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Let's Get This Straight Right Now

Page history last edited by Miss Capri 10 years, 3 months ago

Do You Dare To Stand With Me?

No one has for the long haul so far.

I can't count the number of internet communities I either left or got kicked out of because I don't fit in anywhere.

This is because every net community seems to have the same prevailing little boxes that you have to sit neatly in if you want to get along with whatever majority is there.

Animal welfare/rights (AW/AR,) anti-abortionism, chain letters, Racism/Sexism, playing the race/gender/"NAZI" card, affirmative action, and Lulz

I will not support a single one of those. Not even against the others.

Animal rights/welfare/rescue activism accuses people falsely of animal abuse/neglect/irresponsibility. People have been devastated beyond recovery after harassments, raids, false arrests and charges, animals needelessly killed in these raids. People are being criminalized for wanting to own something other than the average dog or cat.The animal/eco/green movement is in actuality misanthropic, that is, a deep hatred of the human race is at the very center of it all. It is undemocratic and puritanical. No animal should be considered illegal to own as if it was a street drug. No one should be subjected to indoctrination that says the world is going to hell in a handbasket and it's all the fault of "those evil greedy selfish humans" but that's exactly what's being touted, and it's a lie. With so many people believing this junk, it's small wonder so many people are insecure, confused, and resorting to drugs, alcohol or even suicide. Environmentalism has nothing good to offer the world.The same goes for veganism and any sort of food-cop ideologies that try to scare, shame, and bully people into eating carrot sticks instead of a smoked salmon sandwich or hot dog or any food of their own choosing.

Anti-abortionists accuse every woman who has ever had an abortion no matter what the circumstances, of murder! That is as grievous as what the animal rights/welfare/rescues do to pet owners. If the anti-abortionists had their way, they'd probably be conducting raids on homes as well, trying to take away children from anyone who ever had an abortion, and having the mothers arrested for murder of an unborn child. How would you feel if you knew someone who had an abortion either by their own choice because they were too young to have the baby, or it wasn't their decision and someone made them have it, and what if that embryo was a result of a sexual assault, and some anti-abortionist accused your friend/relative of murder!? Animal welfare activism and their agendas are slinking into the legal system, and they are already treating innocent people in this way over trumped up accusations of animal abuse.

Racism/sexism should be self-explanatory, but apparently some people need to be clued in. Racism isn't just whites hating the blacks of yesteryear. Racism is when anyone plays the race card "You didn't accept me because I'm (insert skin color!" Racism/sexism is affirmative action that says you must absolutely hire this many people of this skin color or of that gender. Same goes for the gender role crap "Hillary didn't get to be prez because there's a deep hatred for women all throughout America!" "If you don't agree with Obama, you must be a racist!" That's playing the gender and race card, so that is racist and sexist, and it is bullying, same as playing the "nazi" card whenever people don't get their way or just don't like something.

Playing the "Nazi" card is accusing mostly people who have not committed sadistic acts of committing them. It is also trivializing and dismissing what really happened in the holocaust. The left calls the right nazis, and the right calls the left nazis, either directly or indirectly, and it is offensive and inexcusible unless and until the judgment is actually against someone who has and supports the commission of genocide, rape, torture, slavery, you get the idea...

Chain letters are hoaxes, nonsense, many if not most created by anonymous cowards who get lulz out of manipulating people into passing them on. In addition, not only do they fuel the fire and spread propaganda, they consist of everything under the sun that can push any known emotional hot button in the human world. Chain letters do falsely accuse and lie about absolutely anything, they are annoying net-cloggers and often nonsensical at best and malicious slanderous garbage, harassment, bad propaganda at worst. They are also annoying, unoriginal, and the best way to ruin one's reputation and lose friends. Chain letters are spam. Spam is bad, no matter what the content or message.

Lulz is viral bullying. It is deliberately singling out someone vulnerable, or a very tragic situation, and getting sick belly-laughs out of it. Lulz is AWS downing someone they accuse of animal cruelty and chortling at the misfortunes, even the deaths of people they believe to have abused an animal. Lulz is when people make up dying kid hoax chain letters and other such junk, including so-called satire that touches the nerves of Christians in North America especially, since they are so easy to tweak and manipulate into passing on everything that tells them their religion is about to be killed forever and forever... Lulz is laughing at people committing suicide, lulz ridicules physical and mental conditions such as autism, deafness etc. Lulz is when people see a story about a woman getting murdered by a man she tried to prevent from raping someone else, all the lulz-addicts care about is why the journalist writing or broadcasting the story isn't the one given the murder sentence, all because they don't like the particular journalist. So what if someone nearly got raped and another person got killed, and a family has to deal with the disgrace and grief of one of their own being responsible for it, the IMPORTANT THING for the lulzers is that the journalist covering the story should've got life! And, lulzers get extremely childish and stupid when their botched attempts at humor fail miserably and warm-blooded humans aren't laughing.

Just because you hate the lulz doesn't mean you can expect me to support you in any way if you're a tree-hugger.

Just because you want to fight against animal rights doesn't mean you have a right to expect me to support your anti-abortionist agenda!

Just because you think animal rights, anti-abortionism and gender issues are pathetic doesn't mean I'll join with you in ridiculing them if you're a 4chan/anonymous/Encyclopedia Dramatica-loving, lulz-addicted fool!

Just because you hate chain letters doesn't give you the entitlement to spew your leftist, Christophobic garbage my way and expect me to want anything to do with you!

Just because you're leftist and/or non-Christian doesn't mean you're not guilty of chain letter activity, however much you rant about right-wing chain letters!

Just because you're moderate or right-leaning does not mean I'll encourage your infernal irritating habit of sending chain forwards, no matter how much or little truth might be contained in them! Stop it!

Just because I won't play the stupid gender/race card or put up with you pulling that bulltosh doesn't make me a racist, misogynist or misandrist!

Just because I may otherwise agree with your point of view generally about some political idiologies does NOT mean I will indulge you in your stupid, shameful nazi comparisons. You have lost all credibility and my respect once you have used that four-letter word or the H word (That would be 'Hitler) or that other f word "fascist" to describe anyone or entity that has not yet committed genocide and slavery etc. If you are going to use those terms against someone, you better have a damn good reason, such as direct quotes (and not misquoted/distorted twisted words from extremist chain letters) from the people in question shown to support violence and other serious oppression against their fellow man!

I will not support any chain letter campaigns from one of these to out the other. I will not support green/animal activists against lulz, or lulz against eco/animal activists. I will not support anti-abortionists against the tree-huggers, or green activists against anti-abortionists. I will not support left-wingers when they complain about and lulz over far-right chain letters. I will not support any republican trying to save the world from left-wing agendas with chain letters

Dislike real cruelty and know the difference between real and made up cruelty. If you're an animal activist or anti-abortionist, you don't know the difference and all you do is cause more human suffering with malicious lies and other forms of attack.

I know people who have had abortions, and thy are not Susan Smith or Andrea Yates. There is no way in heck they would be capable of drowning babies in a bath or a lake, or toss a child off a bridge, or kill any other human being. I also know people who have hunted, and they are definitely not sadistic brutes who get off beating dogs and burning cats. You can be distressed about real animal suffering or about unplanned, unwanted pregnancies and abortions, without being an activist that cries "Animal/baby killer!" You can care about children without being an anti-abortion activist. You can love animals without being an animal activist. You can be a republican and believer in God without spreading chain letters. You can actively and vehemently break all manner of chain letter, including republican and Christian oriented ones, without being a non-Christian and/or left-winger.

I am not your friend if you are into green/animal/eco activism which is misanthropy. I am not your friend if you are anti-abortionist, which has as little regard for suffering humans under injustice, accusing thousands of women of murder falsely and maliciously. as animal activism accuses thousands of people falsely and maliciously of animal abuse. I am not your friend if you are a lulz-er, a racist, a sexist or any combination thereof. I am not your friend if you misuse the nazi reference. I will never encourage the forwarding of any chain letters, nor will I accept any excuses for such activity. I am not your friend if you expect me to overlook, be complacent about, or agree with any of the above.

All of the above can go take a long walk off a short peer.

Don't even try to defend any of these things to me, I've heard more than enough excuses and diatribes from people who believe in one or more of them, there is nothing anyone can say to make me change my mind.

I am through trying to bend in order to form only weak alliances with people that don't last, sick of keeping the peace, agreeing with them on one thing and bitterly clashing on others. Either you're with me on all of these issues, or you don't have what it takes to stand with me and you can take a hike!

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