. False accusations of racism are a form of bullying and deliberate malicious lies. The Uncle tom thing? Please! Uncle Tom had it abhorrently awful. It isn't him who is at fault - he gets beaten to death by his fellow slaves on the order of that evil Simon Lagree. Give Uncle Tom a freaking break!

So, I countered this person's repost with how unreasonable that was, including my own example. I can confidently say that I am not an otaku (anime fangirl), because I am not a fan of anime, and do not act like a fangirl. There is no "I don't want to be" about it. I am simply not an otaku, and that is a fact.

When I went through my friends list to clean it out, I found this person was not there. Hmmmmmm. wonder why?

It gets hammered over and over again by the left-leaning mainstream media how "hateful" "fanatical" "extremist" "bullying" " "racist" "sexist/misogynist" "homo/trans/etc-phobe" they think you are if you don't tow the progressive party line. And they always fall back on insane but aberrant extremists as examples, or create their own plants to ram that world view down everyone's throats. And because us non-extreme Christians don't want to be lumped in with the misguided far-right or the faux "Christians" playing the boogeyman roles for the left, we are starting to cave in to their bullying in the name of peace and love.

I want no part of it.

So keep your precious freaking "STOP HOMOPHOBIA!" "We need more women/(insert race) in (insertjobs/positions/careers)!" "Stop trans bathroom discrimination!" causes and re-shares, and stuff them!

Stop drinking the progressive koolaid misrepresenting Christians as "homophobes" "uneducated bigoted backward fundies" or other hater groups. Stop letting them boss you about on who you should love and who they judge as guilty of "hate". Stop, and take a good look around, outside of that progressive box of social justice special interests. There are people a lot closer to home that need a heck of a lot more real love and friendship, and a heck of a lot less judgmentalism, pity, and ignorance from you. People you seem to have gone blind to, thanks to progressives telling you who to care about and how.

I'm not just going to sit walled in some safe space, forgotten by the world, letting it all slip by. I'm not staying where I'm thought of and treated like some once in a while useful little curiosity to be shelved and brought out again to play like some toy when suddenly wanted for a small task while being judged even by implication as some kind of hater because I will not fall in line with the latest progressive special interest causes or with those from the far-right either. I'm through with just keeping quiet and trying to fit in without making waves while just being around such pressure groups makes me uncomfortable in my own skin. Then to find out how blitheringly ignorant some people actually are about me and what I'm mentally capable of, pretty much gives me the go-head to tell everyone pushing these agendas and thinking so little of me to bug out! I'd rather be alone than in such disagreeable company with all its pity and phoney love and self-righteous SJW outrage. in the name of "caring".

Don't bother asking me to play piano for you or join you in singing groups either. I'm done with volunteering. I'm saving my time and efforts in music for my real job, where I am accepted for who I am and treated as excellently as anyone else working there.


Emotional Manipulation - What People Want Society Getting Outraged About And When And Where And Why

Feminists, MGTOW, "Black Lives Matter", disability rights activists, LGBTQ etc. activists, anti-abortion activists,

They are social justice warriors.

All of them are part of, or championing the cause of what they believe is a group of people who are being "bullied" "hated" "descriminated against" "oppressed" (they especially love to use the words 'bullied' and 'oppressed', in other words, the ultimate and perpetual victims of society.

SJWs see only two types of people. The victims, and victimizers. If you don't get on board with what SJWS tell you to, then you are considered a victimizer enabler.

SJWS only allow certain people or things to be considered victims. Men can't be victims in feminism, especially not if they are straight white men. Women can't be victims in MGTOW. Christians can't be victims in LGBTQ or atheist activism. No one but the unborn are victims in anti-abortionism. Only animals, plant life, the earth under our feet, and other eco/animal activists can be victims in environmentalism. Whites and other non-black races can't be victims in "Black Lives Matter. Able-bodied people can't be victims in disability rights activism. And Muslims get victimhood status from almost every SJW camp, even from feminism and non-islamic religious groups.

Social justice warriors use these victim cards to club society over the head with shame until they get what they want, and then they still aren't happy, so look for new reasons to play the gender/race/disability card, or the bullied/oppressed card. All of which can be classified under one big victim card. It isn't about actually stopping real victimization as it is discovered on an individual basis. It's about coercing everyone to follow the dictates of every liberal agenda, especially when they go against convention, tradition, decency and even logic.

Then there are the downers. Pick a special interest group. Any SIG. You're sure to get a barrel of laughs as they all get together and swap stories about how totally awful they or someone they knew or heard about, had it as a child because of something like gender/race/disability etc. Sometimes they just keep talking about their own lives, other times, they are SJWs re-sharing any and all hard luck stories they come across, as long as it fits their "(insert group) are constantly victimized!" narrative.

Don't tell me all about your horrific life as a child because you were disabled/a girl/person of color/etc. and nobody understood or gave a crap or worse, treated you badly for some haw-haws. 1. It may or may not even be true. 2. If it was, it's over. 3. It won't erase your past. 4. All it does is put me in a downer and make me mad, and not for the reasons you want me to be.

I get agitated over bully stories. I get irritated when I think people are just trying to put a dip in my mood with such stories. I get especially ticked off when they are untrue, and in a bad funk when I find out they are true.

I went through childhood too. It was a good one, but not without its problems same as any other. It isn't easy being a kid among a bunch of other kids 6 hours a day from Monday to Friday. You couldn't pay me enough to go back and be a kid again if I could.

Don't complain to me that your life stinks because you are "disabled"/a woman/certain race etc. Everyone has it rough at times, and if it's a case of not being able to get a job or better living conditions, I'm sorry, but I really can't help you with that. I'm not an agency or an employer and I don't know the first thing about pulling the strings of people with clout to get you a better life. It's all I can do trying to manage my own.

Unless it's a site with actual info on stuff that's there to help "the disabled" to live as independently and mainstreamed as possible, please don't bother me with it.


Don't invite me to chat lists that turn out to be for the blind. Because I will not join them if it's apparent that is what they are "Blind-Chat@listserv.net" "This is a list where blind and visually impaired persons can come to socialize." etc. If it is not apparent by the name or description, but turns out that is what they are, I will not stay.

I don't have a problem with blind people having their own internet communities, if that's what they like to do, that's their right, same as for the deaf, autistic, etc. as a means of supporting one another, and yes sometimes support and help-related communities also contain general chit-chat. Again, fine.

But I don't believe in general chat lists for the disabled, or more specifically, sticking only to such internet communities. It looks too much like a type of segregation to me. I'll get to why further down in this article.


Fatalistic Victimhood Mentality, Divisive Indoctrination Attempts

Progressive social network re-shares with the message:

'If You're disabled/a woman/(insert race), It Must Suck to Be You But You Are absolutely amazing!'

And if you don't think so yet, I'll systematically work on you with posts to convince you.

If your life doesn't suck right now, it undoubtedly will eventually. Because that's the lot of the disabled/women/(race) and I'm mad as all hex and futile about it and you should be too. Because we're awesome like that! All hail to us, we are the victims! Disabled/women/(insert race) down-trodden by the able-bodied/men/(insert race) and we are ENTITLED to - '

*Rolling eyes, face palm, headdesk* Oh, shut it!

But this would be typical Huffington. Along with anything ridiculous, full of suggestive content, and any manner of sensationalist viewer-grabbing tidbits, and it's not just Huffington; liberal publications love trumpeting out to women and the disabled "You's all da victims! Yous needs special treatment! Whenever somebody slights one of you, (real or perceived or completely made up doesn't matter, make it real!) They slight you all! SING IT OUT SISTAS! LOUD AND CLEAH so's we can make ourselves feel empowahd and make everybody else feel like heels! It's foa da greatah goods! Spread da pity, fah and wide!"

Are You Playing The Victim To Manipulate Others Without Knowing It?

quintessential feminist suey park blames structural whiteness for her personal problems

Some women just love to repost anything that carries the feminist message "We are all poor helpless girls because we've been taught that way and it's a rare girl who actually has enough power or at least guts to speak out against da big bad patriarchy! Yaaaaaah sisters! D'ey big bad men and d'y OWE US!"

The masculine backlash known as MGTOW is just as odious.

Some blind/deaf/mobility-impaired/autistic/etc. people love reposting outrageous stories about how this or that person got wronged because they look different or have some sort of disability.

That's why the internet fell for a vicious KFC-smearing hoax that claimed KFC kicked out a three-year-old girl on account of her disfigurement, which was caused by pitbulls of course.

What is true is that the girl does exist, and she was mauled by badly behaved pitbulls. That gives the liberal animal rights anti-large dog breed people one more story to use in their draconian mission to stamp out large breed dog ownership, and they wouldn't stop there.

What is not true is the whole KFC story. The family made up the whole discrimination story to milk the public for sympathy and for cash so they can get Victoria's appearance changed for free.

Even if that story was true, it's just useless re-sharing it and stuff like it because it is divisive and fatalistic. It does nothing to make anyone feel better about their life or about the world in general, and it pits the "disabled" against the "able-bodied"

This story was particularly odious because of its false accusations against KFC. The little girl certainly deserves all the best, but that this family used her situation to make up such a monstrous lie in order to bilk the public, no matter who they might ruin in the process, makes me sick.

I would much sooner donate to the fund to help the girl who was nearly killed by a couple of Slender Man fangirls who were supposed to be her friends.

But I've noticed this with a lot of (insert disability demographic), some women, and anyone who turns out to have a liberal mindset.

They just can't get enough of stories about victimization, and even those that are meant to be uplifting/heart-warming, often come with some victimhood message attached.

The Not always Learning .com site is about stories of teachers, students and parents, and the interesting and sometimes wrong things they do. The people running it also have NotAlwaysWorking for on the job, "NotalwaysRelated, NotAlwaysRomantic etc dealing with other aspects of life, often in a humorous pov.

Unfortunately, this story was taken and shared on FB to perpetuate another feminist "Rah rah sistas! Stand up fo' youselves 'cuz we's da victims ALWAYS!" thing. It got reposted to some viral site hrtwarming.com and because of the feminist victimhood angle, did nothing to make me feel heart-warmed. It got re-shared from that link to FB, with the message "Us girls are taught to put up with abuse because" blahblahblahblahblah yadda yadda yadda…

I screamed.

When will people ever get it?

No, we are not taught to put up with abuse and sit and take it like "good little girls" because we are girls…

abuse is abuse, and it comes just as much from either gender. And, various people from various families, regardless of gender, may or may not be "taught" to put up with abuse, depending on how screwed up any particular family is, also dependent on the character of the individuals involved.

Yes, I slugged a boy for his own bra fascination when it was directed at me when I was in school. Know what? I never got in trouble for it. Everyone knew that if a boy teased me and got himself smacked, it was very likely his own darn fault.

That boy probably, hopefully learned a lesson that day. I don't know. I never saw him again after that. It was a summer school.

The point is, I let him have it, did n't get in trouble for it, nor was I hailed as some sort of puffed-up heroine&posterchild for feminism with the message that girls should act more like me because every woman is automatically a victim world wide…

So give me a break! Don't hand me any more of this whiny bullcrap about how we "sistas in arms against da men" are all down-trodden victims who must hail and hurrah every single instance of some girl standing up for herself because the whole system is supposedly so totally stacked against us women - excuse me femfolk" crapity-crap crap… The next one to dump anything of the sort on the net that ends up on my screen is going to send me into a mental screaming fit that everyone including me should be grateful never to have to hear out loud, and a strong urge to huck stuff at anything or anyone else, living or inanimate! Oh, how I hate to see people let this propaganda do their thinking for them!

I've had it to the backteeth with feminist propaganda and this whole victim mentality being shoved down my throat. it's just like anti-Christianism (Christophobia), bronyism and otakuism being splatted all over the place on the net, there's no escaping it, it's invading social networks like a plague. It's cropping up everywhere!

What they're not telling you is that for every story like that, there are dozens of others not being trumpeted out for FB re-shares because they don't fit the feminist world-view, since they are about girls and guys actually *gasp) being kind to each other, gender notwithstanding, or girls actually abusing guys or each other, and getting in deserved trouble for it… Or guys getting in real trouble because they abused some girl or another guy. How about the many times girls actually start fights just so they can play the victim? Oh, but feminism says they are never ever ever to blame, that by holding girls to any responsibility for their own bad actions, we are "victimizers and patriarchists" and that's because it always *ALWAYS* boils down to gender.

*Rolling eyes* Bull!

This is North America, this is not Afghanistan, Sudan or Iran. This is not the "'rape culture' patriarchy" dystopia feminists keep fantasizing about and want everyone believing it to be.

I blame feminism for all this trans stuff too which is also a lefty social justice cause. Feminism is not gender equality. It is female supremacism. Males are being bombarded with "Men are evil! Women are oppressed by men!" messages resounding throughout the mainstream media.

Discrimination against men - australian report

Julia Gillard feminist windbaggery, ousted by Aussie voters

Feminism And The Turn Against Enlightenment

It's like the message telling girls they always need to look young and "beautiful" their whole lives. Feminists put this all on men, too. There's so much talk about what body issues girls are getting from the media and how that contributes to eating disorders. By the same token, this very thing is happening to boys. They are told that they are the "bad" gender" So some of them would rather turn themselves into facsimiles of women to feel more acceptable by the mainstream and inside their own heads which have been messed with so badly and turned upside down and inside out by this insane gender obsessive toxic environment.

It's no accident that men are portrayed in mainstream shows as violent, sex-crazed, thoughtless jerks while women are portrayed as their victims, or the victims of other women who are jealous or else so desperate to please some villainous man. And if a woman is cruel to a child, the mainstream media always falls back on lame excuses for it. The woman is never just sex-crazed or naturally sadistic and bloodthirsty, she is always "mentally ill" or even better, "a religious fanatic".

*Rolling eyes*

Feminism screams about casting women into actual villainous roles without qualifiers attached. They call it sexist/misogynistic because women have been "vilified" as temptresses throughout history. So we are allowed to make stories about out and out bad men. But not bad women... We are allowed to make stories about whackadoo religious fanatics calling themselves "Christians" and going around oppressing their children, bullying young homosexuals/transexuals into committing suicide and berating a rape survivor for considering or getting an abortion. But we are not allowed to make stories about Christians getting bullied by Christophobic eco/feminist/BLM/LGBTQ etc. rights activists. Or at least, the mainstream media would make damn sure such plots would never see the light of day in their shows Or allow them so few and far between that such episodes would be lost among the mass of others touting the progressive left SJW narrative.

There is a movement that discriminates against women and often judges other men as not masculine enough. They also hate anything they call "tradcon" (traditional conventional" including heterosexual marriage. They are an atheist men's rights movement called MGTOW, Men Going Their Own Way.

Feminism is a sexist movement. It promotes bias pro-female and against male, and yes I have seen what happens when people come close to being falsely accused of abuse just based on them being male.

And while we're at it, cut the same type of slactivism and fatalistic+skewed pity/adoration messages over *insert disabilities here).

Some people have been reposting so many of these freaking "Guess what? If you're disabled, you're screwed because the world doesn't care about you!" links and I'm so sick of it.

Facepalm#1. A friend reposted another cruddy link to a "OMG somebody was mean to the disabled!" pity thing.

face palm#2. It was about some *cough* celebrity who is already a jerk anyway and I don't give two craps about and am so sick of seeing splattered all over web sites - Kanye West.

Facepalm#3. It was a Huffington Post article!

The liberal rag Huffington post!

A whole dang story about nimrod Kanye West being so clued out at a concert he was giving in Australia that he like totally forgot *gasp* somebody somewhere in his audience might be in a wheelchair and unable to stand up for him.

Yes, it's true. Kanye West was a jerk - again. And that matters because? WELL - because the fans he snubbed were in wheelchairs don'tcha know!? *Facepalm*

Please. Huffington is just a liberal agenda pushing rag mag, desperate for viewers, and the sad thing is, they get what they want with their screaming headlines and irrelevant stories that not only go madly viral (chain letter), but come with a lot of wrong-headed messages from racy to hardline propaganda. If a true story comes along they can use to tout a liberal agenda, they will pounce all over it.

Yes, there were two fans at that Kanye concert (if 'concert' can even apply), who could not stand up, and ever-so-humble Kanye actually disbelieved them. I don't know if he thought a couple of fans were trying to pull off a tasteless prank by faking a disability or if West was really so stupid as to think having real live physically disabled fans was forbidden or an impossibility for him.

Then the inevitable happened. This incident which went viral, inspired yet another chain letter hoax story, this time from the liberal satire site Daily Currant, about Kanye West and wheelchairs. Oh, brother! *Rolling eyes in exasperation*

Right after that, Huffington just milked it again for all it was worth, with some kid's "open letter to Kanye West" (yes of course, a kid in a wheelchair. That viral reshared from the same friend who shared the first Huffington Kanye story.

Not that it is likely to do any good, justified as this kid is to give that bonehead of a celebrity a few things to mull over, do you really think West is going to give a darn beyond this whole thing putting him in the spotlight again?

I don't give a flying hot crap what Kanye does. I never was and never will be a fan of his, so don't you worry. I think his so-called music is anything but. It's noise pollution, it's utter garbage.

The funniest thing he ever did and that I can actually empathize with is losing it after smashing his head into a street sign. Ouch! That's got to hurt, can't blame him for wanting to kill the sign. I've felt similarly when stubbing a toe or hitting a shin hard enough on something.

And yes, the story about him expecting fans in wheelchairs to stand up for him is true. Here is the story plus actual footage from that event from stupidcelebrities.net. But that site is a repository for exactly that, celebrities being stupid. It's there for the people who have nothing better to do than gossip and laugh at stupid celebrities probably as a means to combat boredom and a form of self-affirmation. "I don't need to feel quite so bad when I do something stupid because Kanye has done much worse. Lulz."

Colossal waste of time.

Kanye has a history of being a jerk, even toward other celebrities, as this annoyed Taylor Swift fan rants on Youtube. Even Barack Obama says in so many words that Kanye West is a jackass, and I for once whole-heartedly agree.

Kanye himself had a big pity party in this video where he whinged about being everybody's punching bag for five years, then he went on trying to tell everybody how great he is. *Sneer* If you can manage to make out what's being said. Ebonics. Ugh.

This is Taylor Swift's interview covering how Kanye West had done the most gauche thing imaginable just as Swift was about to receive her award, (I apologize for it being this show, but couldn't find a different interview), Kanye marched up to her, snatched the mik from her and declared that Beyonce was better.

Shakira weighed in with her comments she was the one who had presented Swift with the award, and was clearly appalled along with most everyone else at West's terrible manners.

So, considering all of that, why in heck should anyone care if that attention-seeking, loud-mouthed dweeb is a jerk to a woman or someone disabled? I don't know about the rest of you, but my world sure as heck isn't going to crumble just because Kanye West shot off his mouth again.

But whether any story is true or false, I've had it to here with my "disabled" friends resharing this kind of useless bilge.

how is spreading this dreck Kanye West whinge story around really going to improve life for anyone in a wheelchair anyway? Oh, that's right, it doesn't. It just sends the message that Kanye West is another ignoramus in a whole universe of ignoramuses who couldn't give a crap about anyone with a 'disability' 'infirmity' 'impairment' 'limitation' 'challenge' or whatever term you want to use.

To that, I say, get lost.

USA Today did a report on a true story about a couple of boys standing up for a classmate who had been bullied by their other friends because of special needs, of course, and the two boys stood up to that and the gist is the others eventually stopped the bullying.

There should be more kids doing this, but where the story really fell apart was patting the anti-bullying lesson/program/whatever the school had in place, on the back.

And yes, the story went viral.

Oh, please!

I didn't need an anti-bullying lesson or program to step in and stop bullying when I was a kid. I just did it.

So if I could do that, anyone can.

It's a pretty sad state of society when what should be common decency and humanity gets treated as some kind of special super-human and rare snowflake altruism that we're always being told directly or by implication, no one else has the guts or the heart to try to attain. This goes especially whenever the one getting picked on is special needs… Then the kids get chiselled out of even that bit of the credit, which goes to the anti-bullying lessons/program, 'teaching' them compassion. Something that shouldn't have to be taught once you're self-aware enough to have learned that touching a hot stove will burn and hurt you, and someone calling you a bad boy/girl also hurts, therefore, it's going to hurt anyone else as much.

Like all other sensible people, I am naturally against bullying, but we are not the liberal activists who have hijacked so much of the anti-bullying movement tobully Christians in particular, and advance a political agenda and force it on everyone. Look at the comments made on the article found at this link. We reject the organized religion of the anti-bullying movement because it is more about politics and advancing special interests, and the collective rather than about actually helping stop real abuse on individual basis.

This farce of an anti-bullying movement is just as hypocritical and skewed as any other twisted activism out there, it has gotten so bad that even a UFO alien-related site has seen it for what it is.

The viral Youtube link about the boys' story was sent to me under the title of:

"Boys reaction To Bullying Will Melt Your Heart"

No, it didn't.

It put me in a bad mood instead.

Great as it is for the bullying to have stopped for this little boy, I am not impressed with the idea that kids need to be taught to be nice to the disabled because being nice to them is such a foreign and rare occurrence, and that it takes some liberal anti-bullying movement to "teach" them right.

Except for the odd "faschist" reference and the use of the word "nazi" this article has it just about right.

I want real articles with good news and real practical information on ways to improve living conditions and increase independence and foster integration.

I want to know about things like video games that are designed so the sighted and blind can play them, alone as well as player against player, team against team. There wasn't much out there last time I checked. Sure there were computer games for the blind, but that was the trouble. They were just for the blind. You couldn't play them if you were sighted because there was nothing on the screen. The games were all audio. So much for playing such games with my family and most of my friends.

I would like photo and video editing programs that blind people can use effectively. It would be nice if one day even the blind could produce animated videos.

I want to know about improvements in devices and programs from computers to appliances to transportation that are not just pie in the sky or stupidly expensive, so that they can eventually be part of my future.

I don't want puff pieces that praise someone to the sky for being disabled. "OMG listen to that guy sing/play that instrument. Watch that girl do this sport. Look how devoted this kid is to his faith, watch him pray at that mosque! Amazing, touching, beautiful, adorable (and whatever else totally awesome you can throw in) because he/she/they are blind/deaf/without the use of their legs/arms,/without their legs/arms/any body part/Down's syndrome,/autistic/etc. etc. Would you find their feats so incredibly amazing and awesome if they weren't 'disabled' in some way?

I don't want articles praising people for *gasp* being kind to the "disabled/special needs" as if it's some super human higher state the rest of the supposedly cruel world can't or won't bother trying to get to, giving me the message yet again that if you're "special needs/disabled" your life is a lot more likely to suck because nobody generally cares about you until you're lucky enough to get noticed by that ever-so-rare angelic human with a double-dose of caring genes who actually *gasp* sees you as a fellow human being too, or a human who was a bully or indifferent until 'taught' to feel by the anti-bullying school program…

It's one thing to expose some individual's outrageous and obvious hate so they can get a well-deserved backlash. But come on, they are the exception to the rule.

It's another to go apeshart insane and vilify some company or outfit with grapevine gripe stories about some tool down in Nowheresville who said or did one little something careless, stupid or insensitive and some "disabled" person or "woman" got uber buttburned over it. So the teacher told a blind student to look it up on the chalkboard. Is that insensitive or evil? Of course not. Maybe the teacher wasn't looking closely enough at the class and wasn't aware just which student needed the verbal hint. In any case, that's not ignoring or discriminating against the blind, that's a compliment. The teacher is not preoccupied with the idea that a student in her class is blind, and sees every student as an equal, and treats them accordingly, and most likely, more than willing to give extra or another form of help when it's pointed out as being needed.

Somebody's cane got stolen half a continent away, in some small city I'll probably never go to. So what exactly am I supposed to do about that? Delude myself into thinking I'm making their situation better by getting all outraged and re-sharing the story? Cry, because another "disabled" person just got a bad deal somewhere? Go crawl into a hole and feel sorry for them and myself over it because yet another "Life sucks for the disabled!" message just spewed forth from the internet onto my screen?

Not gonna happen.

I'm not saying discrimination doesn't exist. Yes, I have been on the receiving end of it, too.

and yes, I also have a disability.

In my case, it was an animal welfare/rights person trying to prevent me from getting a pet because they believed I couldn't be a good enough care-taker for that animal. Yes, my blindness factored into things at the time, they disapproved of a setup I had, which has since been much upgraded and improved, for another animalBased on their opinions and judgements, they believed I had done no research and would house the other species, which was completely different from the pet I had, the same as the other pet. Wrong! They also thought I would be far too touchy-feely and force interaction with this new pet. Again, wrong. But animal welfarists, especially those in "rescue" love to police everyone, including each other. Having to figure out things by trial and error when it came to small pet care was a bit more challenging in certain areas with my visual impairment, but I deserved the same rights as anyone else to have pets of my choosing.

Yes, I eventually went a different route and got the kind of pet that person didn't want me to have. Years later, she's doing just fine in a nice big cage and everything she needs. To this day, I am grateful to the person who was open-minded and understanding enough to give me a chance and not listen to that other person's discrimination against me in the name of saving some animal.

I'm sick of stories about people getting all up in arms because their guide dogs weren't welcome somewhere, which, naturally could mean only one thing, of course - 'OMG, DisCRIMINATION AGAINST THE BLIND! GUILTY!'

Excuse me.


Maybe somebody driving the vehicle is horribly allergic to dogs. Worse still, maybe they even have some other health concern that a severe allergy flare-up could kickstart, making them horribly sick. Call me evil if you like, but given the choice between their health and your dog, I think their health is more important.

Maybe Somebody in the restaurant/office/mall or whatever immediate vicinity you are wanting to bring your dog, has a severe phobia of them. I know what that's like, I remember being deathly afraid of dogs when I was a small child. I went into full-blown screaming and climbing the walls panic around dogs the same way some people do around mice or snakes.

Other animals are not allowed in places such as grocery stores for sanitary reasons. What in heck makes you think your dog doesn't pose just as much of a concern just because it's a service dog?

The point is, it's not your blindness that's giving some people the problem, it's your dog. It's not even just your dog they are ruling against, it's everyone else's too, disability notwithstanding.

Trying to stop a blind person from getting a pet of their choice is a tad more discriminatory than requesting that one not bring their guide dog into the food-vending outlet.

So cram it already and just move on to another entity who isn't put off by the presence of your dog instead of vilifying some entity as "discriminating against the blind" when that isn't even the issue, and spreadingg manipulative and fatalistic victimhood messages that do nothing for anyone's morale.

I don't want to see any more wench&moans about somebody somewhere getting dumped on yet again by Kanye west or anyone else with the punchline being "Because s/he's disabled"or "Because she's a woman/because he/they hate women" sapping yet more of my faith in humanity or the ability to put up with my friends for spreading these sorts of messages.

Heck, I just freaking don't want to hear any more abuse stories anyway. They always put me in a funk. Thanks a lot, friend, for ruining my day with a story of something I literally couldn't do anything about, again because it already happened. Thanks a whole heaping bunch for letting me know how utterly futile and useless I am and how lousy I should feel about the abuse that happened because I didn't stop it before it happened because I had no idea it was going on and/or at least it happened somewhere I am not and will probably never go anyway. Thanks so much for making me feel terrible, again. I so needed that to put my own meaningless and apparently all-too nice life (even with its various concerns/considerations) into "proper perspective." Thanks for telling me I deserve to have a life that sucks, or I will have, because somewhere, somebody else's got it way worse…Somebody who is like me because they are women/disabled…

Next time you're tempted to post something that makes a big taddoo or big stink over someone because of disability or conveys a victimhood message that says if you're disabled the world is at best ignoring you and at worst, hates you and your life is most likely to suck, just turn off the dang computer/smart phone instead.

Because I don't want any more of that crap!

Yes there are disabled people in the world, and yes, there are some things we need a little help with or modifications of stuff so we can operate more independently. We are no better or worse than the so-called "able-bodied" and are not entitled to or deserving of being made a big deal of either way, any more than the next person. Yes, people sometimes act like jerks toward us. But you know what? We sometimes act like jerks just as much as anyone else. And chances are good that if someone is really acting like a jerk toward us, that person is probably a jerk to other people in general.

When someone is unfair with you, by all means, do what you can about it, and ask for support when it's needed.

When a problem is dealt with satisfactorily, great, but for goodness sake, don't go making a huge deal out of it to bulk up some activist agenda that tells society we're all screwed.

What the heck is with so many "disabled" people seeming to be so obsessed with it anyway?

I was on a list for a few days, and at first there was no indication it was a blind-related list. I had hoped, considering who sent me the invite, that it would be an honest to goodness general chat list that was not blind-centric,for once.

The talk about favourite drinks, songs, fear of bugs, bad experiences with bugs, all of that was great fun, and it was the sort of conversation that any community can engage in, disabled or not.

But I got a sinking feeling when someone posed the question that asked the members what their first assistive device was in school. 'Oh, no, please don't tell me…Another list for the blind…'

But once again, I was disappointed.

On this list, the traffic was insane because some body kept posting and posting and posting these question topics that people answered. I love a good active email list, but this was overwhelming. I'd get done with 30 messages, only to find 45 more had come in. That sort of thing.

Eventually the questions went downhill. From “What’s your favourite song?” to "What are your favorite shoes?" That sort of thing. And even when the list owner tried to put a lid on it, the questions just kept coming. People also kept up with the one-liners when asked specifically to cut down.

When the list owner posted that the admin/rules topic should be closed after getting replies to his posting of the rules, people didn't even listen to that, and kept posting in that topic!

But in the end, the list did turn out to be a "blind" chat list, not a general chat list that anyone would feel at home on.

Along with the tidal waves of messages coming from the question topics, there was far too much “I got picked on/ignored/a sucky life because I’m blind” stuff. One dude on the list even called mainstreaming/integration into the rest of the world of mostly non-blind people “unfortunate. What the freaking heck?

The last day I was there, someone mentioned this list as being for the blind, and

Gah I wish people would just stop with that.

I just lost it and left.

Yes, some of the "able-bodied" need to get over it when someone is (insert disability) but you know what? So do the "disabled" themselves. It's clear to me when all I ever see from some "disabled" people on the net are downer news items, supposedly inspirational articles, and promos of internet communities that are always related to their disability or some other disability, that these people need to broaden their horizons and stop fixating on being disabled… They'll never get the acceptance they're looking for if they cluster together into what amounts to internet segregation.

It's not the same as internet communities being based on personal values, belief systems, or even fanbases.

Communities need to be based on common interests and in some cases, values/beliefs/goals.

Being (insert disability) is a very poor reason to associate with people, and it shuts others out.

Would I feel at home in an Islamic community? of course not, I’m not Muslim. But the Muslims that are there, are there because of their beliefs, and that’s fine. Ditto for something like the otaku lounge. Would I want to set foot in there? Definitely not. I'm not an otaku. I don't share their addiction to anime. So they have a place where they can share something they enjoy and have in common. That's fine.

Would I feel at home in a deaf or autistic community? of course not, because I’m not deaf or autistic…

The vast majority of people I associate with are sighted. Would they feel at home in an internet community meant specifically for blind chatters? I doubt it.

So, once more, I was let down and frustrated; this list was just another hangout for the blind again.

Look, my blindness rarely comes up in conversations on the net, most people I've communicated with never had a clue until they unwittingly forced the reveal by asking me to look at a picture.

And this is the longest, third and hopefully last post I'll make that focusses on it. The other two were an info post by Sheila, and my comments throughout, and my rant over one of the zillions of downer "Blind people gots it awful!" re-share from another blind person…

I don't join blind chat communities, I just don’t believe in cloistering myself into “disabled” communities on the net or anywhere else. My chosen associations are based on who I get along with, not who else is "disabled like me".

what few sites I look at from time to time that deal with this subject are all of the informative kind. About new software/technology that help make the internet and its resources more accessible. And that's it.

Everything else is non-blindness-related.

I certainly don't pollute everybody's newsfeed on FB with all kinds of wench&moan re-shares about every single thing bad that happened to a person presumably because they were blind/deaf/autistic/a woman.

If people with disabilities want the world to get over it, they need to put a little of that into their pipe and smoke it as well. Really, continuing to post this stuff makes you look like a whiner, forever stuck in pity-party mode, and you can't get past your disability, you have let it define you and consume your life.

I will not do that. If people have a problem with my blindness, then you bet I have a problem with them. But that doesn't mean I'm going to be fixating on the subject, and I will thank everyone else not to either.

If I was ever to become president or prime minister of some country, I would not want to be known as "the first blind woman pres/prime minister" I would simply want to be known as "President/prime minister Capri (insert last name who was in office from (date) to (date)."

What people need more of is direct personal support whenever they are in some kind of a jam.

We don't need all kinds of supposedly uplifting viral re-shares being used to ram some feminist or other activist propaganda down our throats telling us we are being or are likely to be looked down on, not taken seriously etc. etc. because of gender/disability/race/age/appearance because if you're not a white able-bodied male, life is destined to suck because society is all awesome like that. "We're killing The Planet!" "You gotta look young and pretty or nobody will want you around!" "The world is against you because you are a woman/black/Asian/some other non-white skin tone and ethnicity!" "You should be ashamed because of all the oppression your race, the most evil white race has heaped upon the rest of mankind throughout history because of their insatiable lust for power and money and their innate bigotry! Never-mind what went on at the hands of non-whites throughout history, they were just practicing their cultural traditions and most of those horror stories are just white-man-made myth anyway…"

Thank you, no!

Get spoon-fed this crap enough and it's little wonder some people without a means of combatting this poison kill themselves or turn to drugs and alcohol to dull the emotional pain.

I have been very lucky to have not only my faith in God, but also my family and friends, who not only showed me support if I was ever in danger of believing in any of that garbage, but they continued disproving it on a daily basis.

There is already far too much wrong in the world without morbid activists trying to create more pity-junky victims.

I refuse the victim role you people want to cast me in, I'm not going to spend my life in tears over every single little "Wah, they done dis disabled person/woman wrong!" story (Your mind has to be a pretty sad place to be searching that crud out day after day), drudged up and re-shared just to get a rise out of the internet community and certain demographics within it, so some page can get a massive amount of page-views off the charts.

So stop telling me people are only hired if they are "young" and considered "attractive/beautiful" or don't wear glasses, or, aw, heck, just stop whining and ticking me off!

My life is actually worth living, and will continue to be, whether the activists think so or not.

I also hate feeling so vexed at you for sharing yet another supposedly great story with some propaganda/agenda message attached that I can't even think a civil thought toward you, and yes, it has caused me to cut ties when I just couldn't stand any more. And when it reaches that point, I stress over having to make the break, which in turn, has sometimes effected my performance on the job. I feel torn and agitated, because I hate having to ditch a "friend" but when they cause this kind of vexation, it's just better to split, but it isn't easy.

So take your carefully cherry-picked saccharin-coated strychnine passive-aggressive "progressive" virals and/or outright hostile "progressive" bilge and…Stick it in your ear.

Because I don't want it!

And if you actually believe in that stuff, I apparently don't know you as well as I thought I did, and don't think I want to…

So get a life and stop trying to put road-blocks in mine!

Or get out of my life altogether!

I refuse to let you ruin it.

Thank you…

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