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Werewolves Bite and Vampires Suck!

Page history last edited by Capri 11 years, 3 months ago

Twilight So many people have fallen in love with it, even though it's a giant Mary Sue series riddled with vampires and werewolves.

Twilight isn't the only or first thing to come along in this vein. Vampire Mascarade, White Wolf, all sorts of games and irc chat clubs where people can indulge their strange fantasies of attraction to things that would drink their blood have gone on a long time. There is very little resistance or expression of disagreement to it. This is likely because people who dare either via personal opinion or even through that of a fictional character risk getting lambasted directly or indirectly, even ganged up on as judgemental, intolerant, not understanding etc.

Welcome to the resistance, the turning of the tide. We recognize human-consuming parasites for what they are, predators and parasites, evil...Not friends and certainly not lovers.

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