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You've reached my page. Welcome!

Name: Capri

Skype id: Sophie-Capri


Youtube: Capri4Jesus

You'll also find me on Friendfeed and on Twitter Livejournal Wordpress

Stop Media, Chain Letter and Big Brother Movement Bull! Chain Smashers

Slactivism I'm so tired of people re-sharing stuff that sucker-punched them in the emotions and attempts to do the same with me. From "OMG they took away a blind man's cane in Somewheresville!" to "Did you know Santa's workshop actually looks like this - migrant laborers in China working in dangerous sweatshops for days on end just so we can have Christmas lights!" to "Your kid wants to grow up and be a schef, but Timmy in poor Whoknowsville just wants to have a home..." to "Hey Santa, I gots bullied for 18 years and will decline your offer of employing me as your living foglight, signed, Rudolph, aren't I cool?" - I've more than had it with this crap.

Online Jerks

If sites are slamming the door in your face with captcha images you can't read, Solona and Webvisum are there to help you!

Visual Image Captcha is Descrimination Not Security Case and Campaign Against Captcha Word Verification Captcha Rant

The Term 'Vanity Url' and why it shouldn't be used. Sayings That Need To Die

Online activities: Creative Writing Roleplaying Lists Posterous dead simple blogging by email, including audio, image and video Voice conference chat sites - free Text to Speech demos fun with computer speech Other Sites of Interest

Mia's Page Akina's Page

Shawn Colvin's Oficial Site

My message board/Or you can create a pbworks account here and make comments on this page, or catch up with me on any of the sites above - Sodahead, Twitter etc.


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