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Nobel Peace Prize What A Sham!

Page history last edited by Miss Capri 10 years, 11 months ago

George Bush didn't get the Nobel Peace Prize when he was in office, though there was a chain letter expressing alarm that he might at least be nominated.

according to this vapid, badly-written article, which has the right material for potentially becoming a chain letter, Barak Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. But whatever the controversy over Obama, Nobel has had a history of awarding the prize to people more interested in promoting agendas that are questionable at best, spreading fear and false alarms than peace. I.E. Al gore, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter. Kudos to Michael Steele for setting Carter straight! Just because one disagrees with the dems and Barak just happens to be the US president, does not make those who disagree racist as Jimmy Carter and many others on the left-wing nutter fringe would have us believe.

Jimmy Carter accuses people who disagree with Obama of racism! Carter again cites racism as factor in Obama's treatment - CNN.com "again" So he has a history of this disgusting behavior? This article shows Carter spewing some pretty hateful stuff. There are people opposing Obama who are definitely idiotic about it, when they equate him with Hitler. But as for the rest of it, Carter is just running his mouth. It's amazing how someone who won a Nobel Peace Prize can manage to spout such unabashedly hateful bulltosh. Barak Obama takes the high ground and says racism is not behind protests against his health care plans.

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