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Stranded, the Twilight Edition

Page history last edited by Miss Capri 12 years, 2 months ago

Here's what might happen if some characters I rp, famous and my own created alike, end up stranded somewhere with the Cullens.

Car: stalls

Ameh, driving: "Oh, no, not now, please, not now."

Melanie: "What's wrong?"

Ameh: "Not sure, the gas tank's full."

Melanie: shakes her head.

Ameh: gets out her cell and calls AMA or some other service for dealing with stranded vehicles.

When the call is finished, the occupants of the vehicle decide to get out for some fresh air and time out of their cramped conditions.

When they do, there is another vehicle, specifically a Volvo coming up just behind them. It grinds to a hault as well, and a man gets out.

Ameh and Melanie don't notice this at first, but the two passengers in the back get out, and notice something strange about the Volvo driver.

Pippi: stares for a moment as the man's face and other exposed skin starts sparkling. She quickly turns away to avoid not only the glaring brightness, but to hide the fact she noticed at all.

Pippi: covers her mouth and sneezes.

Ameh: *Looks back* "Bless you - " then notices Edward Cullen's glitter, "What is that doing in the middle of nowhere?" Then she sees the thing move. "Holy...crap...It's alive!"

Bella stumbles out next.

Out the back of the Volvo come a dark-complexioned man, that would be Jacob, and a cute little girl who scrambles off his lap, that would be Renesmee.

Renesmee: "Can I have some blood now?"

Jacob: "Nessie, shhhh!"

Bella: "We're out, but maybe we can get some up ahead."

Capri: is the last to get out of Ameh's vehicle.

Jacob: eyes first Melanie, whose hair style and color are a lot like Bella's, then Capri with her dark complexion.

Renesmee: "Don't look at them, look at me and give me some blood."

Jacob: "SOrry, honey, your mommy and daddy would be better at helping you get that."

Pippi: hears, but can't believe what they're saying.

Ameh: gets off the phone. "It could be more than an hour."

Bella and Edward: meet in front of the Volvo, and forget about it and everything around them.

Edward: "Oh Bella, *Sniff nibble* you smell so good. *Smooch sniff smooch*"

Bella: "And I love you, you are so perfectly beautiful!" *Smooch.*

Edward and Bella: *Smackersmooch-fest.*

Capri: *Mutters in disgust.* "Break it up already. Gah, some people."

Melanie: *whispering* "Ameh, that guy's shining."

Ameh: nods back.

Renesmee: *Decides she likes the look of Ameh, who is blonde and very short for an adult, so looks like a kid from a distance. She runs over to the fairy, shouting.* "Hi! I'm Renesmee!"

Ameh: *Surprised smile* "Well, hi there!"

Pippi: lookes concerned at Ameh, and shakes her head.

Renesmee: "Wanna play?"

Ameh: "Uh, I'm sorry, I've forgotten how."

Renesmee: "Leach is easy. You just pretend you're wading in a lake, and I'm the leach, so I come up to you and drink your blood!"

"Jacob: "Nessie!"

Bella and Edward in unison: "You are so beautiful, you are so perfect." *Smooch-fest continued.*

Melanie: "Unbelievable!"

Pippi, concerned: *Approaching Renesmee.* "We don't play games like that."

Renesmee: "I do!" *Giggles.*

Before anyone can react, the vampire child takes hold of Ameh and sinks her fangs into her.

Ameh: "AAAAAAAA! Help! Get her off me!" *Thrashes wildly but can't remove Renesmee, who is stronger, being a vampire after all.*

Renesmee: drinks.

Pippi: "Let her go!" *Takes hold of Renesmee and pries her off Ameh.*

Melanie and Capri, realizing Pippi has things well in hand, look on, horrified at what they just saw.

Renesmee, to Pippi: "Hey!"

Pippi: tosses Renesmee aside as gently as she can, Nessie is a child after all.

Ameh, shaken and still bleeding: "OMG..."

Pippi: holds Ameh protectively, trying to calm her, but is alarmed at how much her friend is bleeding. Manages to get out her cell phone to call emergency, but realizes she won't need to a second later.

Capri: gets out her cell and calls 911 while frantically opening the trunk to get out the first aid stuff. When the call is finished, she approaches Pippi and Ameh. Starts administering to the injury the best she can manage, it being an artery bleed.

Renesmee: "Mmm," *Sniffs and dares to wander too close to Capri.*

Jacob: "Nessie, darling, no!"

Capri, looking around at Jacob's alarmed call, sees Renesmee behind her, and unlike Pippi, she doesn't handle it gently. She elbows Renesmee violently, causing her to lose her balance and fall backward.

Renesmee: "Waah!"

Capri, horrified and disgusted: *Glares daggers over her shoulder and shouts at Renesmee.* "Try that again and I'll wring your disgusting little cannibalistic neck!"

Bella and Edward, still oblivious: *kisskisskisskisskiss smooooooooooooooooch! "I love you!" "You are so perfect!" "Ooooh, you are so hot!"

Jacob: *Comes up to Capri and picks up Renesmee.* "Nessie, sweetie, you know better than to play games with strangers, I'm your friend, remember?"

Renesmee: "Yes, and you're my very bestest friend in the world! I just need some blood, I'm starving!"

Jacob: "there are still some bananas and potato chips in the car, if you were hungry, you could've - "

Renesmee, angrily: "I don't want that stuff!"

Capri, glaring back at Renesmee: "And I don't want YOU sinking your teeth into me or any of my friends, or anybody within sight, understand!?"

Jacob, to Capri: "I'm sorry about this, mam - what shall I call you?"

Capri, shortly: "Ms. Monroe."

Jacob: "My name's Jacob Black."

Capri: *Ignores Jacob's attempt at friendly chat and looks to Pippi.* "I've done all I can, let's get Ameh into the car."

Pippi moves to help Capri. Together they wrap Ameh in a blanket, and Pippi gently puts her in the car. They decide to stay with Ameh in the car until the ambulance arrives.

Edward and Bella: tongue-kiss.

Melanie: *Looks on, then realizes something.* "You're Jacob Black, is that Edward Cullen and Bella Swan?" *indicating Bella and Edward who are shamelessly doing everything just short of THE act in front of their car. "They're gonna swallow each other at this rate."

"Jacob, chuckling: "Yes, and you are?"

Melanie: "My name is Melanie. If Renesmee wanted some blood, she could've taken some from me instead, Ameh's been through so much."

Capri, snapping at Melanie from the car: "NO! Don't even think of it, Melanie!""

Ameh: "Ewww, no!"

Pippi: "Melanie, come here and stay in the car with Ameh."

Capri, dabbing at her forehead with a tissue: "Where can that blasted ambulance be?"

Melanie: gets into the car.

Ambulance: arrives.

A few more minutes and Ameh is loaded on a stretcher and taken to the nearest hospital.

Capri, to Melanie: "I don't care how cute or hungry that little kid is, don't EVER offer her your blood again, do you understand?"

Melanie, nodding: "I just feel bad about what she did to Ameh, and that I didn't stop it...Again." *bursts into silent tears*

Capri: *Puts arm around Melanie* "That wasn't your fault, it happened so fast that no one, least of all Ameh had any idea this was going to happen."

Pippi: "That's true, Melanie, I thought something was very off about the little girl, but didn't know she would move so quickly and literally sink her teeth into someone."

Melanie: "She's not just any little girl,, now that I know she's being taken care of by that man, actually werewolf Jacob Black, she's a baby vampire, and her father and mother are Edward and Bella Cullen."

Capri: *groans in displeasure, and tries not to look all that rattled.

Pippi, nodding, eyes narrowing: "Like in 'Twilight'?"

Melanie: "Yes."

Jacob: *Taps on the window* "Ms. Monroe?"

Capri, scowling back: "What's keeping you lot here?"

Jacob: "We ran out of gas."

Capri, sighing and gritting her teeth: "Great, just great!"

Jacob: "You wouldn't happen to know where the nearest zoo or pet shop is, would you?"

Melanie: "Ewww!"

Capri, sarcastically: "Oh, sure, I know this place like the back of my hand, and how to fix this car, and how to gas up your car even though we're out in the middle of nowhere... *Exploding* Of course I don't know where the nearest zoo is!"

Pippi, to Jacob: "If you walk in any direction long enough, you might find something." *Puts a hand on Capri's shoulder to help her calm down.

Melanie: laughs at Pippi's wry sense of humor.

Capri: still doesn't crack a smile.

Jacob: picks up Renesmee again and holds her tenderly.

Renesmee: clings to Jacob.

Jacob, giving Renesmee a very affectionate look: "It's okay baby girl, I'll give you some blood." *indicates where he wants her to feed*

Renesmee: bites into Jacob and starts drinking.

Melanie: "Eww, gross!"

Capri: *Beginning to freak, shaking tightly clenched fist at Jacob and Renesmee, shouting. "Go away! Get outa my sight!"

Pippi: *Touches the panicking fairy's shoulder* "Take it easy, Capri...I'll be right back." *Opens the car door*

Capri: "Be careful!"

Pippi: "I will, don't worry." *Gets out of the car and closes the door, then walks around to the side of the car Jacob and Renesmee are on and approaches them.*. "Ms. Monroe's too upset to speak with you, and I can't exactly blame her. But I'm upset with you people for another reason - this imprinting business is indecent."

Capri: "Stay in the car, Mel." *Gets out and follows Pippi.*

Jacob: "I know some people are upset about it, but it's the way things are done in our culture of vampires and werewolves."

Pippi: "Of course that's how it's done in your - society, as is blood-drinking, which is repulsive in another way, but she's just a child. *indicating Renesmee*

Jacob: "I can't help it, she's so beautiful."

"Pippi: "And she's an extention of her mother, who you couldn't have."

Jacob: "She has solved all our problems, miss, - I'm sorry, I didn't get your name?"

Pippi: says her name.

Jacob: "Because of her, Edward and I are friends now, and she and I - "

Capri: looks on the verge of getting sick.

Pippi: "Yes, I get it, Mr. Black, I just don't agree with it. and please, don't give me some speech about how non-vampires and non-werewolves need to be more tolerant and accepting. You might as well be telling all mice to allow any and all cats to get near them."

Renesmee: *Stops drinking to give Pippi a bemused look.* "That's funny, cats eat mice!"

Pippi: "My point exactly."

Jacob: "But some of us werewolves and vampires get along even if we're supposed to be enemies."

Pippi: "Of course you do, the reason werewolves and vampires are historically enemies in the first place is likely because of competition over food, that would be us, human prey, the thing you both have in common."

Jacob: "Damn, you're smart, and brave."

Renesmee: "Strong too. I don't know how you managed to stop me from drinking your friend's blood, I'm stronger than most people who aren't vampires and I'm just a kid, so when I get older, I'll be even stronger!"

Capri: scowling and gritting teeth.

Jacob, to Renesmee: "Yeah, she probably couldn't stand up to Edward or Bella though. "Hey Edward! Come over here, I found a human you might want to take on!"

Pippi: *shaking her head.* "Nothing quite like dodging the issue..."

Edward: *Smooch* "Oh I say, really?"  disengages from Bella for a moment and walks over to Jacob and Pippi, looks at Pippi, "Do I dazzle you?"

Pippi: *Covers face and sneezes.* "A little too much."

Capri: glares at Edward and steps forward, taking a defensive posture.

Edward: "So, what, may I ask, shall I call you?"

Pippi: says her name again..

Capri: "Don't call me at all."

Edward: "Ah yes, Pippi - I think I may have heard about you."

Jacob: "I wonder which one of you could beat the other at arm-wrestling?"

Edward, guffawing: "Me, easily, she might be strong for a human, but I am a vampire after all!"

Capri, to Edward: "If you do anything to hurt her, I'll - "

Pippi: *Turns toward her sufficiently worried friend.* "It's all right, I'll be fine as long as he sticks to wrestling." *Then looks back at Edward.* "Well, what are you waiting for, have at it."

Edward: grabs Pippi's wrist and tries to bend her arm back in a wrestle.

Pippi: *Arm-wrestles back, winning the contest easily, then pitches Ed Cullen sending him flying so he lands on the roof of his Volvo.* "You were saying, Mr. Cullen?"

Edward: "What the!? Aaaaagh!"

Jacob: "Holy shart!"

Capri: bursts out laughing.*

Bella: "Edward!" *Runs over to Pippi.* "How dare you man-handle my most coolest, perfect husband!"

Capri, warning Bella away with a hand: "That's close enough!"

Pippi: "Your 'most coolest perfect husband,' does that mean you have more than one now?"

Bella: "That isn't funny!"

Pippi: "What's really not funny, Ms. Cullen, is the child grooming, blood-drinking and male-domination this vamp and werewolf society practices, and that you're okay with it."

Capri: nods emphatically.

Bella: "I uh, hadn't thought of that. But it's no reason to hurt my Edward!"

Edward: climbs off the roof of his car, looking a bit miffed.

Pippi: "It's hardly my fault if Jacob and Edward's idea turned out to bruise your husband's ego a little."

Bella: "Why you - you - you - " *Lunges toward Pippi.*

Capri: hits Bella with a magic blast that knocks her flat.

Bella: "Aaaaaaa!"

Capri, glowering at Bella and Edward: "You'll get a lot worse if you come anywhere near me or my friends again!"

Bella, getting up: "Edward won't drink your blood, he's a vegetarian vampire!"

Capri: "Bull crap, there's no such thing. Anyway, what about the rest of you? That monster of yours already tried to suck one of my friends dry!"

Renesmee: *Pointing at Capri and looking at Bella* And she shoved me and made me fall!"

Bella, incensed, glaring at Capri: "How could you do that to my daughter!?"

Capri, rolling her eyes: "Nevermind, you're too young to understand..."

Bella: "She's an innocent child!"

Capri: *glaring, raising her voice to match Bella's intense outrage.* "Innocent nothing - she could've killed one of my friends!"

"Edward: "There is such thing as a vegetarian vampire. I only drink animal blood, so I'm a vegetarian, so more perfect than other vampires."

Pippi: "Since when is animal blood considered vegetation?"

Edward and Bella: *Looking blankly back at Pippi.* "Uh...Um...Duh...Uh, uh, well, uh," *Staring back and forth at each other, still stumped, then at Pippi again.*

Pippi: "Calling yourself a non-cannibalistic vampire would be more accurate."

Edward: "Okay, you win, it's just that it sounds really cool to call myself a vegetarian vampire."

Capri: "No, it just sounds totally idiotic, and I meant what I said, keep your distance!" *blasts Edward this time, then Bella again, and then Jacob*

Edward: *Screams and becoming frightened at Capri's display of magic power.* "I don't know what we're dealing with, but let's get out of here!"

The cullens and Jacob: scramble into the Volvo, but then realize they are nearly out of gas.

Tow service: Shows up, and Ameh's car is towed away to the nearest town to be fixed, and the girls are driven to town as well, leaving Edward, Bella, Renesmee and Jacob behind.

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