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Sayings That Need To Die

Page history last edited by Miss Capri 11 years ago

Overused Sayings

Some may have started out impressive, most never were, and others just ticked you off right from the get go.

Do you feel like your head is about to explode with a bad migraine and you just want to throw things, or put yourself out of your misery every time someone spits out a stupid joke, phrase or term that's so overused and in some cases vulgar as well, that it has reached the status of viral stinky old shoe and you never want to hear or see used again anywhere on or off line?

The List:

"Every time/Whenever you/he/she/they do x,or x happens, God kills a kitten/puppy, a puppy/kitten dies, an angel gets VD" or any other variation of the damned joke they can come up with! It is not original, never was funny to begin with, is a very quick way to torpido any point you try to make, turning the point and the medium you use into rubbish. Making fun of God is never cool. And did I mention this saying has been so overused that it gives me a migraine and the urge to throw things at whoever uses it? For the sake of my sanity and possibly your health, the next time you get the urge to say "God kills a kitten" about anything, DON'T, just...DON'T!

"A fry short of a happy meal" I've seen/heard that one used way too much, just stop it!

"PETA People Eating Tasty Animals" Please, retire that and come up with something else, something better! Don't ever get me a t-shirt or anything with that slogan, because I...Am...So...Sick...Of..It!

"X hits Y over the head with a 60 LB. unix manual. That's gotta hurt, but then again, where there's no sense..." Kill it, just kill it!

"X slaps Y around a bit with a large trout" (mirc popup action script) Flush it already!

Any and all versions of the Points to Ponder type virals containing things like "Why do they park in driveways, and drive in parkways?"

Any and all versions of the "Healthy Level of Insanity" viral list. They contain sayings on how to act like a complete dork and drive your roommates/co-workers/friends/etc. insane. things like "Page yourself over the intercom. Don't disguise your voice." Whenever someone speaks to you, always answer them with "Would you like fries with that?"'

"Your/his/her parents must've dropped you/him/her on the head as a baby."

"He/she is still at home in his/her mommy's basement."

"What have you/he/she been smoking/snorting/getting high on?"

"You/he/she must be a result of inbreeding." Talk like that just proves you are a blithering idiot and I don't want to know you, go away!

"I wish my grass/lawn was emo so it would cut itself." That joke has become an epidemic on the internet, or at least on Facebook! Cut *it* out!

"Fuctard" Dead giveaway that is or was a LiveJournal user at some time. I don't like that f--- word in any way, shape, form or deviously wrong spelling. Kill it!

"Sweatdrop" "Glomp" Anime freak. Get your own individual set of character traits already!

Other disgusting obscenities and racist words such as "Douchbag" "Pussy" anything "co-k" or "d--k" "Ho" "Nigga" "Tool" "Nob" "Is/are the shit" "Bitch please" "C-nt" seriously IQ and vocabulary-challenged Facebookers! If that's your idea of cool content, shut it and go away! Grow the heck up while you're at it!

"Is/are so gay" Facebook user still in high school. Real adults don't talk that way any more, and I never did even when in school.

"bitch-slap" Ditch the 'bitch'.

And a newer saying that I really wish would DIE!:

"Pimp" as in "Pimp your profile!" "Pimp-slap" This offensive word is showing up all over social networks. You can't make your profile sleep with anybody for money, and if you want to slap just plain "slap" should do. Anything harder can be "smack" "slug" "wallop" you get the idea. C'mon, everybody knows what a pimp is, a greedy person who exploits people for sex and money!

"Wall virginity" or the 'virginity' of anything that isn't a living human being. Please! You can't sleep with a Facebook wall, and making the first comment on one doesn't make it comparable to somebody losing their virginity, so scrap that! It isn't witty, cool, cute or anything positive. It's just moronic.

No, using more foul language or putting a sex twist on any of these stinky old sayings doesn't improve them or make them original or new again! Case in point, the kitten/puppy death joke was used in a FB group title, but changed to an angel getting VD.

I'm sick of suffering stabbing pains in my ears and eyes yet again because something "killed another kitten" because of some "tool" or "nob" who wanted to "pimp" their profile too much, and some "inbred" emo kid "still living in his mom's basement" must be "getting high on something" and got "slapped around with a large trout" by a "gay" member of "People Eating Tasty Animals" who was "dropped on the head as a baby" and "wishes his lawn would be emo so it would cut itself" and because every "fuctard" "ho/nigga/douchebag/c-nt" is "a fry short of a happy meal" and thinks these sayings and groups with them in their titles are "the shit!"

You think any of these make you look witty and cool? They don't, so unless you can come up with something different and much better, SHUT THE HECK UP!

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