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Brotakuism: Anime/MLP Addiction Disorder Made Into A Cult


That's what it is, folks.

Do Crazy Fangirls And Obsessive Anime Freaks Annoy You As Much As They Annoy Me?


An anime fanatic is an otaku, and a My Little Pony fanatic is a brony. Put the two together and you get a brotaku.

These aren't people who just like a series. They take things way too far. That's the case with fandoms as opposed to the average, level-headed individual who just happens to be a fan of anything.

This sickness and its proponents with their immature, in-your-face displays of obsession are driving at least some people up the wall.

like a lot of us who feel we can't speak up against people spreading virals without getting pounced on as "mean" or "haters" etc. a lot of us are pretty much bullied into silence but for a few hard-to-find safe places to express ourselves on the net. For every one annoyed rant against the fandoms, there is at least one fan brat blowing a thousand gaskets, or more commonly, 10/20 fanbrats each blowing a thousand gaskets to one anti-fandom rant. Fanbrats like to work in packs.

And it's not just otaku. "Fandoms" are mob mentality, and certainly the least mature within any fandom are going to act this way.

Belieber/Directioner (Bieber&One Direction fangirl) k.bieber.styles (big Mary Sue for them since she wants their surnames in her handle *Rolling eyes*) joined an otaku in bashing some anti-anime rant:

k.bieber.styles: "You have no right to hate on fandoms. Directioners & Beliebers can do a lot and Anime fans can literally kill you!"

k.bieber.styles: "Wow you're brave! You are not afraid of the anime fans who will brutally kill you."

Talk about an appalling attitude!

In another post, where she and the otaku failed to smash a chain letter, it was made laughably clear she didn't even have any idea what an otaku was.

k.bieber.styles: "Is it Japenese dessert? Sounds good. Three Otaku's for me."

Here's another ridiculous contradiction or at least very laughable ironic behaviour.

k.bieber.styles: "Please learn to not be so hyper."

And later in the same post, she gets all hyper:

k.bieber.styles: "Which are adorableeee!!!"

She was all caught up in 'protecting the fandom' any fandom. Clearly, fandoms meant more to her than individual rights.

To the horror of the human race, there are also bronies, "My Little Pony" fanatics just as in-your-face as otaku and even creepier because their 4chan-originated obsession revolves around a kiddy show.

Brony Flutterderpy20 went completely bonkers off the deep end over a Sonic fan's blog page. Derpy spews what can't be mistaken for anything but pure hate. The only thing I'll edit from his quote is the f-bomb, all else will remain as is for you to see in all its blazing evil. For added proof, this is where it was originally postedas a response to the main blog entry.

FlutterDerpy20 commented on This Brony Crap needs to leave the Sonic Fanbase.


The Sonic fandom needs to clicking die and take their retarded as click company down with them.

If they don’t, I’ll start a war with them.

And I’ll get all the anti-Sonic bronies on my side if I clicking well have to.

Go kill yourself, Sonicfags, because the end is near for you, and you’re about to feel a dark, sinister wrath come knocking on your doorstep, and will be invaded, Nazi Hitler style. We will purge your art, your fanfics, and your recolours from the face of the Earth via extermination."

If anyone is even tempted to defend this trash by blaming the blogger for writing a provocative article, that doesn't fly, it certainly doesn't sparkle, and there's absolutely no excuse for it. The blogger never told anyone to kill themselves, or threatened to go nazi on anyone… This brony did exactly that!

One of the most notorious otaku was Senna Marie Maxwell, back in the Gundam Wing era. Her pathological lust for power and attention, sadistic bullying nature, and pathetic bootlicking to the worthless fictional character Lady Une as well as the hate campaign that was waged against her fellow otaku and Mary Sue, will forever taint the history of anime and its fandom.

There were Snufkin and Marcia Ubong, in a silly one-upmanship game. Otaku love to be elitist and think they are smarter than everyone else, including other otaku.

One of the tell-tale signs an otaku is in the building is their irritating Japanese-obsessions and posturing with the "I speaks better Japanese 'cause I know lots more than you" thing.

Igarashi and the fanbrats have another otaku trait down pat, one of many they share with Senna, Snufkin and Marcia. The big whinge about how unfair everyone else is for telling them to stick their obsessions in their ear. "Me poor little misunderstood victim, you big bad mean villain for disliking our sacred fandoms and all the shows we hold sacred!" One of those fan brats got so mad at me for not just kicking her out, but for putting up this and other articles against that crazy meme cult of bronyism that she made at least two screaming tantrum rants, probably more on her many quotev pages. Yes, Quotev, another site that sucks out loud.

Because bronies and otaku either bully their opposition into shutting up or else they just barge in to drown them out wherever they can, here are some of the voices that are difficult to find.

Some posts from this forum thread.

One poster said:


If there was a my little pony thread on war thunders forum.. Would of been smashed so hard to the ground. All the bronies would cry and start a war on forums.. Thank god this is wowp forum where the trolls don't come back...


ireconi said:


Also, being a brony is kind of like a religion. There is happiness, smiling, bright colors, theatrics. Behind it all there is extreme violence. Bronies come off from a distance as happy fun loving people. The truth is they are willing to defend their territory with a violent rant or threats. Some poor guy even got banned from the WoT forums for poking fun at the my little pony thread over on the WoT forums.

Bronies are pretty creepy. I can understand having some cartoons on for the kids but to have a large middle aged male following is extremely disturbing, at least to me anyways.

I once dated a chick who watched nothing but cartoons and when she was over she threw a violent tantrum because I refused (no matter how cute of a voice she used) to put it on. Needless to say, it didn't last long. I usually watch reality TV and I don't mean someone following a family around with a camera. I usually watch a lot of documentaries or crime TV shows.

I know that a lot of what is said in Docs and the shows are opinions and you have to weed through all the bs propaganda. But hey, propaganda and lies are forced into people's minds.

I compare Bronyism to religion because as I said i tried to joke baout it on "their thread" (apparently their are bronies in high (WG) places that give them a special privilege to have a private sandbox and NOBODY is invited. If you disturb their sandbox in any way they get REALLY violent and unpleasant which is usually orchestrated by the Brony Family's (IRA and the Bananos have nothing on these guys) front men who I will refer to as the enforcers.

Because apparently in the land of MLP if you joke at all about it and how creepy it is you will get a wrath only compared to the Kim Jong il era brought down upon you proceeded by a violent spew of threats that reminded me of what Nicholas Cage is like without his meds.

I would not feel comfortable if I went to go hang out at a friend of a friends house and that friend put on MLP. If I saw that I'd prepare myself for the guy to take a "bathroom break" come out dressed in a tight leather suit and torture devices.


Anti-theist and brony-sympathizer AuraDesru threw a hissy by doing the usual, playing the judgment card.


Since who are you to judge somebody by what they watch? How do you know that the directors generally focussed on children?


ireconi responded with:


Actually I think the creators are brilliant for actually getting mostly middle aged dudes to watch this in mass. Unicorns, and forest animals running around talking to each other and running into crazy stuff, that's brilliant.


That wasn't Hasbro's doing, it was 4chan that got the whole ugly scene going. Otherwise, ireconi is correct.

Posted by DannyTokumei

Lost My Friend To Anime

When I was younger I used to have a huge fascination with anime and manga. I still like Japanese culture to this day, and I'm interested in all aspects of Japan's culture and everything today. However, now I'm 15, and I'm becoming disillusioned with anime. A couple of years ago I sent my friend a link to an anime video, and he enjoyed it and started watching more and more.

After a while he became hooked, and to this day he won't stop watching anime. In 2 years, he's watched 60 series of anime, no exaggeration. Take into account that each series has around 12 episodes to 24? So you can imagine how much time he spends watching anime.

I fear it has taken over his life. Some days he doesn't even come into school, and this year he had the grand total of 42 days off. Let me tell you now, this is not because he's been ill or anything. When he does come into school, he's always grouchy and ticked off. It's because of lack of sleep? Why is he struggling to sleep? It's because he's constantly watching anime.

He told me once that the longest he's been without sleep has been 4 days, of which he spent watching, you guessed it, anime. Some of my other friends watch anime too however they do not take it as seriously as this friend does. To be honest, since they have all taken interest in it, I have completely become disillusioned.

I also fear it's wrecking his social life. I'm not one for parties or making myself known, I prefer to be indoors reading a book, watching a film, on my computer, etc. However, it is severely affecting the way he is acting with people who dislike anime. To be honest I think it's made him a little bit elitist.

Also, the way he talks to people who are trying to convince him to give it a break, is awful. You should hear the way he talks to his own mother. It's appalling, the thought of it makes me sick. I myself have convinced him to at least cut down a little bit, but he becomes evidently passive aggressive. It's always "Oh I'll stop soon" however he's been saying this for months, again, no exaggeration.

I'm severely concerned about the health of my friend, and I think his addiction for anime is a bit of an unhealthy one. I won't go into detail over the kinds of anime he watches, but let's just say it's a little on the odd side and he enjoys seeing other people in pain, amongst other things that don't bear thinking about.

I know this has been a little long winded, but if you took the time to read the whole thing, I thank you.


Posted by Treppy (with minor TMI edits.)

Anime Is An Epidemic

Thats right, an epidemic! It is sweeping across the nation, targeting the youth and turning them into obsessed, japanese phrase spewing weirdos! I'm going to be honest with you all... I was once infected by the disease. It consumed me and every thing I pursued revolved around the "kawaii". Until one day (this goes out to all the otakus) I GREW THE **** UP!! I have a couple of friends who are obsessed with anime and attend Otacon every year. They are all about 24 years old. My fiancee used to be just like them until I came into his life. And now he hates anime as well. So to conclude my rant, lets start a coalition and purge the world of this abomination!!!

PS: Fewer than 1% of all anime is bearable though.

GreenBudgerigar: Why Anime Fans Have To Go Around Calling People Idiots!

I mean, anime is a thing.Some people like it,some don't . Those who doesn't like it,make a group about it. So this group is all about not liking anime right? No,there will always be someone who goes around flaming. Always someone who goes" you don't like anime? Screw you!" Or "I like anime blablablabla.." I mean, this is a group made to hate or dislike anime what the f*** are you doing here?

Personally ,I hate anime. I hate the look of it, hate the sound of it, hate those storylines that try way too hard to be profound but come out very cheesy. I hate the ********* undertones that's everywhere even when the story actually has a MORAL. Anime is for those who don't have a sense of humor. So they turn to those humorless anime,and all start bashing american shows. Idiots.!

AnonymousDiva: Anime Hater

Okay I am a big Anime hater. I think it is pointless and stupid and no where close to any line of reality that I have experienced. I would have started this group if it didn't exist but there is one Anime that I like that is American, The Boondocks. It's very funny and doesn't have some kind of weird time warp thing ever time anyone moves followed but unnecessarily hysterical laughter with big eyes. It's funny and realistic. Check it out anime haters.

Capri: Heh. So even the so-called "haters" don't necessarily hate all anime. Which means one thing. Anime may be annoying, but the real problem is otaku! They refuse to keep their crap to themselves, and they want to shame everyone else who doesn't like it into shutting up. that's why besides trolling and the "Do as I say, not as I do" thing, they crawl all over the "I Hate Anime" experienceProject group to pick fights in a group where they don't belong and IMO shouldn't be welcome. So some stories from there are going to be posted here without the otakureactionaries.


Anime Rant

Why is it that anime fans are so elitist? Why do they think that anime is so freaking intellectually advanced and everyone that doesnt like it is an idiot? Well I dont like it. I think its ugly, and loud, and annoying, and abrasive. Those stupid characters drive me crazy. Some times, when my boyfriend is watching anime, i have to actually put my hands over my ears to block out their annoying laughs. Why ???? I dont get it. Apparently it has a sweeping story arc that comes to a complete close, unlike less advanced american television. It has deeper underlying issues, and is easy to identify with. WHAT? a terrifying clown with a crab arm screaming about the tool? no. i dont identify with that. 12 year old children inside giant killing machines? nope that never happened to me. What a freaking ridiculous genre. some of it i can get behind like swept away, or ponyo. yet those arent screaming all the time and have ridiculous names and crazy special powers. everyone has their own interests. and thats fine. but dont force your crazy love of anime off on me. i just hate it. thanks.

explainit2me: I Just Can't Get Into It.....

I have nothing against anyone who enjoys anime. I just want to throw that out there before I am viciously attacked by an anime lover.

I just find the animation annoying, and I think the story lines are pretty ridiculous. I also can't stand how overly dramatic it is. I have a friend that watches it and is always trying to get me into it. I tried. I watched the whole death note series with him to show that I'm a good sport and that I will at least give it a shot before I completely decide to hate it. While the story-line was ok the animation just got on my nerves. I'm not exactly sure what it is about it that just irks me completely but I can't watch it.

Now I'm to the point to where I just want him to shut the f*** up about it and quit trying to force me to get into it. It's not happening.

deleted says:

No, Not the Zabi Maru, Anything But That

My friends are all Bleach freaks.

Not only that, they love every anime on the face of the planet- at least, every one that's made it onto the internet and thus poisoned North American culture.

I realize how judgemental all of this sounds, not only of my friends but of Japan. Honestly, I hold nothing against the Japanese themselves. Maybe in the beginning, Anime had dignity. Maybe some of it still does. I mean, our culture has produced stupid, pointless, time-wasting shows beyond number, and we've subscribed to them, yes. Here's the thing, okay? Every second we're at school but not actually "at attention" (and sometimes when we really should be) the talk is Bleach this, Vampire Night that, Dragonball Z (yes, really) so-and-so, Death Note such-and-such. They are all so deeply immersed in the latest events of their Anime worlds that I feel expressly shut out. It's gotten rather tricky for me to join a conversation. They aren't really interested in much that I have to say.

I just can't bear how seriously they take it. Admittedly, I haven't seen a great deal of any of the shows; about fifteen of Bleach at a sleepover and only one or two episodes, if that, of others. To me, nevertheless, they are divisable into two categories. The Just Plain Stupid Anime and the Grim Evil Darkness Anime. If anyone comes up with better titles for the categories, please comment and let me know. An example of the first category would be Dragonball Z. The plot seems fairly complicated, with numerous planets and three or four series within the Dragonball theme. Technical details notwithstanding. Watch this show for five minutes and I dare you not to spit out the corpses of recently deceased brain cells. I have scoffed at this show since I first heard of it and glimpsed a few seconds of it on television. "How can people actually watch that?" I'd think. Well, now I have proof of how basically intelligent humans - teenagers- can get sucked in. For cripes' sake, we're seventeen, aren't we supposed to be just a little more discerning in what we choose to do in our valuable spare time?

The side of anime that unnerves me, though, is the Grim Evil Darkness type. Enter Death Note. They thought I might enjoy this one, a while back. So, trying to be openminded, I watched a bit. In the very first episode, it shows a creepy world of "gods", one of whom accidentaly-on-purpose drops the Death Note notebook onto Earth. A young man picks it up and soon discovers (through encounters with the god, and experimentation) that it gives him the instant power to kill anyone, if he writes their name in the book. So he starts out by popping off some dangers to society, you know, just the nasty dudes holding little kids for ransom. But then he becomes possessed by this sort of ethnic cleansing mania and goes on a power trip... and, well, kills more people. A lot more. Those he doesn't like. "He's a rival. She's got better university marks than me. They stole my lunch money in first grade." You get the idea. He's in a pretty scary mindset by the end- and that's just episode one. Quick plot progression, I'll say that for it. But it seems to me, like too many elements of Western society (i.e., a horrifying number of musical genres), this sort of anime is glorifying all the darkness humanity is capable of. Making it fascinating, making it okay. It's not a tool for recognizing our potential and learning to stay with the "good guys". It's saying, "Hey, look boys and girls, he's a murderer. Isn't that exciting?" I don't know if there's any kind of moral anything, later on. Not from what my friends have told me.

And, if they read this, they'd probably speak to me even less than they do now. But I'm not objecting on Christian or anti-enjoyment grounds. I just think that there MUST be more worthwhile shows or hobbies than the garbage Anime seems to be comprised of.

Posted by deleted

Childish, Pedophilic, And Just Plain Bizzare I hate anime with a passion. I have rarely ever met someone who is only kind of into anime. Most are die hard fans who eat, sleep, and breath anime. They want to learn Japanese, go live in Japan, or marry a Japanese person. I've met a lot of anime nerds who are so into it and everything else Japanese that they get rediculously angry that the American version didn't pick up on this one subtle joke or insult only people from one specific area of Japan would understand. They're always way to old to watch cartoons too. I would expect nine or ten year olds to like this, but after being dragged to an anime con by a friend, I realized that most of them are in their late twenties to early fourties. Anime fans aren't like sports fans, or gamers, or even D&D nerds, they're more like cultists than anything else. To be fair, I do know one or two people who like a specific anime, and they don't act like cultists, but most of them do.

Not only are the fans mostly insane, the shows themselves are bizzare and I assume they are created by pedophiles. Most have a story line that is incomprehensible unless you have watched from the first episode, and generally centers around a group of kids that includes at least one twelve to fourteen year old girl with double D boobs. The plot is always something stupid like "the king of the teddy bears was killed so now there's a war going in the teddy bear world and only this one twelve year old girl with disturbingly large **** for her age can stop it while running around scantily clad". That's absolutely moronic, and really creepy. The fact that not only children but ADULTS watch this **** makes me think the end of the world may be near.

Whatever. I've wasted enough time on my hatred of anime. It sucks, the end.

Capri: Here's another post that isn't one of the main stories over there, it might've been buried among the many reply threads, but I haven't got the time to slog through it all and don't want to subject myself to more otaku stupidity reactions.

Deleted: I hate most anime, because the characters are badly drawn with their big shiny eyes, the way they move, how the girls look like a pedophile's delight,

Capri: An excerpt from Wikipedia:

"Public attention was brought to bear on lolicon when Tsutomu Miyazaki kidnapped and murdered four girls between the ages of 4 and 7 in 1988 and 1989, committing acts of necrophilia with their corpses. He was found to be a "withdrawn and obsessive" otaku and in particular he enjoyed lolicon. The Tokyo High Court ruled Miyazaki sane, stating that "the murders were premeditated and stemmed from Miyazaki's sexual fantasies" and he was executed by hanging for his crimes on June 17, 2008."

There you go! An example of an otaku, so obsessive that he actually tortured and killed real people, and this was long before 4chan came out with their gibberish 'weeaboo' crap.

Deleted: and squeak when they talk. There are some well drawn anime movies, and they are awesome in the way they are written, but I'm talking about the Sailor Moon crap, the power puff girl, the dragon ball z garbage that kids love. I don't understand it, really, because there is no substance to these shows, and it so flat and expressionless that you just shake your head, and are baffled by why people love it with a passion.

Capri: Here's another post.

Girlonwire: I guess being a sketch/comic artist automatically entitles me to like anime. NO. I hate anime. I hate their huge shiny eyes, and how they stand too still, and how all the girls look the same, and how squeaky their voices are. I hate that everything is either cute and happy or dark and deranged. There's no grey area. Plus the way they quiver annoys me. I dunno, something about anime just bugs me. It's really not my drawing style or anything I'd ever willingly watch. I think the only exception to this moral i have, is Teen Titans. Because that show was just hilarious. But otherwise....no.

BeautifulMisfit says:

Anime Is Terrible

My boyfriend loves anime and it drives me nuts!!! I think its visually ugly, stupid, with dumb characterizations, unbelievable plots and horrendous music. It is degrading to women, mysogynistic and depressing. I don't understand how adults could possibly like it. To me, with people, it is a sign that they are not adults- at least not mentally!

(Snipped out a bit I didn't like)

Only someone completely messed up could create such worthless crap!

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