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The Rise Of The AntiChristian Crybaby Bully

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Sound Of Silence


The Rise of the Post Christian Crybaby Bully

July 14, 2015 by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

A three-part Patheos article reposted here with minor edits/additions.



With the rise of Christianity a new perspective entered human history: the triumph of the victim.

Previously if you were a slave, if you were poor, if you were disabled, if you were strange, if you were an alien in the land, if you were an outcast you were considered to have got what you deserved. Pagan philosophies (and Judaism too) had their own concept of karma–that people got what fate had determined.

If you were disadvantaged in some way you or your ancestors had done something wrong.

In this society the strong were the victors because they had inherited whatever it takes to prevail. They were smart. They were strong. They were well connected. They came out on top.

Tough luck everybody else.

Then Jesus comes along and turns the whole world upside down. He favors the poor. He reaches out to the cripples. He embraces the sinner. He heals the broken hearted.

Then he himself becomes the ultimate victim. “A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.”

The cross becomes the central image of the new faith and the victorious victim becomes the paradoxical symbol of a new way of looking at the world.

Pagans had an ethic of helping the disadvantaged with charity when possible, but the new Christian ethic is radical. The poor, the hungry, the disabled and weak, the children, the slaves and the downtrodden are not only to be pitied, but they are the new heroes. Christ was seen in them they were “the treasures of the church” as St Lawrence put it.

Now all this is well and good as long as the victim is really a victim, and the way to tell if the person (or group) is really a victim is if they are truly powerless, vulnerable and cannot empower themselves. If so, then the church and the Christian powers are on their side and wish to support and help them.

However, a big lie has been going on in our society which I call “the rise of the post Christian Crybaby Bully”



I call it “post Christian” because it surfaces in a post-Christian society–a society where people have cherry picked what they like and find useful from the whole Christian system and conveniently abandoned the rest. Some people focus on corporate sin, for example, but neglect individual sin and responsibility. Others focus on the need for mercy while ignoring the demand for justice. Some choose a particular liturgical style while ignoring the doctrinal beliefs.

I call it “Crybaby Bully” because certain individuals, pressure groups and political parties and politicians have used the “Victim” narrative to bully everyone into accepting their agenda.

It’s pretty effective and works like this: I’ll use a harmless imaginary example to explain what I mean.

Let’s imagine that you belong to a group called the Ruritanians.

You live with other Ruritanians in the first world and you have discovered that there is some prejudice against Ruritanians. For historic reasons, some Americans–mostly from Argobinian heritage–make fun of Ruritanians, say they are stupid, and they won’t give them jobs and exclude them.

The Ruritanians realize there is mileage in this, and They happen to have some wealthy fellow Ruritanians to back them. so they form a pressure group “Ruritanians For Equality”. They do some PR work. They publish a paper. They hire an ad agency.

They launch a campaign portraying themselves as the ultimate victims of bullying, prejudice, racism/sexism and cruelty. They do a lot of public pouting and posturing. They launch a lawsuit wherever they can so under the guise of being a crybaby victim they actually start flexing their muscles.

They extend their righteous cause: not only have the Argobinians been cruel to them, but the whole of civilized society, by ignoring their plight, have been complicit in the crime.

Before long they are Victim of the Month and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon to support their cause, and if you don’t jump on the bandwagon you’re one of the haters who has caused the problem because you MUST be part of the campaign. It’s obvious. If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem right?

So group think takes over and they then use their newfound victim status to bully the majority not only into giving them special rights, but every extra privilege they can think of to make up for how they’ve been victimized.

Once the cycle gets going they keep it going because by now they’re doing pretty well out of the vicim business. They’re getting publicity and with the publicity they’re getting money–lots of it. They’ve learned how to tap into the general public's endless sentimental, guilt laden gullibility.

It must also keep going, and to keep it going they must perpetuate the narrative. There must always be another level of prejudice against Ruritanians to uncover. There must always be some other oppressors to target and bully with their passive aggressive tactics.

There’s a lot of crying and hysteria and the more they crank up the emotion of being the wounded victims the more they succeed because first world society just loves to assuage their guilt by helping victims of all sorts.

There must not be any real investigation of facts. No one must look into the alleged cases of persecution and cruelty. We must just see the big crocodile tears and have pity on the poor victims.

This is why everyone is so thin-skinned and easily offended: because we’ve become a society of cry baby pseudo victims.



So how do you spot this phony lying charade?

First of all, ask yourself whether this latest Victim of the Month really exists. Who has actually been injured or hurt? There are a lot of people huffing and puffing about the hurtful, cruel and offensive things that have been done to them, but when you ask for particular examples they fall back into vague language, theoretical offenses and “ideas and words that are hurtful.”

Second, ask if the people launching the latest campaign are truly vulnerable and helpless. The phony campaigns always have hefty bank accounts, wealthy backers and a slick PR team to churn out the propaganda.

Third ask if the people claiming to be victims are campaigning for themselves or for someone else. If they are campaigning for themselves it’s bogus. If they are standing up on behalf of the truly vulnerable and helpless, the campaign is more likely to be authentic.

Fourth, ask what they are actually campaigning for. Are they really campaigning for justice or equality or are they campaigning for themselves to get more money? Maybe they are campaigning for some intrinsically immoral practice to be approved. Maybe they are campaigning for more political or economic power for themselves and their friends.

Finally, check the rage temperature. The fake “post Christian Crybaby Bully” (like every spoiled brat) will always be driven by rage. Behind the mask of caring compassion and the self righteous crusader for “justice” will be deep, seething, irrational and unquenchable rage.

What to do about it? Christians are called to help the truly vulnerable, needy, poor and helpless–and there are plenty of them. I’m thinking of the Christians persecuted and homeless in the Middle East. I’m thinking of victims of human trafficking and sex slavery. What about The falsely accused? I’m thinking about the urban poor, the homeless and mentally ill, the impoverished and lonely elderly.

Those are the real victims.

All the rest? Smile, wish them well and use that special prayer:

“May the Lord bless and keep you….far away from us.”

-end of article.-

what is being called social justice is actually social revenge.

if you listen to feminists talk about all the "oppression/abuses" men have heaped upon women throughout human history, you will only hear about it in terms of their gender. Never mind the fact that men were also oppressed and abused, and women were also abusers and oppressors.

If you listen to BLM (black lives matter) harp on about the slave days, they won't tell you about the blacks who also owned slaves, or the whites who worked to get slavery abolished.

You will only hear about how "white males" were the biggest blight in the universe, and how our current society must atone for the sins of the long past, which, in their minds, justifies their racist, sexist attitudes of hate. Compound that with their continued screaming about how "powerless" they think they are and how "powerful" and "privileged" any and all whites/males must be, they won't even allow anyone to call out their racism and sexism for the racism and sexism it actually is. Because to BLM, only whites can be racist. To feminists, only males and females who do not embrace feminism, can be sexist.

So bullying is just fine, when done by and to the right people... Because then, it isn't bullying. It's "justice".

Such is the mindset of the SJW left.



Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism, The Left Meme Machine

Want to see some of these cry-babies in action?

Social Justice Warriors (SJW) vid 1


Watch how this scary racist woman carries on in order to get out of paying for water like everyone else.


and also


Feminist free inhabitant cries rape when nothing like it is actually happening.

Scary Woman tears apart gas station.

Some of us have made videos in reaction to these rage-aholic SJWs too. But I'm only showing you some of very few that were done with class.

The Halloween Hubbub

Lauren Southern on Annaliese Nielsen

Capri VS. Annaliese Nielsen About The LYFT Driver And Bobblehead PT1


Capri on Zarna Joshi

Lara Annalise and Zarna are typical examples of angry entitled SJWs who scream "White privilege!" or "Abuse!" or, well, you will have heard their cry-bully tactics if you watched these videos. The real bigots and abusers are themselves. Anyone should be able to see that. The men they flew off the handle at didn't do anything to provoke their wrath other than maybe be the wrong gender and the wrong skin tone to them.


By early summer 2016, my FB newsfeed had become saturated with PC leftist SJW agenda pushing reposts from certain Christians going to the church I have stopped attending because of it. It went way beyond just a few people on Facebook from the church. This leftist SJW activism has penetrated right through to the very leadership of that church, and until that changes, I want no part of it.

When people who are supposed to be Christian are siding with faux victim movements on the left, they are not really friends at all.

What I'm really sick of is how the non-left puts out memes, in the past many of them came from ridiculous far-right-wing and got totally ridiculed by the left, of course. Christians didn't speak out against this viral gunk much if at all.

The left was counting on that, and got exactly what they wanted, making sure conservatism and especially Christianity was misrepresented and had their concerns poo-pooed or all out ignored, or were ridiculed and vilified as behind the times whackos.

Cultural Marxism

So while it's apparently totally uncool to spread memes/chain letters with a right political bent, it is totally cool to spread chain letter meme reposts with a left bent, and heaven help anyone who dares to disagree with them!

Hypocrisy much?

Now that the left is so meme-heavy, with FB reposts of the kind I mentioned just above, who among us Christians is calling out their viral chain letter PC stuff for the cruft it is?

No one!

No one but me, screaming inside my head for hours and writing myself out on sites like this, hoping someone out there will actually discover and get where I'm coming from.

Where is the big backlash against liberal/progressive PC agenda meme/chain letters?

where the heck is it when it is so much needed?

Nowhere. Absolutely nowhere.

And no, I don't mean the non-left should fight left memes with right memes. Memes are memes. They are annoying. They are embarrassing when they end up archived on Snopes along with the other bogus chain letters such as Bloody Mary.

Rumour Claims Hillary Says Christians Must Deny Their Faith

We need intelligent, consistent, and hard-driving opposition to this stuff.

Can we please have people opposing feminism without being MGTOW or atheist, or without the use of "Feminists are fat/ugly/can't get any..." trash, or "Men are better/happier" glib chain letters? Can we have opposition to animal rights activism without being anti-abortionist, please? Can we have people saying they've had more than enough of the LGBT whatever being shoved down our throats without the profuse apologizing for disagreeing with them? And without fear of being bullied into shutting up? Can we for goodness sake point out that all lives matter, not just black lives? No, we do not need a troll movement saying "white lives matter" just to get a rise out of the BLM activists. That's just stupid. Can we have real, smart opposition to the epidemic bullying insanity that is today's PC culture, without cussers and trolls trying to get on board and ruining it for everyone? Can we have all of this without trolls pretending to be the worst stereotypical "Christian" fundies, or real misguided fundies bringing "hell" into it and calling absolutely everything "sin" or "illuminati" as if it's all absolute and inflexible and subscribing to whacky conspiracy theories?

IMO, the illuminati is as real as the zombie apocalypse and the world ending in 2012. Remember that 2012 hysteria, folks? It sure as heck wasn't Christians who went crazy over that.

Can we at least start calling out the worst stereotypes for what they are - progressive plants trying to make us Christians look like totally narrow-minded hicks?

Let's point out every instance of trolling and meming we doscover coming from the left.

I'll start.

Hillary Trolls Millennials As Basement Dwellers.

Busted! Hillary spreads Trump tax-cheat meme, Chelsea takes private jet from SC to NC More left-wing memes/chain letters.

Just because I reject unreasonable fire&brimstone fundamentalism along with its whacky conspiracy theories does not mean I've got an impressionable or empty brain waiting to be filled up by stuff from the other extreme - the special snowflake social justice warrior (SJW) PC liberal stuff. And just because I reject that stuff as well, doesn't make me a troll/bully or a member of the flat earth society... Nor does it mean I'm on the side of anyone who uses stupid trolling tactics against the SJW. all the trolls are doing with that is torpedoing any cause they claim to be fighting for, and ruining it for those of us with common sense and a lot more class.

Just because I don't agree with the progressive PC agendas does not make me guilty of bullying or bigotry. But it makes anyone accusing Christians of those things, guilty of it themselves. And it makes Christians who have caved in to this PC madness simply intimidated and capitulating to the anti-Christian PC bullies, giving them everything they want.

Well, I won't buttkiss any PC movement any more than I will the far right and am sick of Christians being horribly misrepresented by activists in any of these extremes.

I've had it to here with this crud. I am so done with "Christians" who suck up to special interest groups and conveniently ignore the bashing and bullying these special interest groups throw at Christians. I'm sick of people claiming to fight against SJW turning out to be shallow-minded trolls! I'm sick of the media taking the side of SJW and doing everything possible to make as if anyone opposing these agendas is a troll or bigot or accusation of the day... I'm sick of the media gagging anyone with common sense and class who opposes these special interests, yet allowing trolls to get air time, so they can advance their wrong-headed narrative that says "Oh look! You don't support BLM! You's gots to be a bigot!"

Did you know they are even starting segregation all over again, to please BLM?

Yes. There is a college in California with a freaking segregated dorm, one space for blacks, another for whites!

Who's idea is that?

Not any Christian's, not the white man's. This is what BLM wants...

They are on the political left.

And yet the media wants people to ignore this while focussing on the latest Trump stupidity, while totally ignoring any Clinton corruption as well.

And why did they get Trump into the running, of all people?

That was rigged, too. They couldn't have a classy republican running, oh, no! They knocked a brain surgeon out of the race and put this big-mouthed goon in there instead. Trump was brought in as a big bad boogeyman, a laughing stock representation of republicanism, not an accurate one, though they weren't going for accurate. he was brought in as a show piece to lose the election for a Hillary win.

The fact the media is all about vilifying Trump while being totally silent on the problems with Hillary, and especially what her horrifying agendas are really about, this whole thing is anything but unbiased.

If by some fluke, Trump wins, I won't be celebrating, but I will be somewhat relieved that Hillary didn't get in. Trump won't be advancing BLM or the sexist movement of feminism. Hillary would...

Trump would be much easier to kick out too, if/when he misbehaves.

Not so for Hillary.

Trump represents a smaller government that probably wouldn't interfere much with freedom of speech.

Hillary would end freedom of the press, which is already severely hampered by the lefties that run the mainstream media...

We are already seeing toxic feminist propaganda on TV ads, and cherry-picked news reports designed to make it look as if racism is rampant among cops who are always white. The media ignores police brutality against whites or black on black crime, in favor of pushing a deceptive white on black narrative, enabling BLM to become as prominant as they are, with their racism being completely ignored or even embraced as something "just". This isn't even social justice. It's social revenge.

Feminism is fixated on keeping women down as victims. We are always being told that we are disadvantaged just because we are women.


The equal pay act has been in since the early 60s.

So feminists have been looking long and hard for any excuse to keep up a fantom fight.

According to feminists, cat-calling in the street is rampant, video games are sexist, women never get lead roles in action movies, which must mean sexism, and air conditioning is supposedly sexist now, because scantily clad women have to work in freezing conditions.

Well no one is making women dress scantily, and if you are cold, for goodness sake, have the brain to dress yourself appropriately so you will be warmer!

There is a fair amount of representation of cast in movies. I don't care who has the lead, it could be men, women, or a mixed group, or a single person of either gender. I watch shows for entertainment, not to sit there and try to tally up which gender gets the most air time as a lead...

The video games a good friend of mine plays, are definitely not sexist. There are characters of either gender, both equally represented. That doesn't mean feminists still wouldn't find something about them to grouse over and cry "sexism!" but that's just how gender-addicted the cult is.

And I refuse to play the victim for feminist cry-bullies and their patriarchy conspiracy theories.

A hillary win would probably even threaten the content on Youtube. You certainly wouldn't see any opposition to these feminist narratives in the mainstream media. A Hillary win would only get more "Women are being downtrodden by men everywhere! End of story!" The mainstream would blast the feminism even more extensively than they already are, while disallowing any debunks/rebuttals/reactions to see the light of day. Only the SJW snowflakes would be allowed a voice. People like me would be silenced.

Discrimination against men - australian report

Julia Gillard feminist windbaggery, ousted by Aussie voters

Documentary on feminist rage

Feminism And The Turn Against Enlightenment

The Guardian publishes SJW feminist article, that gets debunked here.

Scary read on feminist agenda

Feminatheist wants men killed off to make a utopia

Dumbbell News

Capri VS. PC comedy feminist

Capri VS. whiny feminist over the new not-so-improved feminized Ghost Busters

Capri VS. Leslie Jones

Hillary's Toxic Feminism Part 1 - "Woman President"

Part 2 - The Admiration And The Dark Side Of Margaret Sanger

Part 3 - Sexism And Racism Sitting In A Tree

Part 4 - Racism is Not As Bad As Feminism Is Good

with a Hillary win, all you can expect is more feminism, (sexism - misandry) more pro-BLM, (racism) more food-cop-ism (Donald Trump is also guilty of this last one), more of what has been cranked out as "news" under the Obama administration only even worse.

Under Hillary, no conservative would be allowed accurate representation in the media, and only the "bigoted white male" boogeyman myth would be allowed any air time, and if they couldn't find any real ones, they'll make them up to fit their victim narratives for women and "minorities".

Stop With The Freaking Racist Trash!

Hillary's Alt-Right Speech Of Smears Debunked With Comments

The Left Is Freaking Out Over The Alt-right Repost

Phoebe suicides because of fear of being labeled a racist

TheRichest Evil List Made Rotten By One Entry

This is how they are already okaying segregation on college campuses. Segregation that good people fought so hard to end in the 60s.

And the church I just left has leadership and scads of other people who have bought right into this poison.

I'm done, and so out of here.

Good on these students for calling out this political correct madness for what it was and how it was handled by the staff.

Over and out!

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