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Bill Cosby Did NOT Write the 'I'm Tired' Opinion Piece!


I'm Tired Too.

The "I'm Tired" opinion piece was in fact written by Robert A. Hall, NOT Bill Cosby! The chain simply mutated to change the listed age from 63 or whatever it was in the original version (Robert is of course older than he was when it first burst out on the net,) to 76, which is supposed to be closer to Cosby's age I guess.

But once again, yet again and again, it's another political conservative rant that has become a chain letter! Yet again, conservatives blindly believe and pass it along without question, where it and ultimately they end up getting mocked and laughed at on sites like Reddit.

Republicans, both young and old, really do need to stop with the chain letters, because they are not information, they end up on hoax-busting sites, and you have no idea once you forward that whining "Life was so much better way back when and Today's kids have no idea how easy they gots it!" chain, that you are not spreading wisdom to the masses. You are being laughed at by people who don't even know you because some recipient on your forwarding list thinks you are an idiot and may or may not have already tried to get through to you that chain letters are full of junk, even when they masquerade as conservative politics.

Yes, the media is biased. But you're certainly not going to look more truthful and less biased by spreading chain letters.

Yes, Robert, a lot of us are in more or less the same boat whether we're the same age as you or not. I have also worked right out of school, same as you, didn't inherit my job, whoever heard of such thing anyway unless you're talking about the parents' business being passed down to their kids? And just what's the matter with that, huh? Oh, you'd be all in favor of that if you thought the right people were inheriting it, eh?

I'm tired of people like you always judging those who are unable to get work for whatever reason as "lazy" I'm tired of people like you whinging about paying taxes because you assume all your money's just going to help out people you consider to be lazy bums with no work ethic. I'm sick and tired of all these conservative chain emails continuing to carp on and on - and ON about this as if the only people to ever receive welfare or any kind of assistance must absolutely be lazy bums with no work ethic!

I'm tired of you snivelling about so-called "mcmansions" and though you claim you'd be willing to help those who lost their jobs, you sure don't sound sincere about it or this wouldn't have ended up as yet another ranting chain email.

I'm tired of people like you forgetting there are people who can't make ends meet and for whatever reason, cannot work in a conventional job due to mental and physical limitations, as well as no jobs available for whatever it is they can do, and job training costs a lot with no guarantees...

I'm sick and tired of the left-wing propaganda as well, but I am equally tired of right-wingers thinking they can save the world with chain letters! The rest of that weird prediction for America you have doesn't even make sense so I won't even waste time trying to figure that out.

I'm tired of hearing about all the hellish things going on in countries where sharia law is the law, only because it's being used as a platform to spread anti-Muslim chain emails that diminish the value of the message that we need to raise awareness about the perils of sharia and the harm it causes women, children, and all non-believers in Islam.

when was the last time a so-called "honor killing" happened in the US? A look on Wikipedia's page gave some very disturbing info, on that subject, but it is and should always should be against the law in the developed world. Even the term "honour killing" makes me sick. There is no honour in killing innocent people. The misogynistic extremist nutgalls who commit these killings are killing human beings as well as honour itself. If Muslims want to live in peace and be Americans, they do need to give up sharia, which permits and requires oppression.

But just because there are some radical extremist nutjobs doesn't mean there aren't a lot of people trying to get out of Islamic theocracy countries to get away from this barbarism and give their children a better life! There is no creeping sharia law in places like America, the UK etc. and there never will be as long as church and state remain separate. Yes, "church" refers to any church, any religion just as much as it does to Christianity. This includes wicca and islam. Understand?

Unfortunately, keeping sharia out of the law doesn't prevent people from actually practicing it in their daily lives.

I'm tired of people like you always trying to get everyone believing the worst stereotypes, including especially those found in bogus chain letters. there are plenty of terrible things being done to men, women and children, by other men, women and children who have absolutely nothing to do with islam. Do you not realize that your far-right wing chain letters and people like Tina Stone are blighting Christianity in the same way the sharia terrorist misogynists are putting a blight on Muslims who have not committed torture and murder, and who do not support it? There are extremist creeps within every religion, royally trying to screw it all up.

Go Dutch Japan And Muslims Muslim Male Extremists

I'm tired - no, make that, SICK OF the racist, sexist affirmative action and all this race talk as well, but chain letters are not going to make that go away!

I'm tired of all the stupid comparisons and lies being touted about the Bush VS. Obama spending. Those Michelle Obama chain letters were debunked a long time ago! Michelle Obama is definitely far from perfect, I despise her food-cop agenda and am not a democrat to begin with. But please, Get real!

Don't get me started on Palin. It isn't her inexperience that's the problem, she's a raving anti-abortionist who believes and passes on far-right chain letters! Fox Nation fell for a bogus chain letter. If the non-left is to gain any credibility at all, us in the center right leaning are going to have to tell the left and the far-right to shut the heck up for once and put their stupid chain letters where the sun don't shine!

I'm tired of you people always screeching about oil going to support mosques and hate schools in Arabia instead of funding our churches. The way I see it, the developing countries thanks to their own utterly messed up governments have things far worse than we do where religious freedom is concerned. So shut up and put your own money into your church and stop whining already!

I'm sick and tired of this bogus propaganda about human-caused global warming and how anything that tastes great and is not on some vegan food-cop menu is considered totally horrible to the point of worse than marijuana, sick of alarmist media buying into every stupid left-wing hoax. But you're not going to gain any credibility trying to fight that misanthropic belief system by passing on far-right Palin/Fox promoting, islam-hating chain letters!

You don't have to help druggies if you don't want to. Spend your time and money on something else. I agree drug addiction is not a disease, it's a choice, that eventually makes people very sick. But all the ranting and far-right chain letters in the world is not going to make one blasted difference in stopping it!

I'm tired of you people calling immigrants "illegal aliens"! Your conjecture that drug dealers might one day be called "undocumented pharmacists" is utterly ridiculous, and you have some nerve tossing drug addiction into the same category as immigrants, whether they are considered illegal or not! I am sick of far-right virals always making sure to paint all immigrants as illegal by default and all so-called "real american citizens" being portrayed as totally trampled down by masses of freeloading welfare recipients illegals who never list a finger to do a single lick of work!

http://chainsmashers.pbworks.com/Cheap+Tomatoes">Cheap Tomatoes I Must Show ID When

I'm so tired of conservatives continuing to spread chain letters that make the whole non-left look embarrassingly bad because the chain letters are far more often than not debunked as at least somewhat if not always totally false, and another result is conservatives always getting tarred with labels like hateful bigot.

John J. Wall's Partisan Divorce Chain Roger Starner Jones and Harold Estes

So you're not against Hispanics because most of them are Catholics? Or you just think they are? Good gads, man! So, it's been a few hundred years since Catholics wanted to kill you for your religion, you say. But you were only 63 in 2009, could somebody please explain this to me?

And you only want to help out Hispanics if they are self-supporting and their families aren't on welfare, how sweet.What about your own family? What if you didn't have a job all of a sudden and your family had to go on welfare? Would you want me to walk by and turn my nose up in the air with an attitude of snobbish superiority because I assumed you were lazy and leaching off the system?

War is hell. Too bad it happens and always will. But misbehavior is misbehavior no matter who does it. Torture is torture, no matter who does it. As for the rest of your "I'll suffer through Abu Ghraib if" stuff is so misguided and sickening that I don't even know how to address it. First of all, not everybody who was tortured at Abu Ghraib were terrorists! And the Americans who committed that torture are just as guilty as all the muslims committing torture you rave about. Why is it so bad to torture one set of people and nearly okay to torture another? In my book, torture is NOT OKAY, PERIOD! Saying you'll suffer this if THEY (the people you rant about will suffer that) is just plain masochistic sadistic deranged depraved  utterly sick stupidity. Two wrongs don't make a right, and anyway, you can't go through Abu Ghraib and it's sick to wish any torture on anyone!

What was done by the sharia people in their own countries has nothing to do with immigrants coming to America or Europe except for the few extremist nuts who do have terrorism and world-domination agendas, and the many normal people who are trying to get away from Sharia and simply looking for a better life. Most people are not terrorists. And there's nothing you can do in sharia countries, certainly you will not stop the abuse with chain letter rants. Would you scream as loud if America suddenly embraced a twisted ideology where it was okay to kill your hated "illegal alien muslims" because they were not Christian and living on welfare?

Political parties, virtue and corruption. To start with, if you want to at least be seen as virtuous, lose the bogus chain letters and the misogynistic anti-abortionist stance. The left has a gargantuan mountain of stuff to lose too if they want to appear virtuous in my eyes, starting with all the race and gender pandering, and this misanthropic green schlock, food-cop agendas and more. So like it or not, both parties are in trouble because extremists have taken over and corrupted it all. There are lies coming from both camps. I'm not buying any of it.

What sort of super affluent culture do you live in anyway? Homes with AC, two cars and color TVS are not poor by any stretch.

If you're tired of people not taking responsibility for their own actions, this should be a big shout out to everyone who is Christian and non-left to take responsibility, and stop spreading far-right chain letters!

As for your last line about being glad you won't get to see much of the world these people are making, as you call it, but are sorry for your granddaughter, that is the most fatalistic, self-pitying blather I've seen in a while! You sound just like the left-wingers when they rant about all the things they think are wrong with the right.

No, the changes are not always great, some are lousy, corruption always has been and always will be, hoax belief systems come and go, economies rise and fall, people get uplifted, people get victimized.

But for goodness sakes, man! We still live in a better time than the early to mid 20th century when segragation still existed, and medical treatments were not as advanced, crime-solving not as accurate, and we still have such a long way to go. We're better off than the 19th century before women could vote, slavery was still going on in the US until the civil war, and if you had to have a limb amputated, you had to go through it without anesthetic! We're better off than the renaissance and middle ages when people were being accused and killed over herocy and so-called witchcraft, and executions and punishments of all types in most societies if not all before the 20th century were absolutely barbaric and women and children had no rights, and slavery was rampant along with disease!

Yes, Robert, I to, am very tired. Tired of right-wing chain letter rants , tired of them being full of lies same as the left-wing garbage, tired of seeing lies showing up in non-leftist chain letters, making it necessary to debunk those lies again and again, tired of seeing the absolute scorn they generate, tired of that scorn always coming from potty-mouthed left-wingers, tired of anyone on the non-left or who is a Christian failing to vehemently discourage and oppose the replication of chain letters of any and all kinds. Tired of non-left and/or Christians continuing to spread virals of any type, but especially of the political and religious vein, especially those with even an iota of something false in them. So tired of the left using far-right chain-addiction as an excuse to vilify anyone who doesn't conform to their party line. Tired of liberals having huge lulz-fests over every stupid thing said by people who should be tossed out of the republican party. Sick of liberals doing their best to lump all of the non-left in with the far-right&stupid. Tired of all the uproar always being about far-right chain letters while left-wing chain letters don't get anywhere near the same internet notoriety and far fewer of them land on hoax-busting sites as a result! Even worse, they get praised as jolly good pranks while the same level of dishonest kruft with a far-right bent gets universally damned as hate mongering/rumor milling, echo chamber of lies and talking points etc. etc. etc. and always from friend of a friend of a friend chain letters.

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Now beat it!

Over - and - out!

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